TOP 10 Places to Catch Sun in December!


El Campeón


January can be often sad and dull month. If you are tired from a snowy and windy weather and want to take some sun to better your mood, you can go to the South. The choice is big. You can go to Africa where the weather is always hot and sunny. Also, you can take a car from Alamo in Guadalajara and go through Mexico looking for adventures and adrenaline. Thailand, Jamaica, Caribbean always welcome you for the winter vacation. Winter tours are different by their prices, distances, and services. Here are the most interesting places to run away from winter.

Looking Out to Sea


Welcome to Hong Kong!

Hong Kong is the brightest city of the Far East. At first you should go to the city center to see and touch the real life of a huge Chinese city. Don’t stay there for long. You can take a car or even a ferry and get to the city far districts with their street food and local markets. It’s impressive!

Welcome to Los Angeles!

New York is one of the biggest and the most popular American cities. It is rather cold in New York in winter. So, you have a chance to go to Los Angeles to warm up. There is nothing better than hot and sunny weather in January. Enjoy Los Angeles golden climate and have the best winter holidays ever. The best local bars, beach parties, restaurant delicacies are waiting for you!

Come to See Dubai!

Dubai is rather popular destination for people who have enough money for their vacation. The city looks impressive! Sky-high buildings, shopping malls, impressive architecture, and high-class service make your winter holidays the best of the best. There are many beaches and beach attractions here. Thousands of European and American tourists come here every winter to catch the sun and comfort.



Visit Costa Rica!

The country that can boast a warm and soft climate will always be attractive for tourists. This part of Central America with its sandy beaches and friendly people is washed by the Pacific Ocean and Caribbean Sea. San Juan, San Jose, dead volcanoes and rich vegetation, long-miles beaches and bright sunny weather will help you to forget about your problems and fulfill your winter days with positive emotions only.

Mexico is Waiting!

Are you ready to spend long hours to get to Thailand? There is better variant for tourists who want to take some winter rest in a hot country. Welcome to Mexico! Winter is probably the most favorable time to visit this country. The prices are budget here and the weather is always pleasant and soft. Go to the Riviera Maya to take some hours on one of the most beautiful and lonely beaches. Mexican cities are right in culture, old traditions, national dishes, and helpful citizens. You will never be hungry if you have a tour to the fishing village or somewhere to the seaside. Looking for comfortable hotels, pay attention to El Encanto Villas. The prices start from $ 70-80.

Guanajuato, Mexico


Welcome to Sydney!

This is the brightest city of Australia. It can be also a good place to spend your winter days and escape from the European winter. Of course, this is not the shortest trip ever. But there is nothing more pleasant than +20 C in winter. The city is good for a cultural tour, beach rest, water sports, historical development.

Visit Barbados!

Barbados looks like a typical European city, calm and pleasant to visit. The winter temperature here is about +20 C. That’s why people come here for their winter holidays to take some rest in a warm climate and comfortable environment. The country can boast the best luxury resorts on the West coast, tasty delicacies, and the brightest touristic attractions.

Dubai's Spice Souks #1


Go to Dominican Republic!

Dominican Republic occupies about two thirds territory of the second big island in Caribbean. This can be a good rest for winter tourists. The temperature here in winter is no more than +20 C. It is very comfortable and favorable for swimming, water sports, festivals, and nature picnics. The best time for your visit is June-November. There are no heavy winds at that time.

Visit Maldives!

May-November is not the best time to visit Maldives. It often rains here. So, it is difficult to find the best time to catch dry and sunny weather. Speaking about winter months, the weather is often sunny here. You can catch even +30 C. So, take your light clothes and welcome to Maldives!

Komandoo Maldives Island Resort


Welcome to Phuket!

The warm and dry season in Phuket is December-April. You are welcomed here. Actually, Phuket is a kind of winter exotic, the biggest Thailand island and the most popular place for tourists.

So, are you looking for a fancy winter holidays this year? You can go abroad! This simple guide will help you to decide where it is hot in December and where are the best places for a winter escape. Don’t worry, make a search and find that one country with the best cities, the greatest events, the sunniest beaches. That means you will have the best winter break!

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