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Rikaro "Pain" Uchiha


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Rikaro "Pain" Uchiha

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• Name: Rikaro Uchiha
• Nickname / Alias: Pain
• Title: N/A
• Age: Rikaro's age is 21
• Gender: Male
• Sexuality: Heterosexual

• Height: 6'3

• Weight: 155
• Body type: Lean
• Eye colour: Black
• Hair colour & style: Rikaro's hair is long stopping at the small of his back and is black in color
• General Appearance:
• Markings:

• Persona: 

Rikaro tends to be rather detached from those around him, an effect of both his powers which allow him to control the area around him, and due to his ageless appearance. He’s seen many people live as well as die from his time in his homeland of the Iceberg village. Most beings are fleeting things that will mean little to him and that he is unlikely to ever see again or care about. Other Uchiha are different to some extent, as very little of them have the same mind that Rikaro himself possesses and as such, something of an understanding of the vastness of the world and can be allies or enemies, but even though he’s still far younger than almost all Sannin he’s met and has likely seen so much more. 

His detachment from others is also apparent in how casual Rikaro is about their deaths as well. Meeting Lisa as she's clutching the body of a dying friend, he tells her that there’s nothing to be done for the other ninja and that she should simply abandon him as they have more important things to worry about. He also cares little for those that he kills to feed his knowledge of them, slaking his thirst on a person and then casually taking his supplies for their group and, when Lisa tries to convince herself that the man was simply sleeping, Rikaro tells her quite flatly that no, he totally killed him. However, as noted, Rikaro is different from the Uchiha clan. While he certainly doesn’t shy away from hunting and killing to feed his knowledge, he’s also capable of holding off from trying to obtain the knowledge of others, even going so far as to starve himself from the knowledge if it isn’t possible for him to obtain it.

Rikaro's detachment also ties in with his confidence and casual arrogance around others. While he is not the same nobleman who became  a Sannin he was a Uchiha, a year ago he’s certainly aware of his own power, not only due to his clan abilities but due to his skill with his own eyes. His powers have given him the ability to beat down far more powerful creatures in the present, and even those familiar with the skills Uchiha possess know little of Rikaro’s true powers. In reality, he really prefers it this way, as it gives him an edge should he suddenly find the need to demonstrate exactly why he shouldn’t be crossed. 

But while Rikaro is powerful in his own right, he doesn’t actively seek power as some other ninja do. He is far more content following his own whims, allowing them to lead him across the world or more so Hyozan to places both new and old, forever seeking novelty and distraction when he’s not otherwise engaged in important matters, likely another effect of his advanced knowledge and time spent training. There is little that Rikaro finds entirely new in the world, and while it has not yet become enough of a problem that he has turned to darker methods of creating distractions, he still craves the pleasure of discovering something entirely new. In this manner, Rikaro is actually quite hedonistic. When he is not pulled by the weight of more important matters – such as the people or the sudden disappearance of his mom – Rikaro seeks experiences to fulfil his need for novelty and pleasure, leading to him travelling further and further across the world in the hopes of finding what it is he desires most.

In the context of the world of ninja, Rikaro will be frustrated at the suppression of his Uchiha abilities, though he'll try to keep that to himself. He hasn't been in a situation that he couldn't try to run from, if it ever came to that, so being trapped in a place will bother him in that respect. He'll also be forced to alter his normal dealings with others, to an extent. While the arrogance will certainly still be there, he can't afford to hunt knowledge. He'll find himself frustrated further by how he'll have to at least try to get along more with others, and more than a little eager to locate whatever is keeping him there and get rid of it.

• Motto: None

• Likes: Training, Fighting, Bravery, Darkness, Uchiha

• Dislikes:
Lying, Cowards, Bright lights, Ignorant people, Senju

• Special Characteristics: I have no idea what they are so no

• Rank: Sannin
• Elements: Water, Fire, Earth
• Specialty: Ninjutsu, Genjutsu, Fuinjutsu
• Clan: Uchiha
• Bijuu: No
Stats: 272
• Strength: 50
• Speed: 100
• Durability: 72
• Chakra: 50

• Village: Ice Village
• Parents: Konkaru and Seizui Uchiha, father Konkaru is dead
• Siblings: No
• Mentor & Idols: No
• History: 

• Roleplay Sample: 
 "Ah damn." He said, staring down a monster of a beast that towered over him like he would tower over a ferret or a similarly proportioned animal. His dull blue eyes were narrowed at the injured beast, the beast filled with various tools and items that had been used in his traps. Chunks of fur and flesh were missing from various explosions that had been set up by the young genin in order to weaken or even kill this beast that stood before him. It was bleeding from every crevice, yet its killing intent did not fade and its anger only grew. Especially at the one whose scent was all over the devices that had hurt it so. It roared an earthshaking roar, what little wildlife that was still around the area being scared off further away from the village. As it approached, Souji was ready. This was his mission and he was going to see it through to the end. 

                    *One hour earlier*

" some bullcrap." He said, sitting on a stump in front of Kumogakure's entrance, looking at various ends of ropes that he had used to set up traps and perimeter alarms at. He had a bored look in his blue eyes as he just stared at the greenery surrounding the Village hidden in the Clouds. His first mission was that of fighting and killing an unknown beast that had been terrorizing some caravans and travlers that have been making it through to Kumogakure for business or other matters. No one was able to describe what the beast looked like, but supposedly, it was quite big and quite powerful, since it was able to knock down any trees that were in its path. He had spent all of his saved allowance on the trap array that he had set up, so he hoped only one trap would do it so that he could salvage the other traps for later use. He had used shurikens, explosive tags, kunai, caltrops, and razor sharp wire that he had cut himself on a few times while setting up the defenses. He didn't bother bandaging them up, but he did clean the wounds.

                  *59 minutes later* 

Suddenly, he heard and explosion, as well as the local wildlife starting the flee the area. His first trap had been set up, swiftly followed by the second, third, fourth....all the way up to the tenth trap, which had been his last. Series of explosions rocked the air and roars cut through the explosions like a hot blade through butter. He visibly flinched at the sound of the roar, his gaze traveling to the sound of the rampage that had started to head his way. He reached into his pack, pulling out two kunai and holding them in a reverse-grip style, ready for a fight. He moved his bangs out of his eyes and let out a small sigh as he mentally prepared himself. 

                *Fast forward 3 minutes* 

The battle was raging harshly, the young genin using his speed to outmatch the great beast's long, furred arms. Its glowing eyes were tuned onto Souji as he continued to dodge all around, its large hands trying to pound down on the one that had hurt it so. Chunks of its flesh and fur were missing from the explosion, and its hide was covered in wounds from shurikens, kunai, caltrops, and other weaponry. It was bleeding from every pore of its body. This battle was going nowhere fast. Oturan couldn't get close enough without risking harm and the monstrous entity could not get a good shot on the Genin. Though, looking at a wound on the ribs of the beast, Oturan got an idea. He dashed at the monster, throwing one of his kunai at its face. It deflected it away and slammed a hand down on the genin....yet it howled in pain. It had splinters now, thanks to the Substitution technique that he pulled at the last second. He had gone to the side, jumping at the beast and aiming at its exposed ribs, roughly thrusting in a kunai into its body before getting slammed onto the ground with a good shot. The young genin coughed up blood, yet he had a smile on his face. "Checkmate, ya damn animal." He said, an explosion going off inside of the beast. At the last second, he had attached an explosive tag to the kunai, the force of the explosion destroying its ribs while the shrapnel from the kunai penetrated its heart, lungs, and various other important organs. It died from the shock of having such vital organs destroyed. Oturan managed to get up, albeit hurting quite a bit as he put his dislocated shoulder back into place. "Mission complete. Time to head into the village." He said, rotating his shoulder as he left the carcass of the beast outside of the village, going into his hometown to report to the Raikage. 

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