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Shakuton 灼遁 Scorch Release

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Shakuton 灼遁 Scorch Release

Post by Uchiha Kagami on Thu Jan 14, 2016 12:54 am

Shakuton ;; Scorch Release
elements required ;; Fire, Wind
how is it made ;; Wind-elemental chakra is introduced to fire-elemental chakra to create scorching heat.
what can it do ;; The introduction of wind-elemental chakra acts as a fuel source for its derivative abilities, enabling a flame that can burn at much higher temperatures from the average fire release. Attacks can be moulded in various ways, including but not limited to super-heated spherical blasts, condensed heat-blades, thrown or extended from an appendage or weapon, among other uses. It is possible, with the right amount of chakra control, to create a flame that can burn underwater, or precise enough to raise most common metals to their kindling temperatures, and slowly slice through them.

Some users of the Scorch release find their hair glows with a powerful bio-luminescent gradient, from red to orange to white, depending on the power of the jutsu performed. The user's hair may flutter and float around them during this phenomenon.
strengths ;; Earth element - the flame can burn hot enough to pierce metals, rock, and most other known materials, given enough time, chakra and a powerful enough jutsu.
weakness ;; Wind element - the introduction of an outside source of wind-elemental chakra could serve to destabilize a Shakuton jutsu, knocking its reaction out of balance and potentially cause the ability to spontaneously detonate.
other requirements ;; Due to the precise levels of chakra moulding required to successfully perform Shakuton jutsu, an additional 100 words per jutsu rank is required to learn any jutsu of this element.

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Re: Shakuton 灼遁 Scorch Release

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