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Uchiha Kagami [DONE]

Uchiha Kagami

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Uchiha Kagami [DONE]

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• Name:  Uchiha Kagami  | うちはカガミ|
• Nickname / Alias: Kagamin  | カガミン|
• Title: The Red Comet | 赤い彗星|
• Age: Twenty Two [22]
• Gender:
• Sexuality: Bisexual

• Height: 5'2"
• Weight: 103lbs
• Body type: Slender and toned
• Eye colour: Ice blue
• Hair colour & style: Kagami's dark brown hair falls to her waist, the sides pulled into twin-tails held in place by maroon bows
• General Appearance:

Outfit: Kagami wears a simple red sleeveless qipao, its hem sitting just above her thighs. Black shorts are visible through the side-slits that extend up her hips, their hem slightly shorter than her dress. Her legs are mostly covered by long black socks, reaching up to her thighs, leaving a few inches of skin revealed. Her arms are bare, hands covered by dark leather gloves. She wears a standard ninja sandal, toes covered, in a matching red. At her waist, she wears a tall leather obi, with pouch for her equipment hung on her lower back.
Close approximation:

• Markings: None

• Persona:

Much of Kagami’s life can be directly attributed to the strict sense of exceptionalism and entitlement found among members of her clan. She was the picture of an Uchiha, diligent in her studies, uncompromising when it came to success, and utterly gifted. In fact, her talent combined with an ingrained sense of superiority caused most to dislike her, a fact that only served to reinforce the seeming divide between them. She was arrogant and proud and walked with an air of otherworldly indifference towards those around her.

Now, in adulthood, having the fortunate ability to look back and reflect on her life, Kagami, to an outside observer seems like a totally different person. One could almost say she floats through life without taking anything seriously. The once diligent, straight-arrow of a girl lives without a care in the world, assertive in her femininity, and indulgent in her desires.

But anyone who has seen her in action would never question the ruthless efficiency of this kunoichi. Beneath the surface still lives the cut-throat, calculating persona that defined the majority of her life.

• Motto: "If you look away... you're dead." よそ見してると...死にますよ。

• Likes:

• Sunrises
Kagami’s favourite time of day. She’s often found sitting on the roof of her family’s villa, staring out over the village as day’s first light creeps across the rooftops.

• Beer
While she would never admit it, Kagami drinks to forget. She doesn’t usually let depression sink in, especially while intoxicated, but when it does, she becomes reclusive and despondent. The vast majority of the time she’s off duty, the care-free Jonin can be found lounging around her apartment in various stages of undress, never far from a fresh can.

• Igo 囲碁
Ever since she was a child, Kagami had been studying Go. In fact, one of her earliest memories is of her father, placing stones on the thick wooden board, replaying game after game while she stared in awe. Even after his disappearance, she felt an unshakeable attachment to the game, and the Go board from her childhood.  

• Strawberry ice cream
A familiar flavour that reminds her of her childhood, and the brother she lost.

• Success
For the majority of her life, Kagami was fiercely competitive. If there was a contest, she’d win it, an obstacle, she’d overcome it. One could say she was addicted to success, the thrill of victory, and the sense of self-actualization it would give her. While she has mellowed in her adulthood, its common to see that familiar smirk spread across her face in anticipation. Never tell her the odds. She’s here to win. Nothing more, nothing less.

• Dislikes:

• Pessimism
Perhaps it was the near-overbearing sense of exceptionalism drilled into her head from a young age, that gave Kagami such an unshakeable confidence in her own abilities. She never told herself no, that she couldn’t do it, that she wouldn’t rise to the occasion. In fact to even think of failure was utterly foreign to her. She acts on the assumption that everyone thinks the way she does, and uncertainty is either a way to save face, or a sever lack of willpower.

• Strict obedience

While not an outright disobedient person, Kagami detests the thought of others simply following orders blindly, acting as robots, mechanical and unquestioning. She had always been encouraged to examine the world around her, and perhaps sheltered by the sense of privileged and entitlement afforded to clan, she was never forced to live under the will of another. In her mind, such a way of thinking is voluntary, and despicable.

• Her father
For much of her childhood, Kagami greatly admired her father. He was the perfect ninja, and the perfect man, gifted in everything he performed, intellectual to a fault, and oozing with charisma. He went missing while away from the village on a dangerous mission while she was still young, and while others either wrote him off as a turncoat, or a casualty, the young girl clung to the hope he would one day return. She did everything she could to emulate his memory. As the years went on, and she grew into a woman, Kagami saw how his disappearance had affected her mother, and younger brother, and her admiration grew into resentment.

• Stubbornness
Kagami’s brother Shinji was too stubborn for his own good. Childish and petty to a fault, but never short of enthusiasm and willpower. On the surface he was infuriating, but deep down, she wished to be more like him, to have a child’s naivety. Sadly, it was his stubbornness, and her lack of judgement that resulted in his death.

• Ignorance
Be it a higher ranking ninja, or simply the common man; when their actions or lack thereof are founded on an unwillingness to accept the facts before them, their respect is lost. A commander who sends his men off to their death, ignorant to their situation is more despicable than any foe. He should have known better. He needed to know better.

• Special Characteristics:

  • Name: spiritual stamina
    Rank:  C
    Type: Chakra
    Requirements:: Cannot have chakra control
    Description: The user has a strange amount of chakra to their naturall stamina, able to produced more then the average nin. Gains 25 chakra stats (cannot have medical as a specialty)

  • Name: Slightly Faster Than The Average Ninja
    Rank: D-C
    Type: Physical
    Description: The user is slightly faster than an average ninja of their rank. When it comes to speed within this rank this user will usually win. Anyone of higher rank can still out run them. 20 Speed stat increase.

• Rank: Jonin |上忍|
• Elements:
• Specialty: Ninjutsu, Taijutsu 忍術体術
• Clan: Uchiha
• Bijuu: No


A Ranked/ Jonin: 224 points

• Strength: [30]
• Speed: 70+20 [90]
• Durability: [50]
• Chakra: 74+25 [99]

• Village: Sukaigakure スカイ隠れ

• Parents:
• Uchiha Tokiyomi, Father, Missing presumed dead
• Uchiha Rin, Mother, Alive

• Siblings:
• Uchiha Shinji, Younger brother, Dead

• Mentor & Idols:
• Uchiha Koichiro, Sensei, Alive

• History:

[August 3rd, Two years, three months and fifteen days since the disappearance of Uchiha Tokiyomi]

Kagami stood in the shadow of two stout oak doors, easily three or four times her height, plastered in paper seals. The knobs may have been freshly polished, but it had been years since the doors to the room that haunted her memories had been opened. A young kunoichi, and her even younger brother stared upwards, one arms-crossed, smirk plastered across her face, the other shrinking in her shadow, still clinging to a blanket with edges long since frayed.

“Onee-chan… we shouldn’t… we’ll get in trouble. Lets go play with mom afterall… I -“

“Shinji, stop being such a baby! You’re a boy aren’t you?” Kagami clicked her tongue. She threw her arms out in front of her, fingers brushing against the familiar wooden surface. There was no turning back now.

Silence filled the air, and the doors creaked open…

[April 15th, three days before the chunin exam, five years after awakening her first Tomoe]

Hikaru reached up to his forehead and adjusted the silver headband adorned with the mark of Sukai. “If you think you’ve got what it takes… then lets settle it right here… right now.”

Kagami grit her teeth, wiping blood and grim from her cheek. Her battered body fought to stand, screaming at her to back down. She spat blood. “I’m going to make you eat those words, you smug son-of-a-bitch…”

The older boy grinned and flipped a kunai in his hand. It was the middle of the night. No one was around. The chance he had been waiting for had finally arrived. Without saying a word, he lunged forward, and in a split second, vanished.

Kagami’s eyes widened, her Sharingan pulling its way to the forefront of her vision, catching sight of the boy just as his blade inched towards her throat. She raised her own just as the blade caught her skin, pushing it back.

A song of steel rang through the night, as the two bitter rivals danced in moonlight

[December 23rd, three weeks away from Sukaigakure, six years after the chunin exam and the awakening of her second Tomoe]

Shinji’s hand went numb, the mug of steaming coffee slipping from his fingers and shattering on the rocky bank of the river the Sukai ninja had made their camp. He stood in shock as his sister trembled, hunched over their radio, its receiver clenched so tightly in her fist it sounded like it could break at any second.

“… what do you mean… Hikaru has defected…” Each word hung in the uncomfortable stillness of the night air. Her voice trembled.

“Theres no mistaking it, he killed three of our scouts last night, and this morning he was spotted fleeing fifty kilometres south of your position.” The voice from the other end of the radio crackled with static, but rang clear as a bell. “Two hours ago, our pursuit team engaged the renegade, and suffered casualties. Its the Sukaikage’s order that your team abandon your mission, pursue him.”

Kagami knew what they would say next. She had known it from the start, but even the thought of it terrified her. She hated him. She loved him. She fought with him. She saved him. She…

“… and kill Amagi Hikaru.”

[May 23rd, six months after the death of Uchiha Shinji and the awakening of her third Tomoe]

“You’re still here?”

Kagami blinked. “Oh, its just you Ritsuko… I couldn’t sleep, thats all…”

The blonde sighed audibly, even over the pater of rain that had being going on for the past two days. “You’ve been standing in the same spot for over three days now…”

Kagami stood unflinching, eyes slowly returning to the foot of the tall marble haka, where a bouquet of flowers once sat days before.

“He… Shinji… wouldn’t want to see you… like this.” Ritsuko let her voice trail off, her eyes drifting to the side, her voice uncomfortable at its own sound.

Then for the first time in three days and three nights, the jonin kunoichi moved from her brother’s grave, and even over the incessant sound of rainwater, the crack of Kagami’s fist punctuated the air, as she struck her teammate.

• Roleplay Sample:

There was a certain feeling to the air that came rushing out of the sealed room, an odd familiarity, like feeling something lost long ago and long since forgotten. The door to her father’s study had been sealed so tightly, breaching its doors caused a gust strong enough to catch the hair of the young kunoichi. An uncontrollable smile spread across her face.

Her younger brother, too scared of the inevitable repercussions of their actions, hid behind her, sneezing from all the dust. “Onee-san… We really shouldn’t -“

“Oh my god, Shinji, would you just give it a rest already!? Do whatever you want, I’m going in!” Kagami flipped her hair and stepped over the threshold, into the room.

Their father, not only an accomplished ninja of the village, enjoyed many scholarly activities, and   kept a study in the back of their family villa. However, to most, such a building would be more akin to a library, bordering on warehouse - standing five-stories tall, with a diameter wider than either of the children cared to measure, it housed scrolls dating back hundreds if not thousands of years.

“But - but, Onee-san, Father told us never to enter his study alone. Before he left he said -“

“Well he isn’t here now, is he?” Kagami’s voice did little to hide the growing resentment towards the mention of her father. She loved him dearly, and clung to the hope that he was still out there, somewhere. But in the mean time, she wasn’t going to let the mountains of knowledge rot away in a dusty old building.

The young kunoichi walked straight for the nearest scroll rack, straining her eyes to make out the faded names of each cubby beneath the layers of dust that had accumulated over them.

Seeing his sister venture deeper into the room, Shinji, looking nervously for some kind of excuse to bring her back to him, to no avail, closed his eyes and gingerly stepped in after her. He scurried off in the direction he had seen her turn, careful not to touch anything.

He found his sister sitting on rug situated between shelves, a pile at least half her height already built up beside her.

She held a scroll unfurled in her lap, eyes jumping nonsensically across the paper. It was clear even to her brother she wasn’t reading it, at least not in any way that would make logical sense. She brow grew more furrowed by the second.

Finally, reaching the limits of her patience, she threw it off to the side, letting it bang against the floor and roll away. “Ugh! I hate this! How am I supposed to learn anything from these!?”

Her brother stood there silently, shifting his weight awkwardly.

“If the old geezers at the academy won’t teach me anything, how am I supposed to get any stronger!?” She shot a look in her brother’s direction, demanding an answer she knew she wouldn’t get. “I can’t stand it… I’m surrounded by idiots! All they do is hold me back!”

Shinji opened his mouth, only to be cut off by his sister’s tantrum.

“I know father has something in here worth reading! There… there just has to be!” Kagami pushed herself to her feet and stomped off, nearly knocking over the scrolls she no longer cared to read.
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