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Jikkoton - Data Release

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Jikkoton - Data Release

Post by The War Ender on Wed Jan 13, 2016 12:10 pm

Jikkoton Data Release (Lit. Executable Release)
elements required ;; Fire, Earth, Lightning
how is it made ;; This release requires a KKG to perform, as it necessitates a biological mid-piece to facilitate the two-stage element transformation. During the first stage, Fire and Earth combine to form Metal. During the second stage, lightning is applied to the Metal, allowing for it to conduct Data Code (digital information with an applied purpose). This Data Code requires the KKG 'Seifu' to be written. In other words, this is 'Thinking Metal'.
what can it do ;; Jikkoton techniques are, at first glance, element-less. Users of Jikkoton are weapon experts through need, and as such, will be decked to the teeth in steel. Unlike normal weapons, a Jikkoton's has a mind of its own. Be it a regular kunai instructed to 'jump' at the last second in order to evade a grab, or a unique, treasured sword programmed to contain and release fire chakra, the limits to Jikkoton only stop at the user's imagination and will. The Data Code that is applied is capable of molding and manipulating chakra at the user's instruction, giving the user multiple options during a fight when they would normally have little to none.
Basically, Jikkoton allows for the user to create a metal object from their chakra and then apply 'code' to it or anything without foreign chakra in it. Furthermore, if the object itself happens to be infused or created by the user's own chakra, the boundaries of the code are opened even further. Physical contact with the object is required to code it; an individual may not code a weapon they can't touch. This code programs the object to perform actions that it would either already be capable of, or the user would be capable of manipulating it to do otherwise. This means that the object will be capable of 'storing' jutsu, which then active when the pre-programmed conditions are met. ((Please note all Coding is done through specific Jutsu; There is no 'Free Coding))
strengths ;; -
weakness ;; Lightning (Objects coded have a strange reaction with Lightning Chakra. Every alternating hit will power it on, whereas every first hit will power it off. This emulates 'power surges' in the real world), Ice (This is a normal reaction, as cold can naturally slow the processing speed of computers)
other requirements ;; The Kekkai Genkai 'Seifu'

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Re: Jikkoton - Data Release

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