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Sparring an Old Friend. {P, NK}

Kino M. Kyodo

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Sparring an Old Friend. {P, NK}

Post by Kino M. Kyodo on Wed Jan 13, 2016 2:44 am

Kino was wandering through Kazangakure, coincidentally towards the arena. He was hoping to find someone to spar, someone who was equally as powerful as him. Unfortunately, not many people wanted to put the effort in to fight against someone always on the attack during his fights. The only person he has found himself capable of sparring with whenever he wanted to was Akira, who at the moment was currently outside of the village on business with the Kazankage. He wasn't sure what the two were doing but he knew that he needed to fill in as the temporary Kazankage. He was taking a break for now, however, letting his assistant deal with what little paper work he had left as he went to 'take a leak' as he told her. He proceeded to sneak outside of the bathroom and made way for the arena, somewhere he liked to visit in hopes of receiving a good fight.

He was wearing his Temporary Kazankage hat, Temporary Kazankage literally being wrote in Kanji on the front of the hat. He was very proud of this hat for whatever reason, and wanted to keep it after Karumo, the current Kazankage returned. However unlikely that dream was. He sighed, pulling said hat down to create a cover of shade on his face, as he walked towards the sun. He hated it so much, as it would always shine in his eyes. With this hat, however, he managed to avoid such an annoyance! 'Take that, shitty fucking sun!' He exclaimed in his head, as he searched the arena's grounds for his pray. Besides the fancy shmancy hat, he wore his usual attire. A grey shirt underneath the typical hoodie he wore, alongside khaki colored shorts. A questionable fashion sense, even in Kino's standards. He didn't wear anything else hardly, however, as what he wore allowed for flexible movement, which is what he needs as a major Taijutsu user. There were a few people around, not many he thought would be worthy victims against his taijutsu style. Unfortunately, he knew a lot of people around here, most were lower ranks than him. Which was understandable, in terms of letter grades he literally was the highest and on par with a Kage. He continued to look for his next victim, his hat remaining low and having a shade cast across his face. Not many people seemed too surprised at the hat he was wearing. If anyone could see his face, it would probably be on par with one of the most cockiest and proudest faces that they could imagine.

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Re: Sparring an Old Friend. {P, NK}

Post by Silveria Night on Thu Jan 14, 2016 11:55 pm

Sunlight peered through the windows of the Arena's stands, casting over a beautiful canvas of warm colors of yellow, orange and even a little red along the floors and empty seats. Despite the Arena not having many participants and attendants at it this evening, it still was a rather nice place to be. For Silveria it was the perfect place to rest away from others, many who came through the area were too focused on the fights to even pay notice to her sitting behind the stands, reading a book or taking a little cat nap. Her reason for being here this time was much more of the latter. She hadn't slept well in the past few days and needed someplace she felt comfortable in to relax and rest. Unfortunately for her that would prove to be near impossible with a certain individual already making his way there. From the sound of some civilians speaking around twenty or so feet from where she was laying down, the temporary Kazankage Kino was paying the Arena a visit today.

Oh great, just what she needed; she was proud for Kino on being made temporary Kage but at the same time she didn't need something loud like his Taijutsu sparring to rouse her awake. In the hopes that she could get away from him and find another place to rest, the woman rose onto her feet and walked from behind the stands. Her hair moved with the slow stride of her body, the fabric along her waist swaying with her hips. Perhaps the most noteworthy trait about her was how a faint trace of darkness seemed to emanate from her legs and break off in little wisps when walking. The two civilians who were speaking to one another noticed her but besides a little bit of gossip between the two of them, they didn't say anything noteworthy. Silveria simply kept along a smooth pace towards the staircase to go down towards the ground floor and hopefully to the entrance. If she was lucky, she wouldn't cross paths with Kino before his arrival but if she wasn't then she'd be right in the way of where he was bound to go.


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