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Hikaru Kato [Done]

Hikaru Kato

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Hikaru Kato [Done]

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• Name:
 Hikaru Kato

• Nickname / Alias:

• Title:
Wielder of the Second Catalyst

• Age:

• Gender:

• Sexuality:

• Height: 5 ft 10 in

• Weight:
140~ Approximately

• Body type:

• Eye colour:

• Hair colour & style:

• General Appearance:
Hikaru's appearance is that of a young female with fair skin and eyes that are a bluish-grey in their hue, her hair is a brown color that is typically worn in a pony-tail when traveling and down, cascading along her back when not so. She dresses in a rather flamboyant style that is definitely one of her own, although black and gold seem to be the dominant colors among her rather strange wardrobe.

She wears a small jacket over top a corset-esque garment beneath with long sleeves that go up to her wrists where they stop. She wears shorts and a single stocking most times with a studded belt where her weapon is usually placed.

Like all bearers of a Catalyst, she has an aura of her own, although her is unlike that of others in that it is golden in color rather than a deep black, smokey type of air around the user, instead, Hikaru would appear to have a heavenly glow around her most times and is thus the reason she is known as 'Arch-Angel' due to this divine radiance around her body.

• Markings:
Most notably, a small heart-shaped design on her left cheek just to the side and below her eye that is pink in color, it appears to be a tattoo of some sort and it's origins are unknown although Hikaru neglects to speak of it to most people at all.

Otherwise, she has small scars and such beneath her undergarment on her torso that would reveal she has led a very combat-oriented lifestyle it would seem.

• Persona:
To many, especially those she does not know all that well, Hikaru is aloof and tends to act bluntly towards them or hostile if they are perceived to be in conflicting paths with her 'Goal' whatever that may be at the time. While she can be violent when her Goal is threatened, Hikaru typically seeks to remove strangers and such from her path in less destructive methods first before seeking to outright kill them, although she has no qualms doing so if it comes to that.

To acquaintances and those she perceives as being on her side of the 'Goal', she becomes a bit more patient with and less hostile towards, greeting them with moderate amounts of respect and seeming to at least tolerate their presence so long as they are not causing too much trouble in her eyes. She sees people whose visions align with her own in this light and often treats them like friends, being a bit more casual with them than strangers although not completely trusting them still.

However, to those she views as close such as dearest friends and family, she reveres them to the point where she is willing to do anything in order to protect them from harm even if it were to conflict with her current mission. Such being that if she were in a position where she had to choose between her closest friend and one she only views as an ally of her goal, she would undoubtedly save them without a second thought even if it cost her ally their life.

To put it shortly, to those she views as close, she is loyal to a fault. To those she views as allies, she is loyal but not trusting and to those she views as in the way or strangers, she is aloof and/or hostile.  

• Motto:
"Nothing stops me for long, not if it likes to keep on living."

• Likes:
Catalysts, Ambitious Goals, Power, Loyalty and Friendship.

• Dislikes:
Being seen as evil, dishonorable people, pacifists, Demons and those who disrupt her Goal.

• Special Characteristics:

  • Name: Improved Endurance
    Rank: D
    Type: Physical
    Description: Through intensive training and being hit many times, the possessor of this talent has an increased durability stat of 15 which makes them slightly tougher. They can withstand greater damage that could otherwise stun them in pain, and continue fighting. [this reduces the effects of stuns (excluding poisons) by one post] ( Needs taijutsu or weaponry as a specialty)

  • Name: spiritual stamina
    Rank:  C
    Type: Chakra
    Requirements:: Cannot have chakra control
    Description: The user has a strange amount of chakra to their naturall stamina, able to produced more then the average nin. Gains 25 chakra stats (cannot have medical as a specialty)

• Rank: Chuunin

• Elements:

• Specialty:

• Clan:

However, she is the military leader of an organization known as "The Disciples" That are explained a bit more thoroughly in her History.

• Bijuu:

C Ranked/ Chuunin: 140 points

• Strength:
• Speed:

• Durability:
15 (+15)

• Chakra:
15 (+25)

• Village:
None / Missing Ninja

• Parents:
Unknown - Presumed Deceased.

• Siblings:
Unknown - Also presumed deceased.

• Mentor & Idols:

• History:
Hikaru lived a hectic early life, having been taken under the care of adoptive parents during her first few years of life until they had passed away due to their old age, she was then cared for by the caretakers within their estate until she was old enough to enter the Academy and after graduating she had managed to obtain enough money to pay for an apartment of her own where she would spend most of her days alongside training grounds within her local village until taking the Chuunin Exams at the age of fourteen wherein she would pass - just barely - and finally begin to wind down in her daily routine, stressing herself less on her training and beginning to give herself a little much-needed break for the first time really since she had left her old caretakers home when she was younger.

Although, it would not seem that her peace and calm was destined to last all that long, as only a few months after she had reached the rank of Chuunin, she had felt herself being drawn to an eerily desolate area within the wilderness wherein she felt a strange energy resonating throughout the area and her body itself as she drew nearer and nearer to it until eventually she discovered the source: It appeared to be some sort of strange, glowing artifact that was partially buried within the earth in the form of a strange purple gem with a piece that was meant to be fastened around the neck and worn it seemed.

She had taken the strange gem and found herself nearly immediately within it's influence due to her rather young age and inexperience in such things. She was told, then, by the strange artifact that she had been chosen as it's Wielder and it's Messenger, or Disciple as it were, to bring upon it's message to the world and that there were currently and would soon be more individuals like her that wielded their own Catalyst, as the being called itself.

At first, Hikaru was a bit apprehensive to the idea of being used in order to bring about a message of apocalyptic proportions upon the world not to mention obeying the whims of such a strange artifact - However, the artifact was powerful enough to remove these fears and doubts from the young shinobi's mind and decided then and there to create her into a more robust warrior and obedient messenger, leaving bits and pieces of the old Hikaru's personality behind while changing others and giving the young girl her first orders: To leave her village and become a Missing Ninja so that she could find the others like herself, the rest of the Disciples.

Upon leaving her village, she proclaimed herself as the military leader of the Disciples and the strange artifact - or Catalyst - as it's true Leader. This group would be exclusively used to recruit the other Catalyst Wielders and their Allies so that they could bring about their message to the world and perhaps even find more allies along the way - Though what their end-goal was and how they planned to achieve it, through diplomacy or war, has yet to be seen.

• Roleplay Sample:
It was Hikaru's first mission, her first Goal of many: To become one who held no allegiance other than to her Mission by leaving the village she had once inhabited and being seen as an outlaw.

It was something that the difficult of which did not scare the young Chuunin, but instead the consequences of her actions and how they would affect both her and her life from then on out. She knew that after doing this there would likely be no coming back and that she also could very well be killed by doing so, but there was no other way in her eyes and if the Artifact was telling her to do this - She had no choice but to.

So, with one last deep breath of her Village's cool morning air she would steel herself and upon exhaling she would take on a stern gaze, removing the doubt and fear from her face and from her mind, allowing the Artifact to further alter her in doing so - Her fear replaced with determination and her loyalty to her village with disdain for any allegiance save for her own towards the Artifact and the Disciples.

Her hands stopped trembling, as they had been all morning, and her once tear-soaked cheeks finally dried as she stood from her bed and gathered what little belongings she had and dressed herself properly for the day before moving out and into the streets, where she would then decide to move to the training grounds and from there would move onto the edge of the village, where she would leave through the gate and if questioned say that she had a mission that told her to go to another village - although she would be a bit vague when doing so, so it was likely not many would buy such an excuse since she had no proof - and from there she would use the speed increase from Body Flicker in order to leave the boundaries of the village without incident, just hoping that it would take a while for anyone to notice she was gone if no one had stopped her and that if someone had stopped her or if they noticed - That they would not know her destination.

After having cleared herself of any tails she might have had or any of those that chose to stalk her, she would begin to walk at a calmer pace throughout the wilderness now, looking to find a place to rest as she would take to a small clearing within a meadow and sit beneath the shade of a tree, closing her eyes and waiting for the next part of her mission to flow into her mind.

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Re: Hikaru Kato [Done]

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