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Seta, Takumi


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Seta, Takumi

Post by Takumi on Mon Jan 11, 2016 8:12 pm

• Name:  Seta, Takumi
• Nickname / Alias: Taku
• Title: N/A
• Age: 10
• Gender:
• Sexuality: Demisexual

• Height: 4"5
• Weight: 70lb
• Body type: Average
• Eye colour: Hazel
• Hair colour & style:Black and curly
• General Appearance:
• Markings: Lightly freckled on his cheeks.

• Persona:  

Takumi is a meek and soft spoken child. Never does he try and start an argument, and in fact does almost all he can do avoid some. With this niche, he's become quite agreeable. Opinions of his own rarely escape his throat. In fact he tries to avoid conflict in any form. He'll back down if it even looks like there's trouble ready to brew, much like an animal showing its underside in surrender.

With the tendency to agree, Takumi also has the tendency to help. If someone asks something of him, odds are he'll give it. Be it a hand, a pencil, his time, there's a good chance it'll be done. Be done in the sense that he'll give it a try, not that it would be done as if an expert's touch had been applied.

• Motto: "Have confidence when others have doubt."
• Likes:Animals, sweets, helping people, sour foods, reading
• Dislikes:Pranks, negative people, shouting, spicy foods, conflict

• Special Characteristics:

    Purposely not taking a special characteristic

• Rank: Academy Student
• Elements:N/A
• Specialty: N/A
• Clan: N/A
• Bijuu: No

• Strength: 1
• Speed: 1
• Durability: 1
• Chakra: 1

• Village: Sukai
• Parents: Kimoko Seta (Alive) Noaki Seta (Deceased)
• Siblings: Kenji Seta (Alive) Yu Seta (Alive)
• Mentor & Idols: N/A
• History:
From the moment he was brought into the world, Takumi was a quiet child. He gave his own parents a scare, being born silently until being struck on his bottom by the doctor. He was brought into quite an energetic house, having two older brothers and a frequently working mother, leaving a very relaxed father to look after his three children. He did well enough, none of them died after all, so he must have done something right.

As he grew older and gained the ability to retain memories, Takumi could recall times where he felt a tension between his father and his eldest brother, Kenji. Mainly it was the sense that Kenji just didn't like their father, and not in the spiteful child way, like a legitimate feeling of disdain. It became odd with the death of their father. Such an event made an impact on all of the family, with the exception of Kenji. His comments about their father being a lazy man unfit for a world filled with Shinobi didn't cease or even falter after the man's death.

With one less family member and three children still in need of food, the children's mother continued her work as a shinobi to support the three boys. Occasionally other family members would be able to watch over the trio, but most of the time, they were on their own. As they got even older, Yu and Kenji began to get into debates of sorts. The two developed different ideals and loved to preach them. Kenji believed that honor and strength were the elements to life's true path, arguing that the village system the world operated on was proof of this, strongest was in charge. Yu argued that intelligence and wisdom were the key components to a fruitful life, a scholar's life was the way to go.

They would very quickly break in physical combat putting all their skills as genin against each other until their mother might get home. When it got to it's worst, the two ended up narrowly escaping what might just have been mortal blows. Despite the intensity of which they both fought with, their mother never punished them extensively, a quick scolding and a slap on the wrist at most. After these fights, one or sometimes both brothers would try to lecture the young Takumi. He never particularly agreed with either of them, but he would never say so to their faces.

When Takumi reached the age of six, he was enrolled into the shinobi academy. It only made sense, at least to his mother. She was a shinobi, Takumi's older siblings were shinobi, much of their branching family were shinobi. Why wouldn't he head down that path? Though as his education progressed, it was the clear that the boy wasn't getting too far. He struggled greatly in the actual practice of the things he learned even in the earlier years, passing usually only by the skin of his teeth. At ten years old, he's still working at it.

• Roleplay Sample: It's Sho

*Note: I'm intentionally not taking a lot of things for this character with the intent of training them from scratch, literally all I want for this character upon approval is 4 stats
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Re: Seta, Takumi

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Re: Seta, Takumi

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Re: Seta, Takumi

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