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The Hardships of the Sukaigakure Academy [Private/No-kill]


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The Hardships of the Sukaigakure Academy [Private/No-kill]

Post by Shiro on Mon Jan 11, 2016 11:36 am

It was quiet and dark, Shiro laid on his bed in his boxers and sprawled out across the entirety of it. His sheets tossed about and his leg twitched slightly as he began to wake up, conscious that he knew it was morning but valued his sleep more. Hugging tightly to his pillow and hoping that it wasn't as late in the morning as it actually was. It was not long after, he could hear his door begin to slide open, the wood slide across the ground and made a distinct shuffling noise. Still his eyes did not open and his head did not turn towards the door, his sleep more valuable than it all. He heard feet enter and the light flickered on, but again Shiro remained embedded into his pillow, a slight groan at the light hitting his eyes. What came next was the loudest yell, no bark, that Shiro felt he ever heard, "SHIRO! Get out of bed this instant!" his mother yelled from the doorway of his room.

With a crescendo, Shiro shot up into an upright sitting position on his bed, rubbing his eyes and moaning at the burning of the light. His mother kept yelling, "You have school this morning! You're going to be late if you don't get it together! I didn't raise you to be so lazy, did I?" her rant continued. Shiro was barely able to comprehend her words outside the audible sound hitting his ears. He knew she was yelling, and he knew exactly why, but to ask him to focus in on it would be beyond Shiro's ability. "Mom, I'm up, I was just resting my eyes for a few more minutes." Shiro whimsically called back out to her. Whatever in his mind thought that it would be enough to get him off the hook was lost in the memories of his dreams. He didn't look over, but he didn't need to in order to know that his mother's face was probably as stern and red as it might have ever been. Shiro turned slightly and set his feet onto the wooden floors and began to stand up, his mother had walked away by the time he was sentient enough to look towards the door.

A few moments later and Shiro would have collected his clothes on a pile on his bed, another few minutes later and he would have brushed his teeth and any other task needed to prepare for his morning. It would be less than a minute after he finished that, that he had his clothes on and would be grabbing his pouch and tying it to his leg. After taking his things and heading downstairs it was more of the same, a quick breakfast to make up for lost time, not that Shiro had any awareness of what time it was and what time it was going to be. His mother worked quietly on the dishes, humming some soft tune while Shiro ate, his oldest sister, Amaya, popped into the dining area for a moment and messed up Shiro's hair as they talked for a second.. No time for breakfast, and Shiro really hated it when she tussled his hair like he was just some kid. The next sister, Kamiko, showed up while Amaya was asking about the Academy and taunting Shiro about crushes he might have on his classmates. Kamiko sat and began to eat while quietly listening to the back and forth between the two.

"So come on squirt, no one at all?" Amaya would tease him while bumping his shoulder with her elbow. Shiro would grumble slightly before yelling out, "No! Besides, the only people I even really know are just stuck up and annoying, no respect for the finer things in life like relaxation or tranquility." Shiro spoke, his head tilted back and he gave a sarcastic accent to it. "You had better not be sleeping in class! If I find out you are I'm going to pull you out and you'll never be a ninja!" his mother had turned from her chore to yell at him. Wooden spoon in hand and pointed at Shiro, his head dropped slightly and he spoke, "I'm not sleeping in class, I know it's important." he said and continued eating. Kamiko ate quietly and Shiro went back to doing so, his mother also returned to her chore but Amaya sat there. From there Amaya left, checking in for missions or whatever task she might have for the day, Shiro and Kamiko finished eating not long after Amaya left.

"Come on Shiro, I'll walk you to school. My teammates are meeting up near the academy so I'll be going that way too..." his soft spoken sister said. "I don't need you to walk me to school, I know where it is!" Shiro said sternly. He knew his sister meant no harm by it but he was already so defensive this morning that he just continued on with the mantra of it. "I know, but you're running late and it'll be nice. You can think of it as walking me to my mission." she smiled and took both her and Shiro's dishes to the sink for their mother. Shiro agreed and put on his sandals, Kamiko did the same next to him. He wondered if there was something she had wanted to say, or ask him about. She was always so soft spoken and usually just watching all the events in their house unfold rather than getting into the middle of it. The perfect middle child for Shiro and Amaya, but then again maybe she was just too timid to really want to argue and get in trouble. The two kids waved to their mother and said their goodbyes, Shiro had a brown bag with his lunch in his hand. They didn't worry about their father, who had been away on a mission for a few days and a few days longer.

Leaving for school was quiet, the people about with their conversations and tending to their stands or preparing for the day. Shiro and Kamiko walked together mostly quiet the entire way. He asked if there was anything on her mind or if she had anything she wanted to say or ask, but it didn't seem that way. She merely just wanted to walk with her younger brother that morning, for whatever reason beyond Shiro's comprehension. As they arrived at the school they stopped a couple meters from the entrance, "Well, I'll leave you here, I'll see you later today then." Kamiko smiled for a second, then hugged her younger brother and gave him a light kiss on top of his head. Shiro retracted like a turtle into it's shell, his shoulders squishing and him cringing if but a little. Then Kamiko dashed off quicker than he could keep track of, another kid from his class snickered at him. "How embarassing. She's worse than Amaya about that kinda thing." Shiro said under his breathe as he stuck his hands in his pockets and began to walk inside staring at his feet as he walked. He made a mental note to himself that if they did any taijutsu training then Shiro was going to find the kid laughing at him and send him a message.

Ignoring most of the students in the building, Shiro gathered himself, put his things away and then went to his classroom. He wasn't late but he certainly wasn't early, a few kids looked as he walked in but he ignored their glances. Instead he walked directly to his seat towards the back of the room, and to the right side of the room. He didn't greet anyone outside a quick nod or a 'Hey' and then sat at his seat. He crossed his arms at the desk, his elbows on the table and looked towards the front of the room, then with a quiet thud he sat his head down and began to nap. Taking advantage of the last few minutes of time he had before his teacher arrived and he would have to deal with the hardships of being an academy student, well, really just the hardship of staying awake during class and trying not to get kicked out before graduation.

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