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Temperature Release

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Temperature Release

Post by Garnet Rose on Thu Jan 07, 2016 10:06 pm

• name ;; Temperature Release
• elements required ;; Wind, Water, Fire
• how is it made ;; Wind begins as the base for the element as it is the actual thing interacting with the area around it, then fire and water chakra are used to either heat up or cool down the affected area creating temperature release.
• what can it do ;; Temperature has the ability to rapidly heighten or lower the temperature of the surrounding area, the degree determined by the level of technique. At high levels, this can be used to create sudden changes that send the opponent off balance and cause attacks to fail.
• strengths ;; Temperature is strong against many things, due to its nature. Fire is ineffective, as it can cool the burning materials that cause said flame until it is put out. Water can be frozen or evaporated, stopping it in its tracks when used offensively. Earth attacks can be frozen and heated as well, causing loose earth (i.e.: mud) to become packed down and hard when used as well. Temperature also has strength against wind as it can create certain levels of temperature that can deflect the technique, similar to the way that breezes are made through the exchange of warm and cold air.
• weakness ;; Temperature is weak against Lightning as the temperature difference it causes is not enough to cause it to be changed in any real way.
• other requirements ;; Be the Jinchuriki of the Seven Tailed Sphinx[/list]
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Re: Temperature Release

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