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A Puppets Dream

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A Puppets Dream

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• Name:  Leopold Tidus Mazumoto
• Nickname / Alias:
Puppeteer Mazumoto
• Title: [special title?]
• Age: 80
• Gender: [♂]
• Sexuality: Gay

• Height:  5"4
• Weight: 99 Pounds
• Body type: Old and Lanky
• Eye colour: Brown
• Hair colour & style: Long and Grey kept in a bun.
• General Appearance:
• Markings: N/A

• Persona:

Leo is a great leader, having gained great abilities when it comes to planning strategies, and his ability to tolerate an array of different people with different persona, from those whom are overly clingy to those who you would prefer just to give a smack too. As a leader many would want them to be head strong, and willing to sacrifice their own pawns, this is not the case for Leo, whom believes each life under his command is unique and is required. He takes personally the loss of each comrade’s life when under his own command. He will go to surprising lengths in order to protect them, even if that means fully disobeying direct orders from those higher up than he is. What adds to his ability as leader, is the capability to adapt a plan, whether creating full, elaborate schemes, to improvising on the spot, the guy will do it all.

He is not one to take sides during arguments, not willing to allow himself to be drawn in to such things, generally Leo will try to diffuse the situation kindly, if not and it is at all possible, he will not fret with pulling the good old, I order you to shut up card. What may be unique about Leo, is that he does not look down upon those around him, whether the warrior be of low calibre or one of the highest ranking, he will treat everyone with the respect they deserve, and what they deserve depends on how they act, their attitude and how they hold themselves. If they are rude, intolerable and simply arrogant, the blue eyed male will be short with them, speaking to them only when one hundred percent necessary, yet if these type of people are in his unit, or apart of his squad, then the same rules apply, he will put his own life on the line to try to protect such arrogance. Due to this, and the fact that he refuses to belittle or seem condescending to the weaker and younger shinobi, he seems to have developed a rather large fan based of young and fresh warriors.

Now though his power may be deemed weak to some people and strong to others, his capabilities are surely granted some form of justification from those whom have a superior power, even due to his power, he is rather cautious, he does not act upon a whim, or make hasty conclusions. He often makes careful and well planned deductions, before coming to a final and full decision. He is willing to offer up theories on the spot but refuses to proceed, an ability that he has is his dedication, when his mind is set to something, very little can actually persuade him to stop. He is willing to go to extreme lengths to find whatever it is he is looking for.

When he was a young ninja in training, Leo was a problem child, he was constantly causing trouble for the other trainee's, As a ninja in training he was constantly pulling pranks, annoying others whom he was studying with and even accidentally started a rivalry between himself and a man known as Ryder Kurosaki. What was shown to be incredibly powerful even as a child, was his enormous will power, he was full of joy and laughter, yet had this innate capability to entice others with that will power,.

Many would thus deem him, humble and bold, Although he may look composed, and able to hold this composure, it can be broken and his burning desire and will shine through, his willingness to push his life away for those in his squadron, for those whom he shows love and devotion too, When he is pushed to the edge, from his comrades being killed, he can lose all of his intelligence and simply rush in on instinct and anger, regardless of the danger he faces. Though this should not be taken to mean he is easily fooled, priding himself as a good judge of character, if the man takes a dislike to someone, gaining his trust is nigh impossible. Though he can be kind to ones face, do not be fooled in to thinking you can play this man.

Over the years of him working as a shinobi, Leo became a well travelled man whom accepted that he had no major power in the world, for that he has decided to attempt to become a holder of one of the higher based seats or a lieutenant job, no matter how hard getting one or the work to get it was deemed to be, Developing this passion and nature,many seek him out for council or even just a friendly chat. Why they adore him, he does not know. Though humble he can be rather sarcastic.

His lost youth is something that he finds sad, having been active all his life, the weaker variation of his body has forced him to become rather touchy about his age, he currently strives to find a way to be young again, this is made sadder by the fact his puppets do not age and that he believes they will live on without him, something he does not wish to happen.

• Motto: "Cherish your youth, who knows how long it shall remain"

• Likes:

Medical Ninja
Cold Food

• Dislikes:

Spicy Food
Getting Old
Un-needed Violence

• Special Characteristics:

  • - Name: Slightly Faster Than The Average Ninja
    Rank: D-C
    Type: Physical
    Description: The user is slightly faster than an average ninja of their rank. When it comes to speed within this rank this user will usually win. Anyone of higher rank can still out run them. 20 Speed stat increase.
  • -Name: Elemental talents
    Rank: C
    Type: Chakra
    Description: The user has natural talents with their dominate element, attacks with that element do one rank more damage the other jutsu of the same rank. Only C rank and lower.  (only applies to dominate element)

• Rank: Jounin [Retired]
• Elements:
Earth Release
Lightning Release
Fire Release
• Specialty:
Puppet Jutsu
Medical Ninjutsu
• Clan: N/A
• Bijuu: N/A

E Ranked/ Academy Student: 12 points
D Ranked/ Genin: 68 points
C Ranked/ Chuunin: 140 points
B Ranked/ Jounin: 188 points
A Ranked/ Anbu: 224 points
S Ranked/ Sanin: 272 points
S Ranked/Kage: 272 points
• Strength: 8
• Speed: 50 + 20 [SC]
• Durability: 58
• Chakra: 70 .

• Village: Hyozangakure
• Parents:
Annabelle Mazumoto
Toshirama Belle
• Siblings: N/A
• Mentor & Idols:
Tristan Kurosachi [Mentor]
Hana Tira [Team Mate]
Loki Burell [Team Mate]
• History:

Leo Parrish was born like any other human being. Born at 12:00am on August 16th, Leo Parrish was born to a loving family. Leo was 6 pounds and 3 ounces when born, In a small hospital within the Hyozangakure. Leo was born and raised by his single mother, his father someone he rarely knew. A rather popular and happy guy he had multiple friend's and was rather smart. Due to his mother working and being a single parent, Leo was put in to a ninja style playgroup with a specialised instructor before heading in to the academy were that was what one might call a walk in the park. When in the academy he was surrounded by friends yet some how he never truly felt like he was apart of something.

During his time in training the academy, Leo began to experiment with a certain classification of jutsu, this being the puppetry style, a rare and often barely utilized form of capability. Building his very first puppet at the age of five and being able to slowly make it move. His mother was impressed and realized the artistic knack her son had thus calling in some favours managed to have Leo placed upon a team with one of the very few puppet users.

Graduating the academy at the age of six, Leo was placed in a team with Tristan Kurosachi [Mentor], Hana Tira [Team Mate] and Loki Burell [Team Mate]. Tristan was a well respected puppet master and fuinjutsu user, Hana's parents were well known for their use of the water style and Loki was versed in Genjutsu. Making for a rather unique line up of skills. Thus the training of Team two would begin. They would find out that they worked somewhat well together, Leo always took in every piece of information he could, his skills were not the greatest and he knew that without puppets he would be incomplete, he needed to find ways to manipulate things in to becoming his puppets.

The young boy would come to adore these days, the days before true harship.

Being popular Leo like all young guys wanted to bone a new girl week after week after week. His premiscious side showing and developing when he struck the age of 16, Losing his virginity in the academy classroom.  Though he knew something was wrong, he had known from the beginning what that was, but he was born in a time were his true feelings would have him shunned and his popularity would be gone. Popularity as a kid was everything. He was struggling with the secret of his sexuality and believed getting his ding dong as wet as possible would get him over this little phase. He picked on the gay kids, hoping to literally scare it out of others so that their was a chance he could get it out of him. It was a feeling he detested, a feeling he hated so much.

Becoming a chuunin as a member of squad 2 was so beautiful, it was around this time at the age of eighteen that he begun to change his own feelings, slowly he accepted himself and the others around him, he trusted his team mates with his heart and eventually came out to them. The fact that nothing changed became a beautiful reminder to him that everything is not set in stone. It was during his time as a chuunin that he became versed in the use of fuinjutsu to help increase his puppet capabilities, He would constantly spar with his mentor to help his dexterity and range in terms of chakra strings.

Upon one mission Leo would find himself in a situation that would end with the life of his team mates, during a mission located in the land of lava, a rouge missing ninja and three surbordinates would ambush them, they fought bravely and it came down to the Leo and the other shinobi, a sensation of strangeness, a unique feeling crept over him. The shinobi whom had ruined his life was indeed none other than his father. Though no feelings were ever involved nor lost between the two, the ensuring fight would continue on and eventually Leo would emerge victor, though team 2 would end.

Leo would grow in to a fine young jounin, many finally believing he had succeeded his own mentor in use of the puppet style ninjutsu, taking on vast missions and earning himself a simple title of the Puppeteer Mazumoto, alas though everything would begin to slow down, Leo had seen much death, he had seen so much pain so much agony and so much death, students died in battle, people he knew passed yet he lived on, growing older and older his abilities slowly weaning, his life even in old age was full of saving and death, he was a ninja up until eighty years old, even at seventy nine he was taking on S-class missions, his use of poison, ninja tools and puppet based abilities tainted with fuinjutsu were known world wide, but alas the age of time had struck him.

Now Leo wished for his youth, he was smart, researching ways to turn back the clock.  His puppet ideology was strong, he had preserved his team mates in puppet fashion why not himself? He was knowledgable in the use of medical ninjutsu to the point were he had ability, combining with his puppets he realised he could do something, he could become young again. He just needed more time.  One day people will once again be in awe of the Puppeteer Mazumoto.

• Roleplay Sample:
Rp Sample:
The black butterfly flew softly a head of the two shinigami, the duo bore the usual shinigami garments, differenced only by the sheath colour that hid their Zanpakuto. The sound of the steps would give away that the two were moving at a brisk pace. Travelling through the Senkaimon was a much easier task, with the help of the Jigokuchō, it meant not having to travel through the Dangai. The door's of the Senkaimon opened, light pushed through and the two bodies were enveloped. Wind wrapped around them, dancing through the creases within the duo's clothing and hair. The blue eye's of the dark blue hair'd man would meet the green eyes of the white hair'd male. "New York City" Leo expressed, he did not understand why he felt such an attachment to this city, he simply felt a strange adoration for the place. "Looks like a shit hole to me" Ryder said, it looked as though he was about to say something else, but the glaring stare given to him by Leo would be enough to quell him."So, it seem's like there's some hollow out breaks, according to our sources there is three groups of hollows, one in the south district, one in the east and one in the west. I say we split up, we take out the two groups in the east and west, then meet up at the south." Leo would say, the hint of a smile upon his face. A single quick movement would be enough to have the white hair'd man in front of him, arm's wrapped around Leo's waist, a quick kiss upon the lips and a cheeky little wink. "Let's do it" Ryder said. Then they parted ways, hand's holding on to each other for as long as possible, sliding out of each others grasp ever so softly. Then they ran, ran through the skies toward's their chosen destination.

Leo Parrish would dash to the west, his spiritual energy allowing for him to move effortlessly across the skies, as if he were running upon the pavements. A single hand upon the hilt of his blade, ready to draw at a moments notice. His ability to sense spiritual energy's came in handy, especially when dealing with hollow's of the lower ranking. He could sense them, a pack, a strange disturbance. Hollow's rarely travelled in pack's unless they were of the Gillian rank or higher, but the spiritual energy of these hollows were of lesser beings, nothing that Leo would be unable to handle. Through the use of the flash step technique, the young warrior was able to clear distances much easier than just using your average running speed. Thus clearing the distance would place him directly above the energy source. Humans were moving through the street's completely unaware of the five hollow like creatures. These creatures all looked the same, one hundred percent identical, Roughly the size of a hybrid of a staffy in width with the height of a great Dane. They skulked around the alley, a single human seemingly deciding it best to take a short cut. Little did he know, this was the luckiest day of his human life. For as the man set foot in to the alley, it alerted the five hollows, they sniffed the air, as if they were dogs, yet the dis-formed maw that opened wider than that of any snake of the same size would be capable off proved otherwise. The human would have walked four or five steps in to the alley way, the canine like hollow's released a howl in perfect unison, that the glass of the buildings around shattered.

They moved in perfect unison, avoiding the humans whom walked upon the paths, slinking in to the alley way, the human would never see them, he did not have the capability. They were the perfect predator's to such a lowly race, they slunk, ready to pounce. Yet they would be halted, sandalled feet would touch down upon the ground, roughly six steps in front of the human, the man walking through the alley, whom would have been lunch for these predators would not even bat an eye at the shinigami. Yet the hollow's would growl. The five creatures in a perfect line in the alley. They lay low to the ground, ready to make run. The familiar sound of a blade being drawn would ring in the ears of the blue hair'd shinigami. His tanned skin shining in the small cracks of sun that drifted through the blackening clouds. The creatures charged, barking ferociously. The man's Zanpakuto would be outstretched, A single phrase muttered "Stampede Hai Shimauma" From this command, the blade of the Zanpakuto disintegrated, creating hundreds of thousands of ash like particles that would cover the alley, the mental commands of the shinigami ordering these particles to create a thick wall, thus forcing the hollow's to attempt to pass through it. With the speed and minor thinking capacity, these creatures did so, pushing their skeletal like forms in to the vast abyss of ash. Alas, the battle was over. Upon entering the ash, the shinigami had one. The hilt of the sword remained within his hands, moving it as if swinging a blade, spinning it within his hand, rapid slash after slash made easier by the lack of weight due to the removal of the blade. Each slash to the air was moved forth through the ash and transferred on to the animals that had entered the vast cloud. Howls echoed, yet these creatures would vanish, the Zanpakuto's power cleansing them, the strength of the wielder transferred through the ash in to the swing. Waving the hilt to his side, the ash would recall in to the blade, which would become sheathed once again. With the hollow's taken care off on this end, Leo would proceed to make his way to the south.

The flash step would have Ryder situated in the vicinity of the spiritual energy. The pack of canine hollows followed a family of five, alas Ryder had not been as quick as Leo to the intended targets and the canine's were currently attempting to rip in to the father of the group, he struggled as they tore and bit in to him. Another flash step would bring the white headed male in to the fray, his blade in hand, swiping upwards at the head of one of the feasting animals. It came off simple enough, Ryder would bring his foot upwards kicking another, the attention of the dogs turned from the meal that they had yet to enjoy, to the man whom had interrupted them. They charged thus leaving behind the human, he looked bewildered but seemed to be ok, minus the small chunks of missing flesh in his legs and arms. He looked around trying to see what had attacked him, but alas his vision was not capable of this. He could not see the dancing shinigami, whom weaved beautifully in and out of the attacks of the animal, as if guided by the wind itself. Each strike was deadly, each time his sword connected it tore the hollow like creatures apart. Yet they would continue to come, more and more. "Dance Kaze no dansu" he uttered activating his own Shikai. His own blade would transform, becoming 10 flying blades that regenerated when destroyed as long as he sheathed the handle for 1 minute per blade. Yet they would not succumb to damage, as they weaved beautifully through the air, slicing the dog like creatures until the pack halted. He would await the family to see to the wounded, making sure no spiritual energy of a hollow remained, then he would head towards the given destination.

The two men would meet at the chosen destination, the south enemies, yet alas just prior to them appearing, the spiritual energy had vanished, the hollow they had been sent to take out was the "Mother Canine" whom gave birth to the other canine like creatures. Whatever had happened to her, would remain a mystery for now. The two lovers would be with one another once more, yet they were not foolish enough to let their guard down when a mystery was yet to be unfolded. Either the mother canine could hide her and her children's energy signature, or something or someone had already taken her out. Once more, Leo's hand rested upon his Zanpakuto, while Ryder held his drawn, both had returned to their sealed state. Small splatters of rain began to descend, the black clouds now fully blocked out the sun. "I don't have a good feeling about this" Leo would say, worry laced his words.

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