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| The Ryujin |


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| The Ryujin |

Post by Futushi on Thu Jan 07, 2016 12:42 am

Name ;; The Ryujin
Rank ;; A
Price ;; -
Durability ;; [How strong it is against Other weapons and Bodies]

Appearance ;;

The Ryujin is a ship like no other with a history to match, created during the Era of War, this beautifully made boat was a weapon used during the War between the Tribes. Though the ship is still flying to this day many years ago a child of the Senju Clan discovered it's broken and abandoned husk frozen solid inside an iceberg in the Land of Ice. Over the years this child alongside his Family rest-orated the broken down war ship in hopes that one day the should would sail once more.

Now years later this ship has gained a legend of its own alongside that little Senju boy now known as Futushi Senju, Sannin of the Iceberg and High King of the Seven Sea's.
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Re: | The Ryujin |

Post by Cadis Etrama Di Levone on Sat Jan 23, 2016 11:47 am

1. I believe this would be S-rank seeing how big it is.
2. You must have a durability and price for this; even if you state this your starting weapon.
3. Describe what the ships materials is made of.

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