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Closer to the Heart (P,Train)


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Closer to the Heart (P,Train)

Post by Saya on Tue Jan 05, 2016 2:01 am

training for tail 5 and 6

The impressive spray of the many gysers around her was dwarfed by the downpour of the storm that had formed in the early evening.  It began as a drizzle, but the thick smell of mist and lightning on the horizon brought with it a promise even before the first raindrop fell that this was more than a simply shower.  An hour later and the sky was midnight black, though the sun had only just set.  Thick clouds blanketed the sky so thickly it could not even be seen, the clouds only visible as bolts of lightning cut brilliant streaks from one cloud to another, or down to the ground below.  The wind was furious, howling like a banshee as it pushed sheets of rain sideways, meeting with the steaming upwelling of torrents of near boiling water spraying upwards to meet the rain.

It was a scene of chaos, of pandemonium, a scene which almost every other living creature with a brain and means of mobility fled from, and escaped beneath rocks or beneath the surface of the earth.  Saya did neither of those things, and instead stood in placid grace in the midst of it all.  It could be said that it was a common sight to see her out in the worst storms, if any others lacked enough sense to also be out in the tempest.  She was, of course, perfectly safe.  The further accent this point it should be noted the odd clothing she had chosen to wear for this evening's entertainment.

As the lightning flashed around her it reflected off the fine and polished golden plates adoring her cloak, the leather already wet and making the cloak just a little heavier than it already was.  She had her spear in hand, steel boots on her feet, her katana through her belt and seemed to look as though she was doing all she could to turn herself into a lightning rod.  It was not a death wish she had, but confidence in both herself, and her bijuu.  As always Thunderbird was with her, and whispering into her mind like a breeze through the mists of Joki.

We are becoming closer, Saya.  Our power is merging more easily.  You have always been there to welcome the storms that have come through your village, and now the storm waits to welcome you.  Its arms are light and its heart is thunder, but you will be one with it.  Everything you have done has pushed you closer and closer to this point, and now you are ready.  We will rise into the clouds together, and I will protect you.

As always the Thunderbird's voice rumbled through her heart like peels of distant thunder.  The bird was being careful, tender even, with its charge.  Saya was a rare gift to the noble bird, a spirit with whom it could truly sympathize.  Both were creatures of pride and honor, beings that valued valor and glory over any social rewards of heroism or vanity.  Saya was its perfect vessel and had been an attentive student for most of her life.  They walked closer as one in recent days, making great progress in awakening the potential of the other though long sessions of meditation, spirit seeking, and out right physical exercise.  Now things were moving back towards the more spiritual.  Saya was an open mind, letting Thunderbird's words sink deep and resonate within her heart and mind alike.

You have awakened within yourself already half of my tails, but only half of my tails as well.  These tails, this half, is you.  It is your side, your own reliance on the self.  You awoke most of them through your own effort, but it will get more difficult from here.  You will have to open yourself, feel within you the greatness of my power, and allow me to do your work for you.  The eyes you opened were your first step, and this is your second.

As Thunderbird spoke Saya released a small amount of chakra through her feet, powering the silvery steel boots which adorned her feet.  The fuuin script shimmered for a moment in response, and chakra began to pour from her feet.  She lifts off slowly, rising off the ground and taking to the sky.  Above her the storm raged, and it could seem like suicide for most humans, but Saya was blessed by the storm itself.  Within her, as Thunderbird got closer to the clouds it often flew in, the Bijuu became excited.

I am the storm.  If we are to be one, you must also be the storm.  Do not fear its power.  Within her Thunderbird could feel her apprehension.  Even Saya's great resistance to fear balked when confronted with the great power of the lightning she was nearing.  To set her at ease, Stormcrow surged through her, and called lightning.

A single strike brightened a cloud and struck Saya.  She was saved by science, and also the cloak on her back.  It entered a steel plate and formed a brilliant crackling net as it created a circuit through her armor, then finally went to ground in a great crack of power.  The lightning did not hurt, it did not burn, it did not even touch her skin, but the power of the momentary vacuum cut through the air and force of the thunder shook her, and almost knocked her out of the sky.  She regained her footing quickly, and stared upwards in wide eye'd shock.

That was amazing!
She shouts, not in her mind but with her real voice.  It was perhaps the most loudly she'd said a word in years, and with more passion than she'd ever shown in her life.  Inside her the Thunderbird only laughs with a little amusement, but also pride for how far along Saya had come.

Good.  Good.  Now, higher.  Into the clouds.  Let us face this beast and make it in to our pet.

Beneath her cloak a new sort of lightning formed as her bijuu cloak over took her body.  Four tails grew, though they only protruded from beneath the heavy armor, crackling with lightning but unable to stand out straight behind her.  Saya lowers her spear and arms and rockets upwards quickly into the mass of plasma and cloud above.

Her smile is bright and her eyes remain wide beneath the blank and scarred exterior of her mask.  Inside the clouds the feeling of static was everywhere, pushing the hairs on her head on end.  The clouds were like an ocean of motionless waves around her, each one lit with strobes of power highlighting different bulbous edges at different times.  Lightning was kept at bey only by the power of her bijuu, which suppressed the lightning and kept it from striking her.

Now become the storm, Saya.  With your spear, use the great metal pole and harvest the power that is rightfully ours.

Pulling her mind away from marveling at the glory of the storm around her, Saya lifts her spear.  She stares up at the spearhead, the metal not quite steel, but a chakra enhanced alloy that could take in great amounts of energy and channel it.  No sooner had the thought crossed her mind than a blinding white bolt came from the darkness of a cloud and struck with sparks and fury.  It struck the tip of her spear, then created a single, forkless arc fully to the ground below.  Below her the earth yielded, lightning scorching a small, burnt pit in the ground.  

The sensation was wonderful, just having so much power so close.  It was not under her control, but it was.  It was the bird's will, but her own as well, and so she lifts her staff again.  She narrows her eyes as lightning strikes her spear, then thrusts it towards the ground to send out the bolt of lightning.  It was thrilling, powerful and faster than even her sight could trace.  Immediately a fifth tail grew below her steel cloak as she felt the power and glory of the storm flowing all around, and through her.

This is..  the most amazing feeling I have ever had. Saya confesses, both shocked and confused by the sensation she was feeling.  The flight, the power, the security within such dangerous surroundings swimming through her mind with an over abundance of emotion.  Her heart was pounding, over flowing with something she could not quite name.  Thunderbird knew her heart, and could feel it as well.  Long had the great bijuu been confined in its great iron cooking pot, but now it could feel the storm through Saya.

That feelings, Saya, is freedom.  Power.  It is me you are feeling, deep in your heart.  Do not be afraid of it.  There is nothing dishonorable about feeling joy when we connect to our weapons.

As if in response Saya once more points the tip of her spear at the ground.  A bolt of lightning shoots from the cloud to her spear, then once more to the ground.  The explosion of force and dirt is easily hidden by the steam, wind, and rain, but Saya knows it is there.

Happiness had filled her, and though she smiled, she felt a tinge of pain behind it all.  Thunderbird saw the images of her past filtering through her mind, reminders of why happiness was always such a distant feeling for her.

You must release your past, Saya.  It is behind you, but our union is ahead of you.  More and more you grow, and each day you are coming closer and closer to having wings of your own.  Before you may fly, however, you must know freedom.  To understand freedom, you must know what makes you happy, and how to pursue it.

Your life has been sad, but I was there.  Always, in the back of your mind, in the pit of your heart, I have been there.  I have felt the tears you will not shed, known the sorrow you conceal behind your eyes, but I was there.  I have been your wings, bringing you to this place of power.  I have been your second skin, helping you grow beyond the limitations others placed upon you.  We have been together all this time, but I must push you out of my nest now.  I have given you what power I can, and only you can unleash the rest.  To do so will be difficult.  You will have to change.  You will have to grow inside, not your talent or your martial skill, but you must grow your heart.

There's another crack of thunder as a bolt of lightning bypasses her spear and strikes a tree down below.  It splits in half and bursts into flames, but the driving rain is quick to begin extinguishing them.  Saya's smile had faded again, as her mind and heart were forced to dwell in more painful places.

The world will accept you, Saya, for all your quirks and puzzling actions.  You are unique.  You are intelligent.  Above all, you are honorable.  Your heart is one of the purest I have known, and I've known many.

I don't understand other humans.  I feel as though I am not one. Saya confesses after a moment.

And so you are not human, yet the skin you wear is.  You are not alone, there are beasts, elements, thoughts in human clothing as well.  You must not think that there is a standard template by which a human is judged.  The people you gaze upon are as sad and broken as you, riddled with faults, guilty of horrid crimes and generous acts alike.  Not a single among them has lead a life they can not complain about, but they have had friends.  They have had others to help them along their way.  Those people, the strangers which became friends, have taught them the tools to cope.  They have armed each other with the only weapon available to slay lonliness.  Companionship.

I don't even know where to begin.  The thought of just speaking to someone fills me with anxiety the likes of which I've never known.  It must be what a coward feels when facing down a sharp blade.

But you are not a coward, Saya. comes the distant thunder once more, lightning flashing around her as Thunderbird speaks.  And you let their stare set fear into your heart.  Some will reject you, some will accept you.  This is the truth no matter how strange or how normal you think you are.

Saya lifts her spear high and lightning once more cracks from her spear to the ground, cutting a path of brilliant white through the darkness and then fading once more.  Getting more used to the thunder she maintained her footing easily.

I feel something like that with the man Kashen.

The thunderbird laughs quietly.  “He is your opposite, Saya.  I am not surprised.  He is what you are missing.  Free and wild.  He also houses a great beast, though Griffon's fury is also opposed to my own nature.  It has been said, however, that opposites attract.”

I was happy while we fought, but he is wreckless.

And yet, his life is undoubtedly better than your own.  He is able to smile outside of a fight.  You are only able to lower your emotional barriers when you fight.  Otherwise you are cold, while he burns with passion and courage.

Saya's smile had returned, and she nods in agreement, even if it was a useless gesture to one bound physically inside of her.

He and you were both one while you fought, one mind battling itself.  Focused on victory and channeling your primal fighting skills.  Though you both fought to defeat each other, the two of you had more in common at that moment than you had in common with anyone else in your life.  You both were acting on practice, and instinct.  Two minds with a singular goal.  You two could have become friends, but you lacked the courage to follow through.  Instead you assumed no one could like you.  You are odd, Saya, but you are not unlikable.

Beneath her armor her bijuu cloak bubbles a little more.  Saya's heart warms just slightly as she accepts this new challenge.

Then you will become his friend.  I can feel it changing inside you already.  You will set aside your fear, and you will become his friend.  Becoming closer to others, will allow you to open your heart fully to my influence.

No. Saya corrects, though there is a small smile on her lips.  I have a greater challenge in mind.

The bijuu laughs quietly.  Thunderbird loved a challenge, loved to be tested and to pass.  So similar they were, and accepting this challenge was enough.  Saya was a creature of honor, and her word was her bond.  She would see it through, she would never give up and she would not surrender.  She would make the girl a friend, or she would make a fool of herself.  Either way, she vowed not to regret it.

A sixth tail slowly bubbled into being beneath her cloak, unseen, but felt both the bijuu and a girl alike.  She hovered there amid the clouds a few moments longer, smiling a strange but bright smile.  A new chapter of her life was beginning, and things would be different from here.  Pass or fail, she was willing to face it with every ounce of courage she had.

After a long silence the bird's voice speaks once more.  She ignored its words, smiled brighter, and resumed her joyous play in the clouds.  She weilded the lightning as her spear, and glided about between the clouds with the ease of Thunderbird itself.

I am so proud of you, Saya.”



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Re: Closer to the Heart (P,Train)

Post by Stein on Tue Jan 05, 2016 3:17 pm

3000 exp for training and deepening the relationship with your tailed beast


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