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Roxas's SC training(P/Training)


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Roxas's SC training(P/Training)

Post by Roxas on Sun Jan 03, 2016 12:08 pm

Roxas grinned as he held his key blade in hand. The key blade was the only thing that had never betrayed him other than his sharingan and his cousin, Roxas swung his sword slowly getting the actions in order “So this is the power of the uchiha clan…The destined clan to wield the scarlet eye with black tomoes in them…” Roxas said the grin twisted and curved over his cheeks and lips even Roxas was dressed in his normal attire as he entered a hut encasing his blade into his body with fuuin jutsu, the jutsu was useful when the user need to encase a item within them, however it wasn’t as useful as being able to take it out of his body whenever he needed it.Roxas knew walking into a bar with a blade out, even one with it looking like a key was asking for some type of problem, and Roxas didn’t need much problems now due to the fact he had the tomoes of death the ones he knew people would be after, however with his blade he would be able to tell who was truly trying to befriend him and those whom had a blacken heart stained by rage and hate towards other.

Roxas had already admitted to having one of the darkest hearts in this natural world as he carved a heart shape into the bar with his finger looking around every so often to make sure nobody was trying to get the jump on him he didn’t entirely look like a evil man.Roxas knew however that due to his dark heart killing everyone and everyone would be no problem due to the fact he wouldn’t care one bit as his blade would come out of his hand with Roxas willing it back as he began to think “How would Kashen feel if you killed more people…you aren’t evil, just misunderstood…” Roxas told himself as the key blade went back into the seal on Roxas’s right hand that he had seal there in case of a long lasting fight with a ninja, Roxas had his favorite spec which was his bukijutsu, it was definitely one of his most used due to the fact it was close range and with Roxas too close wasn’t enough for him, Roxas stood as a boy looked at him and the boy’s lips began to move as he vocalized a sentence aimed at Roxas.

“Has darkness always ruled your heart?” The child ask with a surprisingly calm tone in his voice that seemed to upset Roxas as he thought to himself who else had said that to him.

Have you always been so dark? ” the voice called again as Roxas looked at the boy with hate in his  and pain in his heart “Child be gone” Roxas said as his keyblade came to his hand and the child ran as fast as he could out of the bar Roxas put his left hand on his head  “W…Wh…What was that…” Roxas said with concern in his voice for himself and everyone close to him as he could slowly feel himself slipping into the darkness.

Roxas forced himself back into reality with a sense of more chakra within his veins “The hell is this power?” Roxas said as his chakra flowed smoothly through his body.His body felt influenced by his chakra as he yawned “God damn it what is with this power” Roxas said as he would head back to his respective bed and turn one eighty before sitting on his bed legs crossed in a meditation like position, it was odd Roxas rarely ever meditated he didn’t like it however now he knew that he had to enhance his chakra performance if he ever wanted to see his brother as his body ached “God damn this kind of hurts” Roxas said as his red eyes shown clearly as his chakra pool slowly grew larger as the sum of chakra had poured through his veins causing him the feeling of a over powering sensation all over his body it was like nothing he had ever felt before as he sat on his bed his deep breaths were on point with the flow of his chakra as he smiled and got up “Alright that’s all settled” Roxas said his eyes still red and a smirk on his face “More strength is what I need to save Kashen from those scum bags he calls his friends” Roxas said coldly as he stood “The eyes of the uchiha have faced many problems, hate it seems is the biggest problem of them all I guess” Roxas said coldly as he clenched his fist looking outside his window into the water “Water…It’s too blue” Roxas said turning and putting on his normal cloths before walking towards the door turning the knob slowly with his keyblade sealed hand as he left the safety of his room and down his stairs off to the sea shore with a darkened look on his face as he drew his keyblade he knew there was trouble as he was soon surrounded by 3 rouge ninja whom left their villages from the looks of their cloths “Look at this coward” one said with a cocky tone.”Don’t piss your pants when we kill you got it little guy” the second guy said as the third man remained mute as Roxas activated his sharingan to let them know this was going to be the worst beat down of their lives as the fight began.

It started from one man signing for a fireball as Roxas saw it he grinned his key blade came from his hand as he jumped over the intense fire that was the jutsu, it singed Roxas’s hair as Roxas forced his keyblade like a wing downward on his enemy, it was odd as the man let out a painful cry as he fell to the cold hard ground, the other ninja seemed smarter as one used earth spear, still dumb going one on one with Roxas as the man charged Roxas side stepped slamming his key blade against the males next dropping him like a fly as the third man simply stood there with a smile “Boy do you know of Hyozan Ga Kure” the man would say coldly as he would approach Roxas no weapons or jutsu on visible.

The man opened his mouth again to speak “An organization that is currently causing a little bit of a up roar in the ninja world has showed up, if you wish to go Hyozan Ga Kure isn’t too terribly far from this place, however do not, and I will repeat do not, address them as your allies because they may ju-“the man was cut off as Roxas looked him in the eye causing him to go into a genjutsu, Roxas had never been at the mercy of a genjutsu however it didn’t seem peaceful as he fell to the ground with a thud.”Damn…I pushed myself harder today than I needed to…I hate these guys” Roxas said as he returned to his home  looking outside the window as the ninja for the village arrived and picked up the missing ninja, Roxas wasn’t up for any of that problem as he encased his sword quicker than before “I like my new power” Roxas said sitting on his bed with a thud.
Name: Improved Endurance
Rank: D
Type: Physical
Description: Through intensive training and being hit many times, the possessor of this talent has an increased durability stat of 15 which makes them slightly tougher. They can withstand greater damage that could otherwise stun them in pain, and continue fighting. [this reduces the effects of stuns (excluding poisons) by one post] ( Needs taijutsu or weaponry as a specialty)

Name: spiritual stamina
Rank:  C
Type: Chakra
Requirements:: Cannot have chakra control
Description: The user has a strange amount of chakra to their naturall stamina, able to produced more then the average nin. Gains 25 chakra stats (cannot have medical as a specialty)
550 + 550 = 1100 wc used

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