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One handed Seals


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One handed Seals

Post by Karumo on Fri Jan 01, 2016 11:17 pm

Name: One Handed Signs
Rank: A rank
Requirements: Perfect Hands SC
Type: Skill
Description: With this SC a user who has become incredibly good with hand signs can take his skill to an entirely new level. By using their advanced knowledge and skill a user can figure out how to infuse and control the same amount of chakra they could from two hands with one hand instead. This can be with either left or right hand as long as they still make the appropriate half sign from the original hand seal, and perform all the original seals in the same order.

This jutsu does not allow for a person to weave multiple jutsu at once (given that you can't mix chakra at the same time), it only accounts for a user to be able to weave signs with one hand instead of two.
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Re: One handed Seals

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