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Transition and Transformation [Solo]

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Transition and Transformation [Solo]

Post by Asuna Nora on Thu Dec 31, 2015 7:35 pm

Akira stopped along the path from the docks after having aided the sailors with the boat that had previously been damaged in their arrival due to the Wielder's accidental casting of Genjutsu upon it's crew. Sighing deeply, he would move to a nearby patch of trees in order to find himself somewhere private for the time being in order to perform the new technique he had been toying with the notion of since having left the village to the docks and from there to the island itself. He planned to use this new technique to not only change his appearance, but his physical body as a whole in order to gain a new form that he would previously be unable to do so with the mere transformation technique that was commonly used. This body would be fully functional and be just as it were if he had actually changed bodies completely - With this, he would not only ease his own mind but also draw any suspicion away from him that may have previously been there due to his actions as a Sannin and the Catalyst which he wore; With this, he could effectively become someone new, no longer shackled to the name and body of Akira Tomoko but able to become anything that the Catalyst could allow - It was a chance, as he saw it, at a new life.

Smiling to himself, he would close his eyes and begin to channel the power of his Catalyst through his body as a whole while beginning to picture the form which the Catalyst had already aided him in taking previously during an illusion, however this time he would become one with it, allowing his body to change slowly as he concentrated on changing his physical form into that he had imagined: The form was that of a young looking woman, with black hair that was tipped with red and worn in a short style that contrasted with the Wielder's previous form that had been much longer than this one's own. The new form also held duel shining-blue eyes that were also a stark contrast to the darker colors of the wielder's previous hues. The clothing of the new form consisted of a black, frilled dress trimmed in red with a corset type accessory on the torso along with a red hood that was worn over the black clothing beneath it and led down into a long cape of the same red color. Accessorizing the main articles of clothing were a pair of long black boots with red laces that matched the trim of the dress along with stockings that went up to the woman's skirt and into a set of pantyhose which connected the two leggings into one central area underneath which were worn the more delicate parts of the woman's attire.

The Catalyst spoke then, into the mind of the newly changed Wielder in a cooing voice that while it spoke sweetly, held an undertone of something ominous beyond what was on the surface: "You shall now become Asuna Nora, You were once Akira Tomoko - Your powers are one in the same, but your minds and bodies are worlds apart . . . Open your eyes, fulfill your mission to protect the Kazankage and let the world learn of the power of this newly found form." With that, the woman took a deep breath and opened her arms, raising her hands up to examine them as her bright blue eyes blinked and looked upon herself for a moment before she gave a small smile and whispered to herself: "Huh - So i'm Asuna now...? That's pretty . . . wizard, I guess." She said, not being able to help but chuckle to herself before spinning around gleefully and moving back to the docks in order to gather her belongings that she had left there along with see herself in the reflection of the water for the first time in the real world.

As she looked upon herself in the water, Asuna let out a soft gasp from just how well this ability had worked and how perfect the transformation was - She had in all essence save for Chakra Signatures, become this woman that she had envisioned in her mind just moments ago and would remain as such until she either dispelled the transformation or took upon another one. Though, judging simply by how happy she was to assume this new form it would not appear as if she was willing to dispel this anytime soon. With that in mind, she would gather up her belongings, affixing one of her blades to her hip while keeping the other in the bag she had brought it in before she then came across a small stack of specially made pens within her belongings, the meaning of which just having returned to her still somewhat foggy mind. She had been trying to perfect a specific seal just before leaving the village and had just been on the verge of completing it when they left for the Summit. Taking one of the pens up into her hand, Asuna would roll it around within her fingers for a few moments before attempting to seal her scythe within the small pen which, to her surprise, actually worked after adjusting the seal for some time.

Smiling, she would turn the newly sealed scythe around in her fingers in it's pen catalyst of sorts before then sliding it into a simple loop upon the belt which adorned her new form's attire before then sliding the other pens back into the bag and deciding that it would be best not to waste her chakra attempting to seal all of her weapons covertly when it was likely expected that guards of the Kage would at the very least be visibly armed.

Shaking off the racing thoughts of her still adapting mind, Asuna would emerge out into the path that she and her kage had traveled upon previously once more in order to move after him, hoping that he had already founding the meeting place and had furthermore not run into any trouble while doing so - Now all that was left would be to show him her new form and hope that he recognized her, or even that she fully recognized him after having so recently transformed.

Shrugging her shoulders, Asuna lightly ran her hand along the scythe sealed within the pen upon her belt, letting out a little sigh as the Catalyst let out a little pulse of energy that reassured her that even if she had become someone new in a sense, her mission and relation to the Catalyst would never change - She served it, and it served her in kind.

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Re: Transition and Transformation [Solo]

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