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Kakarotto Nobunaga


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Kakarotto Nobunaga

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• Name: Kakarotto Nobunaga
• Nickname / Alias: Carrot, Kakarot [no need to explain]
• Title: None yet
• Age: 15
• Gender:
• Sexuality:heterosexual

• Height: 5'10
• Weight: 140
• Body type: Lean and Athletic
• Eye colour: Blue
• Hair colour & style: Black and Spiky
• General Appearance:
• Markings: None

• Persona: First and foremost, Kakarotto always has a rather cheerful personality. He always has a smile on his face, and even through the darkest of times remains optimistic and hopeful that a solution is somewhere to make the day brighter. This cheerful nature has been described as rather infectious by his grandpa Rice, and has gone a long way in helping him make friends in a village where he was originally an outcast. He can practically make friends with anyone as long as they share his love with all things that involve fighting, even the most deplorable of human beings, even though he's a decent person..most of the time, anyways.

New things always capture Kakarotto's eyes. He has a very adventurous spirit, and is always ready to try new things. This, besides his main reason of defeating the strongest fighters in the world, is why he's so eager to travel the world and take in new sights. Unlike most people, who would rather take fear in the unknown, Kakarotto embraces it with open arms, ready to gain a better understanding to make the unknown, known.

The core of his life...combat. With his adoptive family being hard core martial artists, it should be of no surprise that Kakarotto shares the love of improving himself and fighting just like the rest of them. He could be training for hours and never get sick of it, as he loves the feeling of discovery that courses through his body once he discovers a new technique to employ in battle. In real battles, he fights like a well oiled machine, possessing no sense of what others describe as "honorable tactics." In his mind, a fight has no rules and he simply wants to overcome the adversary by any means necessary. This means sneak attacks, going below the belt, ect, are all strategies that Kakarotto has no problem with using. Becoming the strongest in the universe has been a life long goal of long as he's training and fighting, Kakarotto is at his happiest.

Kakarotto also has a more mischievous side to him. He enjoys performing pranks, much to the distress of others, and doesn't quite seem to know when enough is enough. More than a few times has someone been injured or killed, simply because Kakarotto pulled a prank that involved blasting them with a random jutsu, or pushing them off a cliff. His adopted family doesn't seem to particularly care about how life threatening his pranks can be, as long as Kakarotto didn't perform them on them, which he won't, seeing as how the last time he did it it ended with him being put in a near death state as punishment.

Kakarotto can appear very stupid at times. It's true that his main smarts lie in combat, as he isn't particularly knowledgeable with books, and is very awkward socially due to his upbringing. His view on life is often very simple-minded as a result. He believes in no god, thinking things just "happen" and that some man(or men) doing magical things in the sky just sounds silly. Grieving and the sorts aren't particularly an emotion he's aware of, as he hasn't had anyone that's close to him die.

• Motto: "I'll become the strongest under the heavens!"

• Likes: Food, Pranks, Combat, Exploration, Training

• Dislikes: Needles, Red Eyes, books without pictures, math, resting.

• Special Characteristics:

  • -

    Name: spiritual stamina
    Rank:  C
    Type: Chakra
    Requirements:: Cannot have chakra control
    Description: The user has a strange amount of chakra to their naturall stamina, able to produced more then the average nin. Gains 25 chakra stats (cannot have medical as a specialty)

    Name: Slightly Faster Than The Average Ninja
    Rank: D-C
    Type: Physical
    Description: The user is slightly faster than an average ninja of their rank. When it comes to speed within this rank this user will usually win. Anyone of higher rank can still out run them. 20 Speed stat increase.

• Rank: B
• Elements: Fuuton
• Specialty: Taijutsu
• Clan: None
• Bijuu: No

B Ranked/ Jounin: 188+20(No Clan) points
• Strength: 30
• Speed: 74+20
• Durability: 30
• Chakra: 74+25

• Village: None
• Parents: He doesn't know them.
• Siblings: None that he knows of.
• Mentor & Idols: Rice Mitarashi - Best friend, alive
• History: Abandoned in the woods by his real parents as they were poor and had no room to take care of yet another child, young Kakarotto was left to die in the cold, his destiny to seemingly become one of nature's countless casualties. That is, until, an old, retired shinobi by the name of Rice Mitarashi found him. Taking pity on the orphan, the old man took him back home, marking him as an official member of Rice's family. Thus, the young baby was saved from the clutches of the wild, and allowed to have a future that extended beyond twenty minutes.

At the age of four, Kakarotto's training in the shinobi arts began. Rice, hailing from a minor shinobi village was allowed to retire at his old age. He simply wandered around picking up students to train, and Kakarotto would become his latest one. The young boy was eager to undergo this training, often mesmerized by the "magical tricks" he saw his grandpa do, and wanting to perform them himself. He caught on faster than his grandpa expected, but still, his training was rigorous and tough, mostly simulating a harder version regular academy classes. At the age of twelve, Rice considered him fit to go out alone, feeling his training was enough to help Kakarotto survive.

So, on his own, he went out on his first journey to discover what it meant to truly be "the strongest under the heavens." To test out his strength, he started with the minor villages around him first, having friendly battles with some of the strongest shinobi they had. For awhile, with the training he'd obtained from his master, combined with the lower quality of shinobi in the minor villages, he remained undefeated, although he certainly had a few close calls. You could say that this uninhibited win streak went to his head, making him think he was far stronger than he actually was.

It wasn't until he was fourteen that he understood what it meant to undergo a crushing and total defeat. While relaxing in a calm and peaceful village, whose main form of getting money was farming, a bandit raid happened, led by a quite formidable rogue shinobi. Although the minions, who possessed no knowledge about the ninja arts were easy for Kakarotto to take out, he met his match with the leader of the group, who in a mere three hits, dispatched of him, sending him flying off a cliff down into the woods below. Unconscious, with many broken bones, it seemed like the animals of the forest would easily pick him off. But, fate didn't seem to want Kakarotto to die defenseless, as once again, someone found him in his time of need. A young girl by the name of Bluma found him in such a pitiful state, so, concerned, she took him back to his parents house, where over the course of three months he made a steady recovery, as her parents were in fact doctors.

Although he knew he was always welcome, Kakarotto was determined on killing that man who beat him so easily, wiping out the lives of hundreds of innocent people. Thus, he took his leave and went to go find his old master Rice to undergo even more training. To his relief, he happened to be living in the same spot he did two years ago. Once Rice saw the look in Kakarotto's eyes, he knew what was about to happen..and they go to work with the next level of training almost immediately. This next level of training was certainly hell on another scale, pushing Kakarotto's body and mind to its limits. That time served him well, as he was much stronger than he had been previously. Now fifteen, he prepares himself for a second journey...

• Roleplay Sample: The strongest under the heavens..a goal he'd been focused on ever since he was introduced to the world of martial arts. He had no doubt in his mind that reaching such a goal would be near impossible, but that didn't mean Kakarotto would stop, it made him even more determined to reach that place. At 4:00 in the morning, he was in the fields, practicing his Taijutsu. Each successive strike with his fists created deeper and deeper dents on to a boulder, which was his practice dummy. These same fists, with blistering speed, would be the fists that would turn any of his opponents into a pulp...especially..that one.

For the briefest of moments, his mind flashed back to a moment in his life where he'd been easily taken out. That feeling of helplessness..he'd never felt it before. Truly, that battle had been hopeless, and Kakarotto vowed to never have to feel that feeling again. Not wanting his training to be negatively effected by the reemergance of those thoughts, he placed them in the back of his mind and resumed his training. For hours, he worked on his form and the speed and strength of his techniques, taking small breaks in between. It wasn't until 8:00 AM where he felt like he was officially pooped, and it was around that time his "grandpa"(as Kakarotto liked to call him, as he was really his adoptive father) came out of the house.

"Grandpa Rice!"

Cheerfully, he ran up to the old man and gave him a tight hug. Rice was Kakarotto's best friend, caretaker, and mentor. Without him, Kakarotto wouldn't be where he was today. In fact, it would be very likely that Kakarotto would be dead.

"Not so hard boy! How many times have I told you these bones are getting frailer by the day!"

Despite his protests, he did let the hug go on for a few more seconds before he started struggling. Then, Kakarotto happily let go.

"Grandpa, I've been training since 4:00 in the morning! I think my taijutsu is gonna become the strongest ever, haha!"

"Not so fast...the road to becoming the best is long and hard. You're only can't expect to be even halfway finished with your journey."

Kakarotto nodded, having a high amount of respect for his mentor, understanding his words. He couldn't become too arrogant, or else that would become his downfall.

"You're right! Sorry.."

"It's okay're just a child, I can't expect you to know everything no matter how quickly you catch on. Now..if you excuse me, I'll go back to sleeping. I only came outside because you woke me up ya brat!"

Kakarotto gave a grin. The insult didn't phase him, as he knew his grandpa meant it in the nicest way possible. Watching his sensei amble back into his house, Kakarotto returned his focus back to some light training. One day, he would surpass his sensei...

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