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Ash Uchiha



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Ash Uchiha

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• Name:  Ash Uchiha
• Nickname / Alias: The Eternal Brother
• Title: Eternal Sanin
• Age: 22
• Gender: [♂]
• Sexuality: heterosexual

• Height: 5' 10
• Weight:175
• Body type: Lean
• Eye colour: Light Green [Due to his Mother]
• Hair colour & style:Long Black Hair
• General Appearance:

• Markings: Several Markings on His right arm.

• Persona: Ash, while only seventeen, has several ways about him that most adults or rather older people wouldn't have yet developed. He has an air about him that seems to be mostly serious while that isn't very true. His serious nature lies mostly dormant in most situations only coming out during a fight, mission, or any other situation that requires he drop the, very fake, friendly act and get down to immediate business. In times of peril or in any situation where most would show fear, anger, hesitation, or sadness Ash can and most likely will keep a very cool head to fully asses and understand what is going on. His father's first lesson of life to him was that anyone ninja or regular person that could not keep their head on their shoulders was useless to everyone around them and would only get more people than themselves hurt or killed.

This was a harsh but necesary lesson for young Ash to learn and his love for helping others also was spurred from it. Those few words from his father shaped the entirety of the male's personality and his choice in career, ie becoming a ninja and in turn one that specializes in medicine and the medical arts. When around those he considers friends Ash seems to be more easy going than not proving that his stoic face during missions can be morphed into that of a teenager who doesn't seem to have the weight of his family on his shoulders. As far as relationships go the young shinobi has never had a single girlfriend or kiss for that matter as he feared that such actions would deter him from his goals and that was unacceptable. All in all the young man is more of a normality than anyone could realize.

The truth to it all was that Ash was a down to earth kinda guy with an arrogant air that fitted most under the umbrella of Uchiha, but he was not one to be swept under the rug and laid with the rest of the people in a group. As a youth he realized that he was handsome and that didn't stop him from not taking it all to the head and becoming a monsterous asshole that most expected him to be. He was infact the exact opposite and hated fighting unless there was a real reason before him, but he couldn't help but thing as he fluttered through the pages of the book that it had some truth behind it. He was a medical pro who made choices that most wouldn't but again that was a hinderance that was taken too far by the imaginative butler. He always was one to blow things out of proporting, but that wasn't something that the young man lingered on. Like most things in this world he let it be if it wasn't of immediate importance to his mission or to him and the book of a butler that was over exaggerated wasn't.
• Motto: "The Sky will Never Fall."

• Likes:
-His Brothers
-The Village
-Being Stealthy
-Being Distant
-Being Alone

• Dislikes:
-Anyone who attacks his family
-His Father
-Being in large crowds

• Special Characteristics:

  • -Name: Slightly Faster Than The Average Ninja
    Rank: D-C
    Type: Physical
    Description: The user is slightly faster than an average ninja of their rank. When it comes to speed within this rank this user will usually win. Anyone of higher rank can still out run them. 20 Speed stat increase.

  • - Name: spiritual stamina
    Rank:  C
    Type: Chakra
    Requirements:: Cannot have chakra control
    Description: The user has a strange amount of chakra to their naturall stamina, able to produced more then the average nin. Gains 25 chakra stats (cannot have medical as a specialty)

• Rank: S Rank Sanin
• Elements: Lightning, Fire, Water Blaze.
• Specialty: Ninjutsu, Fuuinjutsu, Taijutsu
• Clan: Uchiha Clan
• Bijuu: None


S Ranked/ Sanin: 272 points

• Strength: 50
• Speed: 72
• Durability: 50
• Chakra: 100

• Village: Sukaigakure
• Parents: Ash Uchiha [Missing Father] Unknown Mother.
• Siblings: Satoru Uchiha, Ashura Akimichi, and Shinigai Uchiha [Half Brothers]
• Mentor & Idols: Father and His teachings
• History: Similar to all other ninja and in turn persons Acheron had to have been born. The joining of two chuunin, one a Hyozangakure woman and the other a Sky Uchiha, is what lead to the birth of this young man. The Woman who had already bore and lost connections with one of Ash's brothers. The first year of his life was spent under the care of both of his loving parents within the village hidden in the sky where his father was born although Ash's birth place remains a secret even to him. His first year of life, although not memorable to him due to being an infant, was quite uneventful. Everyday the same routine proved dominant over his young life. Awake, suckle his mother's bosom for sustenance, the receiving of cleaning, and of course sleep. These were the relatively good days of his life and those came to a sever end on the first anniversary of his death. The blood spilled changed everything.

The first event that proved unfortunate for the young Mr. Uchiha was the arrival of a tracker ninja. It was one sent by the Hyozangakure in an attempt to retrieve Ash's mother. Normally that wouldn't be a problem for the woman, but the fact that her guard was down and that she was looking for the young male who had waddled off in some odd direction left her abnormally open. Like many other days in Sukaigakure it was sunny, warm, vibrant, but there was some type of chill in the forest that even the most hardened of men couldn't shake. The toddler that waddled about couldn't have noticed but he was being stalked by a predator, a ninja that knew who he was and how to use him for what he wanted. A baby, what sane man would use a baby you ask? None other than Taki Shujiko, execution extrodinaire.

The lad had no chance if the man chose to attack him, but that was not his goal at all. His only task here was to ensure that the woman came back to the village hidden in the Iceberg with no problems at all. In a nut shell he was not to die and not to cause any casualties which seemed out of his area of expertise. That would not stop the greedy ninja from undertaking the mission and that he did. Now presented with the opportunity he needed after traveling for days to get to the hidden sky village without a paper trail the man was satisfied. It would seem as if the Ninja Gods were smiling down at him with the presentation of such a gift as a young child to avoid any extra work than needed. There was only one unknown variable, an x factor it seemed.

Taki had no idea who the lads father was and that in turn meant that he hadn't the slightest of ideas about the identity of the lover of the boy's mother, his target. Without that information missions such as these tended to get tricky no matter who or what was at stake whether it be a small amount or Ryo or a village's most kept secret. It was a matter of choice and since time was not on his side Taki decided that it would be best to grab the child now and that was what he attempted to do. Jumping at a sort of downward angle towards the small bundle of life there would have been the best route to take, but of course Taki chose the flashier route. In a display for figures that weren't palpable he jumped landing silently behind the child, his hands moving to grip.

The moment his feet touched the ground a tree a few meters behind him rustled just a little bit and out from a limb shot a wooden spike that pierced through the man that tried to capture the young boy. Had he then the wits about him that he has not the young Uchiha would have realized it a clone from the lack of blood and surpluses of white smoke. The fact of the matter was that these things were all irrelevant to him as his full attention was already given to a small butterfly fluttering past him, it's wings nearly glowing in the sunlight. Taki, the real taki, was studying from a nearby branch for the source of the spike that impaled his shadow clone. The mere thought was appalling to him, but he cast his rage aside momentarily to search for the cause of his newfound head pains.

He hated these headaches, but they would plague him no longer as the man that Ash had known as his papa beheaded the hunter ninja. The boy was too open here and his father knew it so that day he and the boy's mother came to an agreement to allow him to live and be raised under his grandfather under the alias of a son. The years past and the young Uchiha remained duly ignorant of the deception that was cast over his life. It was a bit off to him that his father had white hairs while the fathers of the other children sported vigor and vitality, but things like questioning were beyond the young man. The joy of his enrollment in the hidden Iceberg's academy was soon overshadowed by the sheer delight that his "parents" felt about his becoming a genin and choice to follow in his "father" and late "older brother's" footsteps in becoming a medical ninja. A year later and many mental scars later he became a chuunin and from there his story continues, but that is where my knowledge of the young Uchiha and his past comes to an end. After Meeting up with his mother once again as well as his many brothers they would all move to the Village in the sky to start A new. He is now the age of twenty-one and flourishing in the Sky village.

Yawning the young shinobi grabbed the hilt of his blade bringing it back into it's place at his waist and in it's sheath, swinging it in the midst of said action to free the blood of the elderly butler from it. The young mister Uchiha as he had liked to call him had now caused an end to the older male's life and with that a solid and swift end to the bullshit that he was writing in that book of his. To dare say that Ash was a part of the Uchiha clan was preposterous. He was what most liked to refer to as an Akimichi when in all honesty he was neither of the bickering and rivalsome clans. He was an Uchiha blessed with the gift of the sharingan from the sage of six paths. The other titles meant nothing to the young shinobi. He was raised a Uchiha and a medic who also specialized in taijutsu and that was that. His sword skills were above average and his killing of the man that he had met only once prior to his slaying had awoken Ash's Mangekyou sharingan. He settled into a warm position as the sannin of Sukai and it is there where he met the woman. The blonde woman.

• Roleplay Sample: Ash watched the bugs lively explode about around him and chuckled a bit at the sight of it. Maybe it was a display of power for the young girl, or simply some level of sadistic fun. Either way Ash didn't quite care too much about the display it's self but the message it sent. Looking over to the genin he opened his mouth to speak to her, yet the words came out very slowly and powerfully. "I am Ash, Sannin of this cold and callus village. How are you young lady?" He didn't know her age and only went by her stature and size. Even her voice spoke leauges about her age, but that was also something else to get into at another time. Next to approach was a woman cloaked head to toe, wearing a mask. The black spandex of her pants and boots were one thing that gave an inkling, but another was the fact that she held that sword at her waist amazed him. He knew instantly as the cape was thrown off, even before the mask was lost he knew that it had to be her. Once her eyes were made visible, the tiny glint in the blue hues made him shiver just a bit. Hearing her peircing words and seeing her eyes and facial features soften at him made the slight frown on his face at the chuunin turn into a slight smirk. Motioning her to follow him he dropped a bomb and leaned in to whisper into her ear, "Follow me and I will explain everything." He left a clone of himself made of pure raiton chakra that seemed as if it were just him there minus the woman. Looking back at the small girl the clone spoke, "Gonna respond short stack?" The woman had explosive bees but that didn't matter. The chuunin had come out to tend to the genin and such as to now they were nearly done clearing the area of unconcscious bodies. The real Ash was leaping from rooftop to rooftop towards the top of the Kage's mansion where he and the beautiful blonde usually spoke.
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