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Roxas's Tomoe Training{training}


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Roxas's Tomoe Training{training}

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Roxas walked slowly through the Heiwa Islands, his feet stepped in the deep sand, he was six teen, homeless, and tired as he managed to get to a stone wall, with a loud thud Roxas’s back slammed against the stone wall, not loud enough for anyone to hear however more of a close range thud, Roxas gulped hard as he looked at his hands remembering the incident leading up to this is was upsetting, to say the least.Roxas began to remember himself from a younger stage in life, he was six roughly, Roxas had memory problems probably from the mass beatings he received from his mother causing him plausible memory loss if not brain damage yet still he remembered every event from that day.

It was early morning, him and his mother were at the park, Roxas was a young boy wearing a strip tee shirt and jeans to cover him, it was warm, the sun beams smashed against the skin like a beam of light was directing at him as he remembered looking at his mother Roxas drifted into a daze remembering the incident so clearly, his mother slapped him hard enough to be heard around the park the other mothers saw and were in horror as Roxas’s face was red, it was the worst slap she had given him in a while.Roxas wasn’t sure what he was supposed to do as the people watched him what was he to do?Was he to let her keep doing this to him as he cocked back his head and starred at his mother with fury in his eyes.
Roxas’s face looked darker than ever as though he truly wanted to hurt his mother as Kashen’s teeth would grin he knew that at this moment his mother was stronger than him, this was definitely his lowest point as she grinned moving his snake like head to his ear “When we get to the house, I’m going to show you what real pain feels like” Roxas’s mother said with a sickening voice, Roxas’s ego began to dwindle it was sickening to think that a mother would do this but she was in all of her insanity a whack job. Roxas’s teeth began to grin again as she pulled Roxas into a loving embrace to try and put on a show for the other mothers. Unfortunately being a single mother had its perks as they all began to say ‘awwwh’ which simply enraged Roxas even more as they were cheering on a psychotic woman because she could act like nobody else in this entire village.

Roxas was upset as the sun began to set, he knew his mother well enough to understand that she wasn’t joking about the punishment as he felt tears swelter to his eyes every second that the sun would fall as Roxas heard a familiar voice “AUNT AND ROXAS!” and within a second Roxas was hugged by a boy with deep black hair, eyes lighter than any normal Hazel Roxas grinned as he remembered it was simply Kashen his older cousin who knew all too well how evil his aunt was.Kashen was the only ninja in Joki ga kure who understood what was happening to him, it was insane to think that the Jokikage would do nothing as Kashen began to speak. “Aunty Elisa can I come over and spend the night with Roxas tonight I really miss him.” Kashen said very convincingly however Elisa grinned “So Kashen when are they shipping you off?” She would say grabbing Roxas’s hand roughly and dragging him home leaving Kashen alone with a saddened look on his face.

Roxas was thrown back into reality with a gasp “Th..TH…That was…” Roxas said as tears sweltered in his eye sockets and his teeth began to grin as the memories began to bring him back to a house more round a dinner table with only Roxas and his mom, Roxas was the same age as last he saw himself the ripe age of six roughly twenty minutes after they had seen Kashen.

Roxas’s mom smirked “So when are you gonna ask?” She said with a dark tone, she knew what Roxas wanted to know and she was willing to tell him every detail he didn’t want to hear as Kashen gulped “Where is Kashen going…” The bond between Kashen and Roxas was very close he was only allowed out of his academy every so often as Roxas’s mother smiled “Kashen has been put to a life sentence for the death of his mother” Elisa said lying to Roxas as Roxas’s emotions exploded out in more ways than could be explained as he flipped a table onto his mother as began to stand his eyes began to change to the first tomoe of the well known sharingan, shock was on Elisa’s face as she smirked “So looks like you inherited your fathers Kekkei Genkei…I think it’s time for you to actually learn to harness that power, as for Kashen I’m afraid it’s out of my control what the Jokikage wants to do to him, so what you might want to do is join a emo party and cut yourself until you die” Elisa said coldly as she began to pack her pipe with poppy “Leave my house now child, and if you come back before I want you to, then you’ll have to be put in the cage” Elisa said coldly.

Roxas kicked his door open and began to run to the academy where Kashen was known to be enrolled tears filled Roxas’s eyes as his stamina began to fade and he managed to get to the park going to the park’s slide curling up and falling asleep.

Roxas awoke from his daze holding the right side of his face breathing heavily “Kashen…I miss you…” Roxas said as tears streamed down his cheeks crashing to the ground below as he thought of his dearly beloved cousin, he knew eventually he would see his cousin once again hopefully.

Tomoe Two:

Roxas struggled to get to bed that night thoughts of his child hood haunted Roxas as he thought about Kashen, Kashen was only six when Roxas had last seen him the painful memories he had, Roxas had been on the run for years, he had never actually taken the time to think about everything he left behind, a shattered family grieving?Roxas shook his head “They…They…They never loved Kashen…They never loved me…and the only person I have…Is Kashen…my dearly beloved cousin…” Roxas admitted sitting on his bed thinking “I just…Don’t have enough power to beat the new kage…I need more…I have to go back…To where it started and ended…” Roxas mutter to himself with a sad sigh as he laid down “Alright brain do your thing” Roxas said as he felt the bed fall from beneath him as he was surrounded by water…Was it a sea?A pond?Maybe even a stream?It didn’t matter Roxas couldn’t swim up, he didn’t have the power he needed as he drifted ever so slowly down.

Roxas’s back slowly pressed against a hard surface as he finally stopped drifting down Roxas was breathing easily as the water around Roxas began to glow as Roxas looked down he saw him and his mom, Roxas had stormed out as he remembered him running to Kashen “It’s hopeless…” Roxas said as his body shifted he stood “It’s useless…” Roxas said as he began to walk to a door “You’ll never amount to anything” voices were speaking from all around him Roxas kept moving as the water weighed him down Roxas’s lips began to move “I don’t care what I may be, If I’m a heartless human being, if I’m nothing more than garbage, that doesn’t mean my cousin is, and this isn’t just for me this is for everyone I care about” Roxas said as his hand turned the door knob the waves went away when Roxas came through he was now on the great geyser it was him and Kashen they were around fourteen, Roxas was confused because he was on the run back at this time as he remembered he once snuck in to see Kashen as he watched the outcome of the two.

The first of the two boys to speak was Roxas “I can’t do this often…But I missed you…I’m not strong enough” Roxas said with tears streaming down his face.Kashen smiled as he patted Roxas on the back “Roxas, at one moment in your life you’re going to realize that not everything can be solved by using your sharingan, you have to understand that with that said…You need to be careful.” Kashen said worried for his cousin as any good cousin would.Roxas frowned “But Kashen I’m a lot stronger I promise you I can protect you PLEASE COME WITH ME AWAY FROM THIS DREADFUL PLAY” Roxas said tears streaming down his face, Kashen’s smile didn’t change as he whipped away Roxas’s tears “Roxas what’s wrong?” Kashen asked his smile was locked on his face as Roxas spoke it seemed heart breaking his sharingan activated “Kashen, I don’t want to lose you” Roxas admitted taking breaths between as Kashen’s smile faltered “Roxas, so long as my cousin is alive I will remain alive and breathing, Roxas, if every your sharingan can’t protect you, understand that I will be right there to protect you from whatever comes our way no matter what it may be” Kashen said with his cocky tone as Roxas’s vision of the two faded.

Roxas’s teeth clenched tight as tears streamed down and the floor beneath him began to fall through again dropping Roxas seemingly forever Roxas’s face remained as un moved as stone, his thoughts kept going as he though “my Sharingan…With one tomoe” Roxas began to speak his mind running quicker than his mouth one million thoughts second was going through Roxas’s head as he returned to his bed thinking putting his hand up examining it “If I could make my eye stronger…Then I’d be able to protect everyone I know and care about…This first tomoe won’t cut it I need the second one, I need to become stronger and to beat everyone who is in my way of my family and friends no matter whom it may be I will be the strongest Ninja…” Roxas exclaimed in his bed quietly not wanting to upset anyone it wasn’t often that at this time of night he wasn’t out scouting around for enemy ninja or such, Roxas was always paranoid that the steam ninja were coming for him however half the time the whole idea of being scared made Roxas laugh.
Roxas smiled as he got up walking to the bathroom to the mirror to inspect a nice new eye, it was pure red with three dots of black, two tomoes and a pupil in both of Roxa’s eyes his grin shown clearly as his excited mood filled the entire bathroom “So this is the power of the uchiha clan huh?Mom was right…unfortunately” Roxas said with a frown walking back to his bed turning his kekkei genkei off his mother had taught him the secrets on how to do that, and now it was as simple as eating or breathing.Roxas had no idea how his mother knew of how to turn off a Kekkei Genkei but Roxas didn’t care because it was the only good thing the woman had ever done for him aside from giving birth to him.Roxas sighed as thinking about her always put a damper on his mood he didn’t like talking, or thinking about her as he covered himself in blankets “The third tomoe is one of the most powerful I can’t wait to try and get it” Roxas said with a grin as he pulled his covers over his face and looked through thinking to himself “If I ride myself of my hate and darkness…Then I’ll just be getting ride of a part of me” Roxas said with a smile “I’ll keep everything…The good and the bad” Roxas said before falling asleep.WC:1007

Third Tomoe:

Roxas sighed as he awoke in his bed eye crusted from the sand falling into them while he slept not getting through his eye lids however as he rubbed then the sand fell out with a moan from Kashen as he began to get out of bed his eyes flickered to their red state two tomoe Roxas grinned as he began his daily routine brushing his teeth and taking a morning show before he sat back on his bed with a sigh although he knew he couldn’t see Kashen it still upset Roxas as all he had done was protect himself as he thought of the day he was called a traitor and murder.

It was a dark day, it was raining in Joki ga Kure, the heat should have evaporated the rain but it didn’t as Roxas received a mission with him and his ninja brethren along with a shady looking squad captain went to a local poppy market, Roxas wasn’t supposed to speak a word of it to anyone, the pay out was ten thousand ryo, enough to split between all of them.The trade turned as the man who was delivering the shipment recognized Roxas and stepped out his long white cloak and bright blond hair as he walked over, Roxas was roughly ten at the time a ninja pure to the bone as the man would smile bend down and speak to Roxas as if on equal level “How are you Roxas” he would say with a hint of cherry on his breath as the squad leader would smirk and reply for Roxas “His name is Roxas, he is a chuunin assigned to me, please do not speak to him” the leader said with a rude tone in his voice as the man who was talking to Roxas stood a smile stayed on his face as his own father looked at the squad leader “I was talking to my son you aragont trash” Roxas would see the man’s eyes turn red with 3 tomoes in it as the two genin assigned to the squad would fall screaming in pain and the squad leader would throw a kunai luckily hitting Roxas’s father in the stomach promptly making the man fall to his knees blood coming out of his mouth as he spoke “Roxas…kill this guy…and Tell your mother…I miss her very much…” the man said as he fell to the ground Roxas pulled the kunai from his stomach and looked at the smiling squad leader as he walked toward Roxas, Roxas looked over to see blood coming out of his allies back as the man looked greedily walking towards Roxas.

Roxas grinned as the man stepped ever so close Roxas stuck the kunai threw the man’s throat and pulling it out covered Roxas in the man’s blood as he began a long twenty mile walk home, after getting home Roxas saw his mother waiting calmly as she spoke “Anbu ninja were just here…they want answers Roxas…You father and your entire squad are dead WHY COULDN’T YOU HAVE DIED INSTEAD OF HIM!” she screamed smashing the table, Roxas shook it off his mother was always mad about something Roxas placed the kunai on the table and looked at his mother “I avenged my father and comrades with this blade…It was a quick death, I will not sully anyone’s name…However I want you to understand mother, that you no longer have control over the darkness in my heart…” Roxas said leaving the blade and retiring to his bedroom laying down for a hour or two until awakening to a scream.Roxas as quick as a rocket shot up and down the stairs to his mother sitting there a note with a picture on it, on the note it was written
‘Dearest Roxas,
I wish to apologize, I’ve been a terrible mother to you for so long…For this I can never apologize enough, I want you to understand everything I did was for the best, your life is precious my child please go now, the anbu will take you and you are not to be taken easily, So I Elisa Heart do admit to killing myself in cold blood and have done so of my free will.’

after reading Roxas looked at his mother’s stomach there lodged deep within her skin and her flesh was the tip of the kunai the hilt poked out and Roxas had no idea of what to do as he backed away with the picture and the note looking at the picture he saw himself and Kashen a picture his mother took as Roxas’s eyes began to change once more to three tomoes tears streamed down his eyes as Roxas found that now he had both lost his mother and father in the same day, Roxas was upset as he left, Roxas left Joki ga kure completely knowing the risks he escaped at night to avoid death by the ninja, the anbu were most likely looking at the death of his father and comrades, Roxas’s mother was dead and the only family Roxas remembered was Kashen as he left steam to the distant Islands Roxas shook his head.

“So all this time…I never killed them” Roxas said pulling a note from his pocket “I wonder how…Kashen is doing in that horrible place…” Roxas said coldly wanting ever so much just to see his cousin again however remembering that he couldn’t due to the fact he was a rouge from the village Kashen was known to be in it upset Roxas as he sat on his bed thinking “If the shadows take my soul, I’ll still be me because I accept the darkness as part of myself and part of my life, I will never understand this world…” Roxas admitted with a smirk as he went to the bathroom examining his eyes once more “Yep legendary third tomoe in two days wow I’m a uchiha mongrel for sure now” Roxas admitted with less shame than expected more or less a smile as he thought deeply to himself.
(Flashback ends)

Training with the Eyes of the uchiha wasn't a simple task for you Roxas, he was pushed through limits him himself didn't even know he could reach, his body was quicker than it once was, Roxas wasn't complaining as his day for training in the islands came.It was odd to say at the most having to train with a few villagers who had gotten to know Roxas rather well Roxas didn't care about them as it was 3 vs Roxas he activated his eyes it was easy to see the villagers, Roxas with his mighty eyes blinking his grin planted deep in his lips, he only activated his second tomoe out to avoid the villagers from going all out it wasn’t the best choice to show the villagers that type of powers as the eyes of the uchiha around the land are well known to be used for darkness Roxas wasn’t like that it was simply for him to manipulate people’s minds with genjutsu however Roxas wasn’t really one to mess with people’s minds given the amount of pain and stress he had endured before as he sighed as the three men began.

The first boy swung high for Roxas’s head he grinned as Roxas ducked giving the boy three medium jabs dropping him gasping for air the next came with a swift back kick that of which he had never seen before Roxas was forced to back up two steps as the third jumped over the second and was attempting to somewhat punch him from the sky.Roxas grinned side stepping the punch and delivering a quick blow to his stomach at bout seventy five percent of his strength.Roxas was starting to get fired up as the second boy through another high punch Roxas wanted to test his sharingan as he realized his best bet would be this boy in front of him as he hooked his hand from below grabbing the boys jaw moving the boys face towards his own.The boy’s mouth would be open as Roxas would look into his eyes his own eyes growing a tomoe the boy seemed hypnotized by Roxas’s eyes. Roxas wasn’t sure what to do with the body as he let him go the boy fell to the ground leaving Roxas with a sigh “No real match today I guess” Roxas said as a man walked close he was more well worked out than anyone Roxas had seen as he approached Roxas.

Roxas grinned “So would you like to spar and prove yourself as a stronger ninja than me?” Roxas questioned pointing at the boys he had left, his Sharingan only on the first tomoe trying to equalize all the experience he would gain from the spar, before the man replied he swung his hand outward Roxas was able to block being sent back 3 feet his body ached from the blow as it seemed to vibrate his body more his bones than anything else it was odd Roxas stood in a position as the man dropped his coat “How long have you been fighting child” the man said coldly wrapping his hands up with wrapping Roxas grinned “Roughly six years, and the name’s not Kid it’s Kashen, Kashen Heart thank you very much” Roxas said readying himself more than before the man looked at Roxas “Names don’t matter in battle, all that matters is-“ the man said as in a second he was at Roxas Right hooking Roxas’s stomach a grin sat on his face “All that matters is living, I’ve lived for so long, my name is Bolos” the man said with a grin gripping Roxas’s hair and pulling him up to his height which was roughly around six foot three, Roxas was held by the hair in one hair as the man smiled “Do you know what it takes to be strong child, the cold heart you need to have, you have to give up everything to become the strongest” the man said with a chuckle as Roxas went limp as his lips began to move.

“You speak of power…The type gained from isolation from the people you cared or once cared about, the power you are speaking of is a dark evil power, the type that causes crisis around the world and causes the suffering….” Roxas said catching his breath looking at the man with no Kekkei Genkei activated the hair ripping out of his skull was painful but as a higher ranked ninja Roxas had learned to take pain well enough.Roxas would speak again “The type of power you have is for bullies and mongrels now Bolos, FEEL WHAT TRUE POWER” Roxas would say looking the man in the eye his third tomoe appearing to look the man dead center in the eyes, his grip loosened and caused him to lose all control of his body it was honestly messed up as Roxas chuckled “Alright Sharingan, most powerful tool I got, understood I guess, but yaknow I still think I would have been able to take him even without this little eye trick” Roxas said as a voice from one of the three boys came “No he would have murdered you like a kage murders a missing ninja Roxas” the boy was a little too truthful to Roxas as it harshed his mellow and made him sigh “YEAH WELL YOU GOT KNOCKED OUT WITH ONE PUNCH SO SHUT IT” Roxas said with a grin “Also boy number two is in a genjutsu wake him up because I sure as hell am not going to be doing that.” Roxas said as he began to walk.
(Small time skip 3 hours later)
Walking was harder with this power, Roxas was barely able to get around the city with all the people as he walked through his Sharingan was concealed as he got to the front it was a execution, the man Bolos was up at the chopping block, it had been only a few hours since Roxas had single handedly beaten Bolos and stopped his psychotic theory about hate ruling his heart, it was nonsense honestly if hate were to rule a person’s heart they’d never be good for anything but murdering and killing, Roxas couldn’t really complain his mother was addicted to Poppy until the day she died and Roxas’s father was the man getting all the poppy into the village however the man at the chopping block began to speak
“B- Bo Bolis?” the man said as Roxas sighed Bolos had his mouth gagged and couldn’t speak so Roxas stepped up “His name is Bolos he’s pretty strong” Roxas yelled from the front of the crowd with a chuckle from the governor “Well for someone strong he didn’t put up much of a fight poor lug wouldn’t even move we had to carry him here from the beach you know how that goes Ha Ha Ha” Roxas sighed “Yes I do know how that goes bec-“ Roxas stopped remembering the fact his was supposed to stay low as he listened “Bolos has been sentenced to death due to previous murders, theft, arson, and abandoning his village” Roxas sighed at this it was always the same no ninja was allowed to leave the village without fear that his kage was going to track him down and murder him.Roxas sighed as the axe cut off Bolos’s head and after the math Roxas checked the man’s pocket to find a invitation to a ball, Roxas wasn’t sure but decided he wanted to go due to the fact it was for that night.

Roxas went to the party, it was filled with powerful people, Roxas every so often would use his Sharingan to view the people’s chakra signals, although not powerful Roxas could determine who the strongest and weakest at the ball were, Roxas wasn’t the weakest but wasn’t the strongest as there was a ninja who seemed like he could take on an entire army himself.Roxas quickly left the party with a grin on his face he knew it was time to leave this place.Roxas made it home, he liked his islands as he laid of his bed beat after using his Sharingan so much with no problems whatsoever Roxas however was scared due to the fact ninja would try and steal his Kekkei Genkei as he smiled “naaaah with these eyes, I will protect the people I care most about, no matter what the cost I wont let anyone I love get hurt again I swear upon my life as a ninja I will try to keep everyone I know and I love alive atleast until I am no longer around” Roxas said aloud a smile planted on his face he had the power to smile now, he realized his Sharingan’s power and knew that in the end the power might consume him but he knew that if the power consumed him Kashen would be the one to save him from the darkness inside of his heart.

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