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Becoming a Bijuu master (P/NK)


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Becoming a Bijuu master (P/NK)

Post by Kay on Tue Dec 29, 2015 8:15 pm

Continuing from:

Kashen would grin as they would come to a large area, it was a cave with a crystal roof, it was strong enough for two bijuu to fight at full power, the area in which they could move was 30 meters in all directions it was a nice little place that Stein had found and so respectfully shown Kashen and Shinichi where ever he was Kashen would smile.

"So Saya, you know I picked up something before we left?" Kashen would say showing her his new sword it's black blade shown clear and the eye inside was looking ever so evil as the crystals on the roof provided as much light as was needed to see the blade in all of it's dark glory Kashen liked it due to the fact it made him remember something from long ago that he dare not tell Saya.

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