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Jin shall meet (Steam Jinchuuriki only/NK)


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Jin shall meet (Steam Jinchuuriki only/NK)

Post by Kay on Mon Dec 28, 2015 12:02 pm

Kashen walked around the street his bijuu inside his head explaining his failure in battle again his new rival Saya, it was odd enough that Kashen would lose, but the fact he lost to another jinchuuriki must have upset his own Bijuu it was odd, Kyrax began to speak "Off time is for ninja who can actually beat other ninja" Kyrax would say coldly, it was odd as Kashen kept walking it was odd to have Kyrax in his ear all the time, it reminded him of Shinichi as Shinichi was the first ever ninja to ever witness Kashen's rage like it was it was the only time he wasn't in control of his bijuu as Kashen kept walking thinking as he mutter slowly.

"It's not my fault she was stronger..." Kashen would say as a strong wind would make him turn right, it had been roughly ten minutes of walking as Kashen sighed walking left and going down a while his thoughts racing through his head as he came upon a park with just a set of three swings as Kashen walked to one of them sitting on the swing as he looked into the sky "I need to be happy" Kashen would mutter as a swift sweet wind would sweep through the play ground his athletic body was at work keeping him from moving.

His head would lower no longer looking towards the sky as he looked down his eyes would meet the entrance of the park hopefully to see something new, something less strange, something....Normal or normal for the village hidden in the steam.

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