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Shinsui Mane [FINISHED]


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Shinsui Mane [FINISHED]

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• Name: Shinsui Mane
• Nickname / Alias: Shin
• Title: The Warlock
• Age: 23 Years.
• Gender: Male
• Sexuality: Homosexual

• Height: 5"9
• Weight: 122 lbs
• Body type: Slim
• Eye colour: Green
• Hair colour & style: Half-flat like hair which spike to the sides, his fringe goes down to meet his eyes though the sides of his fringe pass his eyes down to his cheekbones. He has two ponytails on the sides of his head which go down past his shoulders reaching his chest, usually laying in front of his chest instead of being placed behind him.
• General Appearance:
• Markings: N/A

• Persona:
Laxed: Shinsui gives off the appearance of being never-endingly laxed. His body language always relaxed and comfortable as it gives him comfort to make himself home wherever he is. This can lead to him being out of place a lot of times as he takes himself to be above most when it comes to prowess. His relaxed state of mind and ever-present smile on his face transfers over to a sub-part of his personality which relates with his laxed part; Shinsui tends to be playful, a fun loving person who cares for his village and the state of the village itself. Those within the village are viewed as friends, and those who betray his village immediately become enemies. Those who pose a threat to the village, whether it be an immediate threat or a threat which lays sleeping awaiting its day to ruin the village, must be dealt with as any traitor would be dealt with. This playful part of his personality allows him to be viewed upon as a bit childish, immature or maybe even blind to the horrid truths this world holds, though is a false judgment of a sick man as his playful, cheery attitude relates with him being mentally ill. This laxed part of his personality or persona is due to him hardly ever finding a worthy opponent and thus unwisely judges those of lower ranking to be of lower ability compared to himself.

Piquing Interest: When Shinsui encounters a foe who shows to have potential within them, his interest is immediately piqued. He'll show his excitement for whatever has piqued his interest and try to further gain information on the person of interest and try to draw out whatever potential they have within them. This is probably due to him believing that there are only a short people left in the world with the potential to cut his own life short, and if they possess enough potential within them to do so he'll immediately resort to other methods in order to end the threat. This can be avoided though, if Shinsui finds a better use for him to control the person of interest for his own gain he won't hesitate to do so, however if it is apparent that there is no hope of gaining control over them through manipulation then the threat will be ended accordingly.

Respect the arts: Shinsui likes to believe that through the respect he gives the ninja arts, such as Ninjutsu, Taijutsu, Genjutsu, Fuinjutsu, Medical Ninjutsu, Bukijutsu, Kenjutsu and Puppetry, amongst others, he was able to gain mastery over the arts he has. It was through his hard work and effort that he learned to respect these arts as he uses them in battle. Though this respect transfers over to his usage of the arts in battle, as he hardly misuses the arts for his own gain, but instead uses them for the betterment of the world itself, more importantly the betterment of his own village. In truth this is a result of his mental illness, brought upon him by genjutsu as he has constantly used genjutsu on himself in order to train or master new genjutsu. As a child it started off with small genjutsu, however as he grew older and mastered genjutsu itself he has reverted to larger genjutsu which took a toll on his mind, causing mental blocks which tend to open up when he's torturing and interrogating opponents/enemies/traitors. When these blocks open during torture and interrogation, Shinsui seemingly becomes sadistic as he enjoys watching his enemies in as much pain as he can put them.

Unrecognized Issues: Even though Shinsui gives off the appearance of a playful, nonchalant and relaxed shinobi, it is not the true extent of his personality. He unknowingly has personal issues within himself which relates to his mental illness and uses this positive attitude of him to mask the true horrors that reside within him due to the work he has done within the shinobi world and for the village. These suppressed issues come with some problems which result in him being an insomniac, the murders he has committed and continue to commit are immediately pressed to the side and brushed off as if they were nothing major, but in fact when he sleeps these issues arise and result in major nightmares that continue to haunt him each time he sleeps. He unknowingly remembers each and every person he has murdered, even though he even believes himself to not care about them and view them as a part of life itself and believes to have come to accept this part of life, when in fact he has not. These issues become apparent the moment realizes an opponent has the real possibility of defeating him in battle, when fear sets in. When this happens he will kill without hesitation, even go as far as to loose himself in the lust of battle and disrespect the arts by abusing them in order to ensure his own safety and survival; a safety mechanism created by his mind to protect the young and cheerful Shinsui from himself. When his mental blocks decide to open up, the truly sick part of Shinsui will arise as the memories flood in.
• Motto: What is life if not an evergreen playground.
• Likes:
The Ninja Arts.
His Staff.
The Village he resides in as well as their shinobi and civilians.
The feeling of being happy.
Finding someone who has great potential.
Helping such person grow their potential.
• Dislikes:
When someone disrespects the Ninja Arts.
If his staff is stolen or broken.
Being Unhappy.
Finding someone who has too much potential, maybe even enough to kill him.
Being called childish.

• Special Characteristics:

  • Name: Slightly Faster Than The Average Ninja
    Rank: D-C
    Type: Physical
    Description: The user is slightly faster than an average ninja of their rank. When it comes to speed within this rank this user will usually win. Anyone of higher rank can still out run them. 20 Speed stat increase.
  • Name:  Improved hand control
    Rank: D-C
    Type: Physical
    Description: The user has decent control of their hands and chakra molding, as such they can cast jutsu faster than the average ninja. (Must have Ninjutsu or Genjutsu as a specialty) The beginner of learning the handseals. There might be some forgetfulness with this but repetition is a way of mastery of this special characteristic. 15 State point increase.

• Rank: Sannin
• Elements: Water - Earth - Wind.
• Specialty: Ninjutsu - Genjutsu - Taijutsu.
• Clan: N/A
• Bijuu: N/A
Stats: 272 for Sannin, +20 no clan.
• Strength: 30
• Speed: 130 [+20 From "Faster than your average ninja"] = 150
• Durability: 30
• Chakra: 102 [+10 from Christmas Gift] = 112

• Village: Joki
• Parents:
Father: Shinji Mane
Mother: Deceased
• Siblings:
Unknown, assumed N/A
• Mentor & Idols:
Mentor: Shinji Mane
Idols: N/A
• History:
"Pre-Birth:" His parents were two average Jounin who have lived inside the Steam village all their life, loyal to the end, just as their parents before them and their parents before them. His mother, noted for her luscious green hair, whilst his father was noted for his rather odd studies whenever he had the chance during his last few years alive. These studies included a rather odd usage of chakra and a weapon, though he did not refer to it as Kenjutsu nor Ninjutsu, rather during its beta stages he'd refer to it as most other shinobi did; the study of Magic. Though it was not magic, rather the usage of a staff to manipulate chakra and activate various techniques from various styles such as Ninjutsu and Genjutsu. If anything, it was just for show, the conjuration of a man gone mad.

For years he's practiced this style of fighting whilst Shinsui's mother grew further apart from him the more he got lost in the idea of Magic. It was in fact a mental illness, caused by the stress brought upon him as a Jounin of the hidden Steam village. His father before him, Shinsui's grandfather, had died due to mental illness, which worried Shinsui's mother, causing her to loose any hope of wanting children with Shinsui's father. Eventually she left him. It wasn't long before she discovered that she had fallen pregnant, the child of course belonging to the man she had left due to them drifting apart as his mental illness took over with each passing day, as well as the fear of her own child suffering the same fate as he and his father has. Eventually she came to accept the fact that she would be giving birth, the child possibly suffering the same fate as her husband. Months later the child was born, a healthy young boy physically though mentally it was understandably too early to tell.

"The realization:" As a child he was well taken care of by his mother, the fear of loosing her child to the same fate she lost her husband causing her to take precautions, though she remained a loyal shinobi to the Steam village and wouldn't deny them another shinobi, so she taught him the very basics of Ninjutsu and Genjutsu as a young child before he was enrolled into the academy. With the discovery of Genjutsu came the realization that something was indeed wrong with Shinsui. The young boy, age 7, would practice genjutsu on small animals as he played with their minds. It was simple things at that time, causing them to loose a sense of direction through the Sly Mind Effect technique. He played with the animals, however found it funny as they walked into objects, sometimes even laughed as the small cats would fall out of trees and break their necks. The fear had set in, it was much worse than his father's illness, a sick sense of humor was apparent. His mother had told him not to do this anymore in hopes of stopping the illness, though it only worsened it as Shinsui reverted to using the Genjutsu on himself in order to better his skills with the art. At first it had no repercussions, though after he had finished the year in the academy and was promoted to Genin he had started showing signs of forgetfulness. The horrors would soon set in as his mother would be the first human he had killed; She raged at him, banned him from using Genjutsu any further, though his love of the art had driven him to deny her wishes which resulted in an argument. It was then that the young boy snapped, his mother no longer possessing the skill she had years ago as stress had taken its toll on her combined with her retiring after having raised Shinsui as a single mother. The poor woman was defenseless, her body ravaged by stress through the years as it grew fragile, her mind no longer able to function as it normally would, though that was not the true reason of her being killed by Shinsui. She loved her child, and couldn't bare harming him, so instead she accepted her fate as she laid on the floor in a pool of her own blood with tears running down her face as she listened to the giggles of Shinsui.

"The Change:" After his mother's death, Shinsui's father would resurface into his life. With the news of his mother being killed and the boy being placed into the system as an orphan, his father reached out and took him in. The child was still unaware of the reasons his mother had left his father. Through the last few years after Shinsui's mother had left his father, the man started to regain some self-control, taking on his illness and pushing it to the side as much as he could. His studies were put on hold during these years alone as he tried to regain sanity, however some good did come from them. His father realized what had happened and what caused him to kill his mother with no remorse, and used the same method on Shinsui as he did on himself in order to regain his sanity. Through the usage of a combination of avery strong Genjutsu known as Mental Blocks, and a Fuinjutsu known as Transcription Seal, these horrid memories and sensations were blocked away. The transcription seal was integrated into the jutsu as a safety mechanism to protect Shinsui, allowing these memories to flood back and take over whenever Shinsui is in a life-threatening situation. A slight opening between the transcription seal and the genjutsu was left behind, allowing him to slowly learn himself how to handle the illness at his own pace.

Shinsui underwent an immediate change which was quite clear to his father, going from an animal killing, mother-murdering child, to a cheerful boy who seemed to have no care in the world. A smile covered his face each and every day, however the trace of his illness lingered behind the smile and was shown through a small bit of his actions. As a chuunin, his first organized murder conducted by the village against a young traitor allowed him to break the seal for the first time. His father accompanied him on this mission. During the painful hours of the seal opening the blocks, Shinsui brutally beat the traitor, ripped into his flesh with shuriken and kunai along with various other torture-methods. It became apparent that the seal had released the blocks that day, though once the opponent was killed he underwent an immediate switch in personality once more. The smile covered his face again as if innocent whilst blood dripped from his hands, clothes and face. That night Shinsui had suffered from his first major nightmare involving the memories of what he had done, which gave the impression that the blocks put in place simply could not hold everything back during the mind's most active state; whilst he was sleeping. The following weeks another mission arises for the young chuunin which involved another series of murders in order to hold the territory the Steam village had at that time. The results were the same as before, brutal torture and death, followed by the haunting memories in his sleep.

"Harnessing The Arts:" He became an insomniac a few weeks after that, gaining hardly any sleep as the memories haunted him each and every night, however his positive attitude didn't allow the boy to get beaten down by the change in his life. Instead he looked for a solution to keep him busy at night, which his father was more than eager to supply. They hit the books, the very books he had buried in the past after Shinsui's mother had left him. It was then that the now Special Jounin ranked Shinsui had received his father's staff, used for the activation of various jutsu in various arts. (I'll buy this staff and make it after the app, though it's mainly for show and theme-based). The young teen had practiced for months at night whilst he underwent missions during the day. Both his and his father's mental blocks remained intact during the entire process, suppression their illness as the books called out for their horrid needs to arise. It wasn't long before Shinsui had reached the rank of Jounin at the age of 17, where he had served for a few more years as a shinobi of the hidden steam village. During these years he had committed more and more murders and grew to think highly of himself and his ways, though he still realizes that there exists threats out there that could end lethally for him and has kept the respect for his Kage and fellow Jounin. Eventually he had gained the title of Sannin where his cockiness had grown even more as well as the death-toll behind his name. He slowly regains memories of what he's done, though only to the extent of the end-results such as the deaths of those he caused however not the exact details of what he's done to them.
• Roleplay Sample:

"Emi my dear, we have company. About two hundred and thirty three meters ahead of us, to be precise. Three of them, though one seems to possess quite a bit less chakra than the other two." He would say to his daughter, the young senju girl still holding his hand as his Mind's Eye of the Kagura was active during their travel from the Land of Fire to where to were walking at that moment, Otogakure. This was well before the actual theft had happened, during the time that little Ko was still approaching the two shinobi before getting undressed themselves. Due to their mass amounts of chakra he would start some preparations before approaching them, one of these would be him clapping his palms together in order to start gathering natural chakra. This took about five seconds before he successfully entered Sage mode. The male, Ryujin, then took a quick fling over his shoulder after going back to hold onto Emi's hand again, placing her on his back as if giving her a fun piggyback ride. "Let's go see what's happening." They have indeed peeked his interest with their large amounts of chakra, though he was unaware that the smaller chakra source contained a set of byakugan within her possession. They'd make for perfect candidates for Sozokujin, what was even better was the fact that if they accepted his invite they would be able to help with his first target; The Otokage. If they declined however.. Things could get messy. Though for now they were merely an interest, and nothing was set in stone yet.

Once she was on his back Ryujin would dash forward towards his targets, though he moved not at his full potential, instead he slowed down a bit in order to avoid Emi getting hurt due to his fast movements. Instead, he would reach them in about 10 seconds after starting his dash, which was nowhere near his fastest capability regarding his own speed. Nonetheless he would stop about thirty meters to the back of Itsuko, or Ko, with her name remaining unknown to Ryujin at that time. He was careful as to avoid any stones, sticks, trees and other objects which could harm him during his movements. Upon arriving he would get into a tree and stand upon a thick branch capable of easily holding both himself and Emi without even a crack being heard. The tree was thick with leafs, however his sensory provided enough for him to see them without actually having to see them, so the blinded sight provided by the tree proved to be a perfect observing spot without being noticed. "Just like I taught you, Emi. Wait in patience and don't make any sounds." His voice whispering to her as she would be placed on the branch from his back.

It was then that the young girl made her charge for their possessions, however she was clearly untrained in the arts of sneaking around. Her charge was in clear sight, for everyone to see including those she was busy robbing. Ayatsuri would speak up to her companion, Kiya-something, as to notify him of her robbing him. This was disappointing to say the least. First, one of the shinobi who peeked his interest had no training in an important factor of being a shinobi, being sneaky. Then, one of the larger chakra pools wasn't even aware of him being robbed in plain sight. If anything, Ryujin had lost interest in this Kiya character due to the fact that he was as ignorant and unaware as a goldfish, who's attention-span was small to say the least. However as he reached out to move the branches blocking his view, only slightly moving them away as to get an actual view of things, he would notice Ko's byakugan. "So there's hope afterall." He would think to himself as this thought regarded Ko's possibility of joining Sozokujin. There was hope for her, she was still young and possessed potential, whilst Kiya was the older one and yet he couldn't even notice a child robbing him in plain sight. Even worse, he allowed the older girl to retrieve his possessions, as if unable to do it himself. Though who could blame him? The premature girl showed better speed than he himself had. Disgusting. He waited further on top of the tree-branch as to continue observing.

The actions and events continued on, the girl was hit with a pebble at great speeds which peeked Ryujin's interest in Ayatsuri even further, though more so in the young thief as her determination to escape with her stolen goods was unprecedented. There flowed potential within Ko without a doubt, whilst Ayatsuri showed great prowess already. "Emi, I think we've found the first two members of our organization. Let's go meet them." His voice still whispering as to avoid premature attention. He got ready to jump from the branch with Emi by his side, when the unexpected happened. His sensory technique, The Mind's Eye of the Kagura, was one without rivalry. It could sense the slightest change in chakra with pinpoint accuracy, and so it did. The male activated sharingan for a brief moment, his chakra surging from his eyes as if begging Ryujin to rip his throat out. "Now I see, an Uchiha. No wonder he's so ignorant to even his own surroundings." Disgust filled his tone again as the color of seriousness painted his face as he insulted the Uchiha from within his own mind.

Without hesitation he would move at his utmost speed towards the group, moving at a complete blur to anyone who would lay eyes on him before arriving next to Ko at such speeds that it would appear as if he had teleported. During his movement from the branch towards Ko, he would form a short few handseals in order to cause a manipulation within his own chakra, activation his healing technique Dienue no saisei gijutsu. Upon appearing next to Ko he would lay the hand which was closest to her on top of her left shoulder, placing him to her left as his right hand touched her shoulder. It would almost be instantaneous; Ko's pain would disappear from her body as Ryujin healed her bruise. "I'm not here to harm any of you, well at least not the two of you." He would say as he gestured to the two girls. "Your friend here is an Uchiha, an ignorant one to say the least. Though I have more urgent concerns to deal with. My name is Ryujin, the First Hokage." He would say, introducing himself. "As the name suggests, I'd prefer you take your leave here Uchiha." He would say before allowing a reply from the two girls. "I'm sure you know who I am. The Bingo book should be a great help, though rumors of a rogue Kage tend to spread fast." His tone now calm after dealing with the unwanted guest. "I'm here to recruit you. It's sudden and direct I know, but I don't have time to waste and both of you, young puppeteer and young Hyuga, show that you have what I'm looking for." Yes it was true, he did indeed know about Ayatsuri's puppet. The slight chakra he sensed with his technique allowed him to put two and two together as the normally undetectable chakra covering Kozai's body fit the same description as Ayatsuri's own. With each shift her chakra gave, his "sleeping" body would shift too, even if just to give off the appearance of breath.
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