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Takeru Akechi (Iceberg Ninja)


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Takeru Akechi (Iceberg Ninja)

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• Name:  Takeru Akechi
• Nickname / Alias: N/A
• Title: Head of Iceberg Hospital
• Age: Thirty Six
• Gender:
• Sexuality: homosexual

• Height: 6'4"
• Weight: 240 lbs
• Body type: Slim
• Eye colour: Light Brown
• Hair colour & style: Brown and slightly shaggy
• General Appearance:
• Markings: N/A

• Persona: Takeru considers himself a highly responsible person, but in reality it seems he is only responsible in the face of others and for other people – when he is alone, he is in shambles. His workspace is spotless, his home is a mess. Takeru is a light hearted person, but becomes frustrated when people don’t him or a certain situation seriously. Takeru is extremely logical and can see things clearly through emotions and deceit. Takeru keeps the company of a few close friends and many acquaintances. With his focus on his work, he prefers his small friend group to meeting new people or having any romantic relationships.

Although very social, Takeru prefers to be alone more often than he is allowed. He believes that balance is important in every facet of someone’s life and if someone is having a bad time it’s because they need more balance and structure in their life. Takeru is rather persuasive and determined to pull others to his point of view. He works hard at being the best and by extension, he must convince others that he is the best. Takeru feels like he cannot show weakness, despite being afraid in any situation with tension.
• Motto: Feel the fear and do it anyway

• Likes:
Cookies and milk
Responsible people

• Dislikes:
Lateness/Slow people
Thinking with emotions over logic

• Special Characteristics:

    Stronger Than The Average Ninja
    Name: Stronger Than The Average Ninja
    Rank: D-C
    Type: Physical
    Description: The user is slightly stronger than anyone of their rank. When it comes to strength within this rank the user will usually win. Anyone of higher rank is still stronger. 20 Strength stat increase.

    Basic Chakra Control
    Name: Basic Chakra control
    Rank: D-C
    Type: Chakra
    Requirements:: Requires Med or ninjutsu specialty and no increase Chakra SC
    Description: You have a understanding about the amount of chakra you put out but being a beginner, you have basic knowledge on the matter at hand. with naturally given talents to command the spiritual energies within you are now able to grasp the better concept of using your jutsu. As a result you can use less chakra then other for the same effect.

• Rank: Jounin
• Elements: Wind, Lightning
• Specialty: Medical, Taijutsu
• Clan: N/A
• Bijuu: N/A


A Ranked/Jounin: 224 points (+20 No Clan)

• Strength: 95
• Speed: 26
• Durability: 43
• Chakra: 80

• Village: Ice
• Parents: Sora Akechi & Taichi Akechi – Both of Takeru’s parents grew up in the Ice Village. When they got together, they started a restaurant. Although the restaurant did poorly, they were happy. When Sora got pregnant with Takeru, they became stressed. They had just enough to sustain themselves, but not a child. After Sora gave birth, her and Taichi left the hospital to avoid caring for the baby. They knew Takeru would be better in someone else’s hands. A few years later, the couple ran into Takeru and his new caretaker around the village. Although Takeru didn’t know who they were, his caretaker knew immediately. Filled with regret and self loathing, the couple left the village never to return. Takeru knew nothing else about them.

• Siblings: N/A
• Mentor & Idols: Nurse Akiko – On older woman. She became Takeru’s caretaker after his parents left him in the hospital. Not being an extremely wealthy woman, Takeru came with her to the hospital almost everyday. Akiko registered him in the ninja academy just to get him out of the hospital (she thought it was too dark of a place for a child to spend so much time). When Takeru was promoted to Chuunin, Akiko passed away. Although she was the age of his grandmother, Takeru thought of Akiko as a mother and decided from that point to become a medical ninja in her honor.

• History: Takeru was hesitant about joining the ninja academy because he was a shy kid. He saw some of the other kids a few years older who joined the academy and they were far more aggressive than he was. Some of them had parents who were shinobi and they made Takeru uncomfortable. However, Takeru didn’t want to be a burden on Akiko, who he felt had already done so much for him. During his time at the academy, he pretty much spent his life in books. He loved reading and learning, but dreaded all the physical aspects of being a ninja.

As a Genin, Takeru was paired with a squad and a Jounin who were the type of ninjas that he feared most – extremely aggressive and desired nothing but fighting. Takeru tried to hide in his books like he did in the academy, but it didn’t work. Tension rose in his squad because they were unable to do certain missions that Takeru refused to take. Eventually a physical conflict arose between Takeru and one of his squad mates. Takeru was forced to defend himself and to his surprise, he enjoyed the feeling of the fight. From then on, he dropped his books and became centered around Taijutsu. He wanted to be right in the middle of the action.

As a Chuunin, Takeru focused mainly on his strength and chakra control. His entire squad was assembled of Taijutsu fighters and it became clear that they needed a medic. With Takeru having the best chakra control of the group, the responsibility fell to him. He learned some basic medical ninjutsu, but still focused on Taijutsu. He used the medical training to help him with chakra enhanced strength. On particularly difficult mission, the team needed Takeru to use his medical ninjutsu. Unfortunately, because he had not trained hard enough, his team members fell one by one. His medical jutsu didn’t work fast enough on anyone. Before backup could arrive, Takeru had to fight off the enemy. Luckily, with his strength, he has able to put up a good fight. The battle took a turn and Takeru lost his right arm. He has saved before anything else was lost.

For about 3 years, Takeru was on medical leave from his shinobi duties. He spent the time trying to learn more medical techniques. In his spare time, Takeru went back to focusing on studying and learning. After some time, he was promoted to a Special Jounin who would focus on research in medicine and creating new jutsu for medical ninja. His project at the time was attempting to mold to bandage wounds or even replace organs temporarily. Being a long process, Takeru has picked up some other jutsu along the way that all focus around forming chakra into different weapons or objects.

Takeru was just promoted to Jounin and is still continuing his research within the hospital. He has managed to create jutsu that make temporarily bandages as well as offensive jutsu that create swords, shields, chains, etc. Overall, his most prized project is his own arm. With the help of some machinery, he was able to create a machine arm to replace his right one that he lost in battle. Using some medical techniques, the arm is covered with synthetic skin and flesh that also seals the arms strength (will register arm as special weapon). When Takeru is in danger, he can release the metal arm to its full ability and the skin/flesh will be removed from it.

• Roleplay Sample: Takeru stares at the clock. 3:59 PM. Just another hour of this boring day. He looks around to find something else to focus on – something to quench his boredom. “Nope, just a regular ER check up room.”
“Dr. Akechi, sir, we need your help in here.” A nurse shouts from just outside the room. Takeru gives a sigh of relief. Finally, something to do. He opens the door to find a bleeding shinobi on the floor in the hallway. A couple of nurses are trying to get him up but are having trouble. Takeru rushes over, picks up the shinobi with ease and carries him onto the nearest bed. Takeru takes a good look at this ninja in front of him and examines the wounds.
“He has some severe burns on his chest and some small stab wounds in the legs, seems like a kunai or the tip of a longer blade.” Takeru concludes.
“What should we do?” One of the nurses asks, immediately.
“Well first let’s bandage the legs. As for the burns, we ca–” Takeru is interrupted by a loud bang. He turns around to find another bloodied shinobi standing in the doorway. Although covered in blood, the ninja looks fully capable and furious.
“Where is he?” The bloodied shinobi says with contempt. “Where is the man that ruined our mission?”
“Take him into a back room and start on those bandages.” Takeru ordered one of the nurses. He turned back to the shinobi in the doorway. “He is badly injured, he is getting treated.”
“Don’t help him, that man deserves to die. It’s because of his stubbornness that my entire team is dead.”
“Sir, I can’t refuse someone care. My job is to heal people, not to play judge, jury, and executioner.”
The man lost all anger and became blank in the face. “Then I’ll kill him myself.” He started to charge passed Takeru.
Takeru jumped in front of the ninja and grabbed him by his neck, “I may be a healer, but that doesn’t mean I can’t fight.” Takeru starts to choke the man and lifts him as high as he can. With his other hand, he forms a psionic dagger and raises it to the man’s neck. “If you try to attack him, you’ll be laying in the bed next to him, with injuries worse than his.” He drops the man, who is struggling to breathe. The bloody ninja falls to his knees in fatigue. Takeru turns away from the man. He glances up at the clock. 4:05 PM. That’s all the time that has passed? He begins to walk towards the room that has his new patient, “Now get out of my hospital.”
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Re: Takeru Akechi (Iceberg Ninja)

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Re: Takeru Akechi (Iceberg Ninja)

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