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On the Road to Vermillion City (Jk) (travel though)


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On the Road to Vermillion City (Jk) (travel though)

Post by Debby on Sat Dec 26, 2015 11:29 am

Kurumi was getting ready to set out to the land of snow on a special mission given to her by the new kage. The man was a strange bird but she never missed the opportunity to visit new and exciting lands. It was a dark night but the full moon shined brightly, nearly directly above but slightly to the right on the village hidden in the steam causing long shadows to be cast by all who block the path of its majestic radiance.

As she arrived to the gate she took one last look at the her village before setting off to a land where ninja hid in snow instead of steam

(arriving in the snow village in 24 hours)

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