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Noriko Hana [Uchiha]

Noriko Hana

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Noriko Hana [Uchiha]

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• Name:  Noriko Atetsu Hana
• Nickname / Alias: The Serpent
• Title: Anbu
• Age: Twenty-two
• Gender:
• Sexuality: Homosexual

• Height: 4'11"
• Weight: 83 lbs
• Body type: Toned with fair skin and a slightly petite appearance.
• Eye colour: Dark brown (almost black)
• Hair colour & style: Noriko's hair is kept in a short, neck-length style that branches off into two long braids at the back, kept bound by white cloth and styled around two golden hoops at their ends, one for each.
• General Appearance: Noriko wears a traditional-styled uniform with a sleeveless haori and a yellow obi tied around her waist. Underneath her standard black colored uniform, Noriko wears the uniform personalized to her of the anbu's outfit, which has no sleeves and doesn't cover the back, though she does wear long black arm bands. Instead of wearing the standard ninja sandals with tabi, she wears more traditional Chinese shoes with white socks.
(Noriko General Attire):

• Markings:
Tattoo on her back:

• Persona: Noriko possesses an easy-going and free-spirited personality that makes for a sharp contrast to the seriousness of her peers within the Anbu, but her bond with those within it still seems to be quite close regardless of this. As an Anbu, she is extremely casual around her peers, save for the Anbu Leader and her Kage as their presence requires the highest respect. She is almost constantly in a good mood and shows deep loyalty to the Anbu and her Village on several occasions, even though her occasional laziness may sometimes bother others.

While she seems somewhat self-centered, she is sensitive to the feelings of others, evident when she has once taken the liberty to help others within the Anbu control their emotions and help them deal with any worries ailing them. Despite her lackadaisical image, she can be extremely serious when needed and is a capable fighter and strategist, best-shown when she uses clever teasing to manipulate her opponents into squabbling among themselves or provoking them through personal jabs in her words - long enough to drop their guard and eventually leave them open for an attack.

• Motto:
"To become one of us, you have to trade up your past life and learn what it means to 'be a shadow' to the rest of the world."

• Likes:
- Salmon
- Snakes
- Snow
- Chocolate
- Butterflies

• Dislikes:
- Bugs (especially spiders)
- Frogs
- Summer (too hot)
- The Rain
- Missing-Nin

• Special Characteristics:

  • - Name: Slightly Faster Than The Average Ninja
    Rank: D-C
    Type: Physical
    Description: The user is slightly faster than an average ninja of their rank. When it comes to speed within this rank this user will usually win. Anyone of higher rank can still out run them. 20 Speed stat increase.

  • - Name: Improved Endurance
    Rank: D
    Type: Physical
    Requirements: ( Needs Taijutsu or Weaponry as a specialty)
    Description: Through intensive training and being hit many times, the possessor of this talent has an increased durability stat of 15 which makes them slightly tougher. They can withstand greater damage that could otherwise stun them in pain, and continue fighting. [this reduces the effects of stuns (excluding poisons) by one post]

• Rank: Anbu
• Elements: Fire & Wind
• Specialty: Taijutsu & Ninjutsu
• Clan: Uchiha Clan
• Kekkei Genkai: Sharingan
• Bijuu: None

Stats: Anbu: 224 points (+35 from SC's respectively)
• Strength: 70
• Speed: 60 (+20 from SC)
• Durability: 35 (+15 from SC)
• Chakra: 59

• Village: Sukaigakure
• Parents: Matsuda Hana (Father/Deceased), Makoto Uchiha (Mother/Alive)
• Siblings: N/A
• Mentor & Idols: N/A
• History:
Born as Noriko Atetsu Uchiha, she was the first child of her family and was unfortunately the only one as her father, Matsuda Hana perished in a mission as an Anbu for Sukai, investigating Kazangakure years ago. She was in the 9th Generation of the Hana family and the second most recent Generation of the Uchiha Clan and just as her father, she aspired to become a ninja that was worthy of becoming an Anbu, as was tradition in the Hana family through the ages.

Her mother, Makoto however did not find that becoming an Anbu was something her daughter should've pursued and when Noriko asked permission to attend the Academy when she was a young girl, her mother denied the request outright, wanting Noriko to instead stay at home and tend to the business her mother ran as a blacksmith in forging Ninja tools, Weaponry and Armor. It was from that point on however that Noriko struck the Uchiha name away from herself and instead registered herself at the Academy as 'Noriko Atetsu Hana' taking her father's last name in honor of his service and in respect for what time he spent as a family man.

As a blossoming Kunoichi in the Academy, Noriko had cut her ties from her mother, refusing to speak with her outside of living necessities. She poured all of her efforts and time into mastering all the knowledge and lessons that were presented to her and after two years, Noriko became a Genin. She was one of the few whom passed at such a young age and thus earned herself a title as a rumored prodigy.

Applying truth to that title, Noriko worked diligently with her squad through tough missions of high rank, proving her aptitude to handle difficult tasks and think under pressure. She was unable to tap into the Kekkei Genkai of her Clan just yet and had to work with what she had and rely on teamwork. Preferring to work alone, she was forced to learn how to behave well with partners and came to realize that relying on those around her was not a weakness and grew from it.

Noriko applied for and passed the Chuunin Exams with her teammates and split ways with them when she achieved the Special Jounin status. This was the time where one would flourish through individual training and begin to fully realize their potential in what they could achieve and thus Noriko searched for what interested her. She'd become a fanatic of the Martial Arts and would practice in the way of Taijutsu, aiming to take down opponents with her body and Ninjutsu. Her weaponry talents were also of noteworthy skill, coming back to her mother after the many years away from her to seek another request.

The tension between her mother and herself would span through a month of exchanging past experiences and information while living together. Noriko had come to ask something of her mother that she doubted would work. She requested training in the art of Smithing, wanting to craft and forge her own weapon to compliment her fighting style.

Her mother approved and several strenuous months passed through bloodied hands, sweating brows and wasted metal before Noriko would return to her comrades with her very own personal weapon and the knowledge of how to forge other weapons and armors out of available materials and metals.

From her efforts and skill when becoming a Jounin, the Kage of her village saw her talents and asked her to become one of the lead members of the special task force known as the Anbu Black Ops. The goal that she had of becoming an Anbu had almost been forgotten over those years but when given the chance, she jumped at it and erased traces of herself and joined the ranks of those in the shadows that protected Sukaigakure -- Just like Matsuda Hana, her father.

• Roleplay Sample:


Here's to being human, taking it for granted. The highs and lows of living, to getting second chances. I wish I knew what it was like, to care about what was right or wrong. I wish someone could help me find, some place where I belong!

nder the moonlight of the night, the sound of silence carried along the atmosphere. Only the soft pattering of rain could be heard, hiding the soft taps of Noriko's footsteps as she danced through the treetops, her footwork precise and quick as she was traveling at speeds her partners did not usually manage to keep up with. She was under the orders to locate and assassinate the Missing-Nin that was currently moving through this location. They were to be shown no mercy and eliminated on sight. Usually Noriko would have one or two other Anbu accompanying her but in this, she was trusted alone.

Her movements came to a cease when her eyes had located the foot tracks of someone, beginning to deter from her original direction to the detour. Thankfully this was the correct decision as the smell of smoke met her nose now that she had grown close enough. She'd jump down from the height of the treetops, landing beside a small fire-pit, snuffed out with the dirt -- it was recent too which meant that her target was not far from this location.

The rustling of leaves set off her quick reflexes and in a sharp turn of her body, Noriko's lithe form would narrowly dodge a kunai which had been aimed for her neck and almost cut her jugular. Had that attack hit her, she would have bled out, that was almost certain with how frail of a body she had currently. Her right hand rose up from her side and she'd quickly adjust it's gauntlet, flexing the stabbing point of metal that encased her middle finger while calling out. "Come out before I bring you out myself."

Silence... there was no response and as Noriko took a step forward, the large burly Missing-Nin leapt out at her with a cleaver in his hands. The weapon was large and would prove too strong in a contest of strength against her own weapon, especially due to the momentum his swing was likely to carry. Instead of going for a test of strength, she'd instead use her superior agility to leap backwards into several flips before flipping onto the side of a tree. Kicking off it's edge just as the man's blade sunk down into the ground where her body once was, she'd lunge right at him.

"End of the Line." She'd tell the man as her right hand's wrist rose up and the man felt a sharp sting in his throat. The metal point of her gauntlet stabbed through the male's neck, causing blood to drip from the weapon and down his side. Risking no chances of letting him move from her weapon plugging the hole up, she'd rip her weapon's contact from his neck and flicked it at her side, coating the ground with a fresh splatter of blood. The man would wobble, choking over his own blood which filled his throat and then collapsed onto the ground. Noriko sighed and began to clean off her weapon with a soft cloth, speaking silently to herself. "Mission Accomplished."

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