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Crisis Index

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Crisis Index

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Crisis Index

*Crisis: Rules - For all New and Old Members here are the rules that should be followed by every member that joins the site.

*New Member Guide - A Guide For New members to get them started on the Path of the Shinobi.


*Crisis Training Guide - Rules on WC training jutsu, elements, Special Characteristics, specialties, as well as the Experience costs.

* Specialties and Elements - Details on what each specialty is, including Ninjutsu, Taijutsu, Genjutsu, Fuuinjutsu, Iryo Ninjutsu, Puppetry, and Bukijutsu.  This also includes the rules for purchasing and training your Elements.

*Ninja Ranks Guide - Details How much Ryo one can start with, along with how many specialties, elements, jutsu tokens, and the beginning equipment for each rank!

*Crisis: Stat Rules - This Topic details the Stats and how to obtain and use them on the Forum. Such as Training them, or how they affect a person in battle.

*Crisis: Experience System- This Topic details our Experience System. Experience is one of many ways to Gain items in rp, From Jutsu to Stats. They are gained through Social Rps and doing different things in RP, such as Hunting missing ninja, or making true bonds.

*Chakra System- Chakra is one of the Basic forms of Energy for Ninja, This topic explains how the Chakra Stat Can Increase Jutsu power and such.

*Crisis: Genjutsu System - Genjutsu, one of the Many Specialties in the Ninja world, is a very different System from the others such as Ninjutsu and Taijutsu. Here you will find out how to Make or Break Genjutsu.

*Crisis: Jobs - Each village will have a different way for ninja to gain Ryo without embarking on Missions for them. Here you can find Different Jobs for your character to take on For Character Development Purposes.

*Weapon System - The System for Creating and pricing all weapons in the Crisis world.

*Crisis: Puppet System - Here is the System for the creation of puppets for those puppet Users out there.

Jutsu Tokens An explanation of what you can do with unused jutsu tokens, depending on their rank.

The World of Crisis

*Map of the World - This is the best way to find your way around the world both In character and Out of Character. Maps of the World can be bought in the Item Shops as well.

*Crisis: The Timeline - Everything Has History Here is only a fraction of that History. Village History can be found Here:

*Minor Shinobi Villages - These Villages are not open to join but they are open for missions and events for the site.

Creation and Rules

*Limited Claims and Ranks - Most Ranks and Limited Jutsu have a certain amount of Users that can have it on this site. Here you can Claim a Bijuu, Jutsu, or Rank you would like to have throughout your Rping Experience.


*Crisis: The Ninja Book - All Approved Ninja will be moved here and their progress can be monitored under each of their Updates.

*Crisis: Character Guide - This gives insight to what a character can start with at what rank, From Academy students to Kage Rank Ninja.

*Character Template - Here is the Template used for Character Creation. Make sure you don't break any code haha.


*Crisis: Clan Creation - Here you can Create any Custom Clan you would like as long as it doesn't break every rule in the book.

*Crisis: Canon Clans - Here you can find canon clans that have been made. If you do not see one that you are looking for ask a Staff member and we will be glad to create it for you.

*Crisis: Bloodline Creation - Here you can read up on the Bloodline rules, From creating to transplants. Bloodlines should be created before the Clan is made.

-Special Characteristics-

*Crisis: Special Characteristics - Special Characteristics are things that can set you apart from any basic Ninja, Here you can read up on how to train them as well as check out the Preexisting Special Characteristics. Customs Allowed. Clan Based as well.

-Jutsu and Summonings-

*Crisis: Canon Jutsu - All Approved Canon jutsu are sent here, If you do not see the jutsu you want you are allowed to create them under Crisis: Jutsu Registration

*Crisis: Jutsu Creation - All jutsu will be governed by these rules. Please follow them when creating a jutsu.

*Crisis: Summoning Creation - Summonings can be registered here During the Jutsu Registration process.

-Weapon and Others-

*Crisis: Weapon Creation - Here you can use the Template to create different types of weapon for your character to use. Kenjutsu and Bukijutsu Users are Welcomed.

*Crisis: Puppet Creation - Here is where all puppets should be registered for quick approval.

*Crisis: Other - Here you can create Companions, or Non KKG Elements to use in battle or for other reasons.


*Crisis: Missions - Here you can read up on how to create a good mission for you and your companions to embark on.

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