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Konda Otsu

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Konda Otsu

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• Name: Konda Otsu
• Nickname / Alias:
• Title: Fire Devil
• Age: 14
• Gender:Female
• Sexuality:Heterosexual
• Height: 5’4
• Weight: 150 lbs
• Body type: Skinny well-built build.
• Eye colour: Yellow
• Hair colour & style:Brunette and short
• General Appearance:
Konda's appearance:
• Markings: Her Biijuu seal on her belly

• Persona:She is the calm and quiet type mostly keeps to herself and her studying, She’s kind of a book worm around certain things including history in general she keeps to herself and isn't the best at being social to others mostly because she doesn't get many friends to begin with which is probably why she likes to stay by herself and read with her books.

In combat she changes to a cold observant type she will try and analyze movements and patterns of her opponents to try and find a good opening to exploit and use to her advantage although sometimes she can overthink a situation or seriously underestimate her opponent which sometimes ends badly for her in the long run.
• Motto:
• Likes: Training.
Being by herself sometimes.
Learning new techniques.
• Dislikes:
Her hard work being trashed and having to start all over again.
Cold Weather.
Having her reading disturbed.
• Special Characteristics:
Name:Slightly Faster Than The Average Ninja
Rank: D
Type: Physical
Description: The user is slightly faster than an average ninja of their rank. When it comes to speed within this rank this user will usually win. Anyone of higher rank can still out run them. 20 Speed stat increase.
• Rank: Genin
• Elements: Fire
• Specialty: Ninjutsu
• Clan:
• Bijuu:  Yes nine tailed wolf
• Strength: 10
• Speed: 20 [+20]
• Durability: 20 [+20]
• Chakra: 18

Total: 58+20
• Village:Joki
• Parents:  Akane  Otsu (Father, Deceased) Asara Otsu (Mother, Deceased)
• Siblings: None
• Mentor & Idols: None Yet
• History:  
Her childhood started off rather sad lonely life for her mother and father tried to teach her what they could but they were killed when she was only 8. She spent most of her time wondering not making many friends except her books she enjoyed reading and being alone. Not that there was anyone who wanted to be her friend to begin with anyone she was near either avoided her or ignored her existence entirely she never knew why either she never knew what beast was dormant in her belly she doesn’t even understand what it is or why she has it only that she’s seen only a shadow of some large and terrifying creature in her dreams.

She wanted to become a shinobi when she reached the age of 12 thought it’d keep her mind off of that shadowy creature she keeps having nightmares about, When she went to school she still didn’t make any friends there either she never can figure why most people avoided her or where even hostile towards her despite her not even saying anything when she arrived. Class there was rather intense and hard for her but after a year’s worth of hard work she finally managed to graduate the academy and now just wants to train as much as humanly possible.

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