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[Limited] Edo Tensei

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[Limited] Edo Tensei

Post by NC. Webmaster on Thu Dec 24, 2015 5:58 pm

Name ;; Edo Tensei
Rank ;; SS
Type ;; Ninjutsu
Element ;; None
Range ;; 1 m
Power ;; 5
Speed ;; 0
Cool Down;; [be careful with this.]
Description ;; The user performs a ritual in order to return the soul of a dead being with a  manifested body's host. To perform this ritual the user must have a sample of the revived's DNA and a living human host to sacrifice. (PC or staff npc). After sacrificing the target the soul of the revived will enter the body of the sacrificed and retain all physical aspects it had previously, upon the time of death with the exception of black eyes and cracked skin. They will also have full knowledge of previous intelligence, including jutsu, personality and history. This ritual requires a 500 WC Topic to perform. They can revive PCs or Staff NPCs

After the ritual is performed, the revived is able to act as they were before. The user of Edo Tensei is able to control their reviveds effortlessly and cause them to bend against their will. They are unable to resist other than verbally. The revived characters are indeed immortal. If their physical body is destroyed, it will simply reform. One must find another way to deal with them.

The user is also able to summon an edo tensei at will, bringing them through the ground in the form of coffins. Only 2 edos can be summoned every 2 posts. With each Edo Tensei in play, the user will be unable to perform higher ranked techniques aside from Edo Tensei itself depending on the amount of Edos in play.

1 Edo: Can not use X ranked jutsu.
2 Edos: Can not use SS ranked and higher jutsu.
3 Edos: Can not use S ranked and higher jutsu.
5 Edos: Can not use A ranked and higher jutsu.
7 Edos: Can not use B ranked and higher jutsu.
8 Edos: Can not use C ranked and higher jutsu.
9 Edos: Can not use D ranked and higher jutsu.
10 Edos: The user is completely unable to use anything aside from academy jutsu and Edo Tensei itself.
Edos can go anywhere, and have unlimited chakra. Edos can only be summoned within 10 meters of the user.

Edo Tensei who were PC can break their character free of the user's control if their character has +50 chakra than the user.
Requirements ;; DNA of the Summoning, Must have more than 2 pints of blood, or a limb. Person cannot be revived if their soul has been sealed.
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Re: [Limited] Edo Tensei

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Approving this.

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