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Jade Release



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Jade Release

Post by Gaim on Thu Dec 24, 2015 12:48 pm

• name ;; Jade Release
• elements required ;; Earth and Fire
• how is it made ;; Fire and Earth mixed together in order to super heat the minerals and create jade. It focuses on the high iron content of the minerals, which gives it the green and jade like color.
• what can it do ;; Jade Release is a parent relation to Crystal Release, but it differs in it quite a bit of its function. It's a specialized elemental ninjutsu that can create jade, as well as manipulating jade from already existences from previous jutsu, and/or super-heating the high iron content in the earth to generate jade. With the functions in relation of enclosing and engulfing people in jade, and sculpting things in jade form, this special ninjutsu element does have standout passive to it. The Jade element is actually a gaseous Nephrite that can be moved and controlled at will. This Jade has the unique ability to absorb energy like elements, Example fire,lightning and plasma, adding them to the Jade (gaseous crystal), causing the jade to have built in counters against energy type chakra related to heat. This makes Jade a fearesome element.

• strengths ;; fire, Lighting , plasma
• weakness ;; Wind, Explosion Release,
• other requirements ;; Be of the Kotogami Clan
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Re: Jade Release

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