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*private*A bird, A snake and A scroll....

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*private*A bird, A snake and A scroll....

Post by Bug Sage on Thu Dec 24, 2015 5:40 am

Parasite Sage of the Volcano sat at a bar, tapping his foot he sipped on his clear beverage. Filled with a sweet bubbling water, a pair of sliced limes and well distilled liquor; Parasite Sage of the Volcano enjoyed the drink. The bar he was at, was a located hangout for all the missing ninja in this area. A place to find work or malicious connections. Before long he would start conversation with a young shinobi, the young man was openly brandishing a headband of the Village Hidden Among the Volcanoes. Unlike a standard headband it had a thick slash through the symbol; meaning he was a rouge from Parasite Sage of the Volcano's own village.

Parasite Sage of the Volcano was wearing his regular attire, including his mask. Neither his clothes nor his mask would identify him as the S rank missing ninja from the village hidden among the Volcanoes. Parasite Sage of the Volcano would start a by breaking the ice, asking about his leave story. A common point of conversation for rouge and missing ninja a like. Normally dramatize and with very small truths and added glorious stories of how they killed countless ninjas as they fled. This young man's man reason for leaving was his talent, he hated to be forced to train. Parasite Sage of the Volcno laughed and asked him, have you heard of the Bug Sage? The boy looked curious and responded, The Parasite Sage of the Volcano, I've heard of him a legend. Parasite Sage of the Volcano laughed, well I am quite old and I remember when he was just a boy. Training is important for any shinobi and reminds of a few stories of the young sage.

Young  Parasite Sage of the Volacno stood in the center of the training area just outside of the only forest in the Land of Volcanoes and Lava, called the Forest of Death. He was bored and didn't see much of interest. Some other genin or chuunin from his clan were training either together or alone. It seemed that the ones who trained alone really preferred to be left alone for their training, which would normally suit Young  Parasite Sage of the Volcano just fine. The problem with that today was that the Aburame needed to train his jutsu and chakra strength; using other people just made it fun. A straw-filled bag can't tell you if something hurts...

Out of the corner of his eye, he saw a bird flying out from the Forest of Death and landing on a wooden post quite a distance from him. Almost out of boredom, the Aburame ninja fills the palm of his hand with his special bombardier beetles, slowly forming them into a ball about the size of his fist. The genin then takes aim at the bird as it sits perched on the wooden post, almost seeming to taunt the Aburame with its back turned at him, and throws the ball of buzzing bombardier beetles at the poor bird. But before the little ball can reach the bird, it flies away, just out of reach of the beetles. Young  Parasite Sage of the Volcano curses under his breath as the beetles lazily fly back to their master.

Young  Parasite Sage of the Volcano decides that something must be done so that even if the bird flies away before the bugs strike, the attack will still put some damage on it. He gathers some of the beetles into his palm again, but this time, he gives them a simple set of instructions as he forms them into a fist-sized ball, just like last time. He throws the ball again at where the bird had landed, this time facing towards the Aburame. Just as the bird begins to lift itself off the wooden post, the ball of beetles hits the wooden post, and explodes outwards in a shower of boiling, stinky acid that hits all along the underside of the bird.

The bird begins flying about, making it an extremely difficult target now for the Beetle Bomb he had just made. It was also making quite a ruckus with its screeching call of pain, attracting everyone's attention to it and the Aburame that had just attacked a seemingly harmless bird. Not wanting any more notice than necessary, Young  Parasite Sage of the Volcano decides that he must silence the bird permanently.

This is not going to be easy with only one person... The only way I could get rid of this bird is to kill it, and the only way to do that is to get it close enough that I can be sure of the acid getting into its mouth or eyes... He then remembers that the Aburame had a technique that used bugs to create a clone. I wonder if I can do that with the bombardier beetles, too... As he thinks this, he extends his right arm out to his side, and begins pushing some of his bugs outwards, carefully instructing them to make a human-shaped version of himself. This was much harder than the Aburame thought, as he pretty much had to recreate himself from scratch, and without a mirror to make sure he was getting it right.

After many moments of the bird screeching its cries of pain, further distracting Young  Parasite Sage of the Volcano while he was trying to make his bug clone, he finally created something that was close enough to his likeness that he could call a success. It was a mirror image, in that it was opposite of what Young  Parasite Sage of the Volcano actually looked like, but he figured he could find a way to fix that in time. He puts his hand on the beetle clone's back, giving his bugs a set list of instructions before they run directly at the bird, allowing Young  Parasite Sage of the Volcano to focus on how exactly he's going to do this.

Young  Parasite Sage of the Volcano watches as his own clone is unable to catch the bird, as it has a large area of retreat that makes it impossible to lead towards the real Aburame ninja. He thinks quickly and begins sending another group of his beetles along the ground, including a single one to the beetle clone to give it a new list of instructions. The genin hoped this little battle strategy would work, since the beetle clone was apparently having little effect in corralling the wild animal close enough for Young  Parasite Sage of the Volcano to attack directly.

As the beetle clone moves away from the flying bird and disbands itself to include itself with the other group of beetles, both groups launch into the air and spray a huge mist of their burning acid into the air surrounding the bird, creating a thick and heavy mist of pain and disgusting smells that would trap the bird for a short while and cause it even more pain. The only opening is facing towards Young  Parasite Sage of the Volcano, giving the bird only a single direction to move towards. This should make it a whole lot easier to corral the bird... Nowhere to go but to the one person that will kill it! To make sure of this, he also instructs some of the beetles that hadn't had a chance to blast at the bird to shot some of the burning mist downwards into the sphere of burning mist, which would push the bird out of the hole as it attempted to avoid the burning pain. In addition, the beetles that had formed the clone were underneath the dome, ready to blast boiling, stinky acid at anything that tried to fly below it, ensuring that the noisy little bird would not be able to dive-bomb out of the acidic sphere.

Just as Young  Parasite Sage of the Volcano was beginning to worry that the bird had somehow escaped before the beetles could have created the sphere of misty acid, the bird flies out of the mist directly towards Young  Parasite Sage of the Volcano like a bat out of hell. It was moving too quickly for the genin to be able to gather the beetles back up into his body, and he only had a few left, definitely not enough to create any kind of protective shield to stop the bird. Looks like I'll have to be one big bombardier beetle.... As he thinks this, he instructs some of the bombardier beetles remaining in his body to climb up into his mouth.

Ignoring the disgusting taste of his own bugs on his tongue, he waits for the bird to get close enough until the genin can see the ever-increasing pain in the bird's eyes as its feathers actually begin to melt off of its body from the close proximity of the acidic mist, then simply opens his mouth. Both bombardier beetles spray their boiling acidic mixture directly into the birds wide eyes and screeching maw, forcing it into the poor animal's body, but careful not to hit Young  Parasite Sage of the Volcano's own lips or teeth with it so as not to hurt their master.

The bird finally flops to the ground, its body limp and lifeless as the acid works its way throughout the little thing's body. Young  Parasite Sage of the Volcano carefully picks it up and throws it into the Forest of Death to let the wild animals inside feast upon its body. When he turns away from the large gate, he sees everyone in the training area staring at him as the mist slowly settles to the ground. "Er..." So much for not drawing any attention. The young Parasite Sage of the Volcano would say to himself.

The end, Hakai would say looking at the boy. Your Parasite Sage of the Volcano, disliked training but found joy in it. You need to find something to amuse yourself, if chasing an enemy bird or what ever make you happy. Let me tell you another story. Before the boy could respond Hakai began to speak again.

The Forest of Death, the countless acts of challenges, and standpoints within the place were unfathomable, young genin going through the trials and tribulations of a constantly sinister reminder that only the strong shall thrive... Was this where Hakai was at most home, never, he didn't believe in any sense of such a world, the weak weren't weak for their own skills, but weak through their own hearts, the corruption of the heart was much worse than the absence of skill, and Hakai knew this.

"Don't say I didn't warn ya kid, this place, even if you are of Chunin skill level, is home to some incredibly fierce creatures... I'd be very wary of it." The Aburame guard said, beginning to close the gate, as he made sure to lock it, the young man didn't turn towards him, he only said, "I'll keep that in mind, thank you..." and went off on what would be a new sort of training for him. He would begin with a relaxed sprint through the first spot of the forest, looking through the shrubbery and giants among trees, he had a small smile on his face, this would be the place where he would become stronger, the Death Forest...


"Hakai, the honest truth about your abilities is that they lack that sort of posture, that ability to fight at even greater times of need and danger, you lack such a skill and so, I think you should go to the Forest of Death." This was yesterday, Hakai sitting with his mother and father, his mother pouring tea as he watched the two of them talk, Takai would look down and then sighed, he felt his body itch. "I remember the Forest of Death, that place was incredibly eerie, a strong depressing feeling illuminated that place, I don't know how to describe it..." Takai was going to deep within his words, until his father hit him over the head with his staff.

"Focus kid, you need to focus, right now, you are weak, the only reason why that Muscle... thingy worked on me in the first place, was because you had a lack of what it meant to be in a serious fight for your life, that's where the Forest comes in, sure it was easier because you had a team, but alone, the animals, obstacles and overall depth of the place has a much larger holding..." His father began drinking his tea, as he sighed, placing it down after a few sips... Hakai only watched, his mother closed her eyes and listened as well. "Go to the forest, and fight through their, for two days, and you shall understand what I'm saying." His father would say, as his mother would push her hand into the table banging it, making it shake.

"Come back out alive, dammit!" She would scream, sometimes, Hakai thought his mother was scarier than his father.


"So, here is the place my father wants me to train..." Hakai had made his way into the heart of the forest after an hour, he took small steps forward, looking around to see the constant shaking and movement of the shrubs. He quickly took up his guard just in case, it was however only a few small animals: birds, rabbits, and such. Hakai said nothing towards this, only knocking himself on the head as he was far too cautious for his own good. "Hold yourself together, you're stronger kid, you're hell of a lot stronger than you were two years ago, so relax and make sure you are ready for any of these damned creatures... after all, I should be the only one here right?"

A sudden gust of wind made its way, as Hakai's body tingled, spreading his body apart, he postured, and then did a large flip, placing his hands forward, the scales of the large creature covered over his hands, the slimy cold skin would slowly make his hands slip off as he gasped, doing a quick movement with his foot going into the side of the creatures head, making it fall to the side as it went down in a large crash, bird flocks would begin to fly. This was it, a large snake, some sort of creature that could be found in the forest of death, predator of all animals smaller than it, its slithering body and massive forked tongue made it seem even more ferocious.

"This is my enemy... my first one it would seem." Hakai had a sweat drop on his cheek as he bit his lip, the ferocious python would stare, making its body move slowly as its tongue slipped forward once again. Hakai had nothing to say now, it was a matter between life and death between a creature as strong as this, he knew it and it did as well, something even an animal could agree on. Survival.

Suddenly, the creature would move forward with its gaping jaw opening, the rancid smell of spit and carcass inside its mouth was almost as unbearable as its incredibly strong twisting body. He dodged it, with a leaping movement, catching himself on the tree, he would slip forward, and press his foot against the wood as his sandal moved across it, the chakra control training paying off with the sudden occurrence. 'Any last second movements and I'm dead, can't allow that thing to even get a l-' He couldn't even finish his words with the capturing of the large creatures sharp cut against the air, it had bit into the tree of which case it began to break through it throwing it away with its proportional physical strength, astonishing.

He landed at the side and made his way to begin running through the grassy area slipping his foot into the ground, the creature began to go after him, thinking he could be the next meal. Hakai's eyes kept forward running with his incredible quickness, he would not allow that to be the case. He stopped for but a moment and then looked back to the creatures unholy gesture of which he did a one-handed spring towards the side, dodging the snapping of the jaw onto Hakai's flesh. "Not even!" He spun around and then went forward with his strong legs, moving at an accelerated fashion he used a powerful upward kick towards the neck of the creature sending it upward.

"Lariat!" He pushed his entire arm to the side, strengthening it greatly, to create a powerful effect, as he leaped to the creature, the impact against it making it fall forward as he grasped its head. "I'm not dying today..." Hakai placed his arms as far around its head as possible as he could, turning the falling effect of the creature, into his greatest skill. "Stunner!!!" He said out loud, the maximum force of his body sitting downward, with his incredible strength made the creatures head bounce upward, he couldn't get a good feel, as it would not break the brain or the jaw of the creature, as it was too big, and not naturally human, he however, did see that it flipped over, to the side, making a large thump.

Hakai leaped away from it, as it began to move again, it coughed saliva and different kinds of acidic mucus... Hakai knew it, this would be one hell of a long day... It started to slither once more, gaining back its momentum, he took a step backwards, minding his own fear of such a creatures own vigor, though this may be because of its large body, his attacks don't have much effect on creatures bigger than he is... he'd have to take account of that, this was what his father was trying to say in obvious words.

The snake began to curve as Hakai turned his body, his eyes squared on the creature sown taking into account its killing intent, the forked tongue would release, slowly going back into its mouth. 'Stay calm, you have to assess this damn thing, can't let it get one inch...' He pressed his foot backwards, the creatures eyes widening as it pressed its head forward, Hakai would be ready... or so he thought, whipping its tail, Hakai gasped, and came with a double arm-block movement as he began to fall backwards, crashing into a tree with great force. Now on the prowl, it would move forward with lightning speed, Hakai's body however wouldn't be caught as he opened his legs leaping, jumping over its head as he began running across its back with incredibly quick legs, making a long leap he would land, and begin to use exceptionally quick acrobatics going towards a tree as he was chased by the snake.

He would stop, running towards the tree as the snake closed inward, he would almost be caught but using a sudden burst of speed he would dodge, and with the added force the snake was coming, it would slam its head right into the tree, Hakai leaping off, as the snake stayed disoriented for a moment, took up his body into an acrobatic spin and then with both legs, kicked the head of the creature into the tree with a strong 'Drop Kick'. It would fall and bump its jaw into the trees discarded remains. "Got to make quick work of this thing before it gets out of hand!" His feet would press inward diverting the intense amount of strength he could gain from one leg into two, a powerful dash would release as he placed his leg forward towards the side, his body rotating with the torque of air resistance empowering him, one fierce spin would arise.

"Leg Lariat!" A giant scream escaped his lips, as he pushed the leg into the snakes body, sending it flying into the air, moving in an arc towards another tree, as it fell, ripping and breaking through the trees, Hakai would begin to spin rapidly a she closed into the ground, kicking up dust as he stopped, placing both hands to the side. He would begin to move forward, watching the creature, taking slow steps, knowing that it would only be unconscious, a large gash on its side as it bled. He smiled a bit, but didn't stop his cautious nature for any reason. "Maybe dads right, this is getting incredibly interesting..." He said with a small smile, the creature sbody suddenly moved, a flicker of Hakai's eye would come as his leg came upward, the creature moved towards him, he swatted it with the heel of his foot back into the ground. "Shut the fuck up!" He said with a fierce frown, watching the creature, which drifted from being a predator, to being Hakai's chew toy in only a few moments.

One Full Day

"I need to think of a plan, get some food... I'm starving." It had been a full day since he had made his way through the shrubs, tapping his foot against the ground as he went against a tree, laying his body against it, he needed a rest, leaving behind the unconscious snake, and the creatures he had to face within the forest that were fighting for their own survival, he was a morsel to them, and thus he was constantly attacked by various predators. He closed his eyes for only a moment, hearing the cawing of various birds and fowls in the area, he took his time until he would need to go once more.

Opening them, his eyes would look around, brushing into his face his hands, taking a slow breather and frowning with his palms against the ground. "I remember this place... what memories, we all almost got killed here..." He closed his eyes, thinking of the lesser time, still a young Genin within the exams. thinking of all that happened to him from the incident, taking a long breather from his arduous task, making nothing said but what he needed to be said, nothing in particular.


"Why do I have to do it, there could be wild animals out there, dammit, Takai, you should do it!" The young male yelled, the female watching as hopelessly as the participation in such a relentless struggle went forth. "You are the one who hasn't been pulling h-" A deep glare came into the boys eyes, sitting their taking the verbal abuse of the young male yelling, just about his age, he would take no more after he would say something with such defensive anguish as that. Hakai gripped his fist tightly, as he watched him.

"If you say what I think, you better be ready to fight... I've saved you since we got here, you bastard, if you can't keep your own help then what the hell good are you?" This Hakai was younger, more serious, and much less forgiving for such rude comments taking up his body he motioned towards him, pointing his index finger into his chest, the male watched him, scared a bit. "Do your keep, or go die, I'm tired of saving you... you need to save yourself!" He pronounced in deep anger as he pushed him away, the male gasped as he was pushed.

"Knock it off, Takai, you guys need to stay as a team, stop bickering!" She screamed, her arms outstretched swinging them rapidly, stomping her foot for emphasize of her anger. After a bit, Takai only turned away, gripped a piece of stone as he sighed. "Dammit, Kyo, just do your damn end of the bargain, go fetch the fucking firewood or you don't eat!" The males name was Kyo, he had been on Hakai's team along with the middleman (woman), Riza, who was the advocate for settling a crude battle within their team.

"Fine then, I'll go get the stupid firewood, you bastard! One day, I'll make sure to kick your ass, you hear me?!" Kyo screamed, stomping his feet toward the crowded trees making his way towards the forest, Hakai turned to Riza, as she watched him, frowning.

"If you got something to say then say it, otherwise lets move on..." He said in a silent gesture, going towards the nearby river, sitting at the edge. Riza stared at his back for moments upon moments, not looking away before they would both hear a loud scream, a very familiar one. "Kyo, shit!" Hakai arose, and then looked to Riza who gasped and ran forward, following after Hakai with his eyes going back and forth through the woods, he stopped suddenly. A beaten up Kyo, laid across the floor, as a large snake was about to pounce with a wide open mouth, Hakai, quickly gained momentum in order to kick the snake, making little effect but capturing its attention as Riza went towards Kyo, picking him up as they stood, watching the snake, it was large, very menacing and hungry.

"Riza, be careful, you have to make sure that idiots, ok!" He crouched as he watched the snake, taking a long look at it before he pushed forward running full speed towards it, using his quick and nimble small body to dodge one of its strikes he would go for a powerful kick, but be batted by its powerful tail, slamming into the ground with great power, his eyes went white as he fell to the ground, beginning to be lifted by the creature, some saliva moving from his lips.

"Takai, hold on!" Riza placed the injured party down, against the tree limb, she moved greatly, taking her hands, beginning to move her fingers quickly. "Water Style: Water Cannon!" A large amount of water began to shoot from her mouth, as she sprayed the hissing snake with great pressure, it would however not have as much effect as it should. She began to move once more, dodging a powerful tail whip, dropping Hakai to the ground. Hakai started to rise once more, after gaining conscious, he looked to Riza who once again formed hand seals rapidly. "Water Style: Crescent Projectile!" She would begin to move her body spinning rapidly, shooting forth a powerful cutting edge for the attack, the snake would barely dodge, causing a large gash to appear over its eye, beginning to move erratically, hissing wildly from pain. It would move to attack her, Hakai would not allow this as he would twist his body and utilize a strong 'Leg Lariat', catching its body, to cause it to be pushed to the ground, frightened, it would begin to move towards an opening... suddenly, the madness was gone.

"Are you ok?" Hakai watched the male, Riza checking the medical kit, she would search through it, he watched the male who had sighed and nodded within a bit of pain, he nodded and slowly sat up. "I'm fine, that thing was touch, I didn't know things that big existed!" Kyo's eyes closed, as he cringed under the pain of the attack against his body. He would slowly move backwards, sighing as Hakai, placed his hand on top of his own head. The guy would laugh, but Hakai would glare and so would, Riza."This isn't funny, you could of died, jackass!" Hakai screamed, in unison with Riza, as they both punched his head inflicting even more pain to his body then before. He would screech, saying ouch would consecutive naming. Hakai took his time, and looked to the sky. "How weak are you, you couldn't even protect yourself against that thing, you jackass, you could of gotten yourself killed, what the hell did you think would of happened with that!" Riza slapped Hakai's back, as he screamed. "Hey, what the hell!"

Riza smiled lightly, grinning with her eyes closed. "What Takai is trying to say, is that even if he doesn't like you... he wouldn't allow anything to happen to you without him helping, right?" He said nothing towards this comment, crossing his arms and closing his eyes. "At any rate, you're safe now... so it's cool." Riza would begin to wrap his arm in bandages, Hakai would say nothing, Kyo watched him for a moment, and would then nod. "I understand..."

He would stare at the front of him for a moment, taking a look forward not really towards anything in particular, his lips would go into a small smile, the oh-so triumphant victor of friendship, the young lad still had so much to learn and yet so much to give, what was left wasn't anything but a lack of exuberance, his confidence didn't shift and the meaning of such words would only push him onward. "Kyo... you idiot." He said to himself softly, as he recognized this, it was his friend, Riza was his friend, and he had to protect them as best he could... become stronger for them.


A sudden caw had made his eyes become open, as he watched the trees for a moment, heaving his chest back and forth, taking in small winds and with his palms against the ground, rising up. Time hadn't stood still for any man, you can't linger in such nostalgia for too long or you would lose your grip towards reality, and that fact was truth if Takai didn't recognize any others. He gazed at the shrubs, before he stopped... what was this... he had something tingling through his spine, worse than the first creature he went against, this one much more ominous. "What..." He whispered to himself turning his back, he would look directly into the eye of a snake, a snake with a scar upon its left eye. He gasped and leaped backwards as the snakes mouth almost closed directly on top of him, he would dodge by the skin of his teeth.

"What the hell?!" He said to himself, placing his fist into the ground, making nothing short of a few pants, he had been fighting all day and night, with no food, he should be tired. The situation had gotten worse, the snake snuck upon him with little more than his own killing intent, but how, Hakai's reflexes were incredible, how could he be caught by such a creature almost instantly... was it because he was weary. He watched the eye of the create for a moment, it literally only had one eye, and was much larger than the first snake, by a great degree. His eyes opened suddenly, the snake seemed so familiar, what had been the sudden snap of revelation. No, it couldn't be... "You're that... the snake that." A loud hiss was heard a sit snapped, its reflexes if that could have been even possible were faster than the first snakes, Hakai did a backflip, only touching the ground before another snap of its neck and another chance of biting would commence upon it. It tried to catch the quickened movement of the boy, but as a result of its efforts couldn't. Hakai's legs spread apart as it stopped, beginning to circle around him. He was caught within the middle of what would be destiny.

'This damn creature is the same snake that...' Hakai's teeth gritted, he bit his pearly whites as his mouth would outstretch. "You killed, KYO!!!" He growled as his eyes grew wider, the snake would only hiss as its head moved forward snapping at him again, with its heightened speed, Hakai would dodge once more, kicking its head as it screeched, he was far more powerful than he was those years ago, that was for sure. He caught the snakes head and then utilized a kick in order to maneuver it towards the ground. "Face Vault!" He said in a flipping motion, moving one knee to its head as it went into the ground, causing incredible impact.

It had only shrugged such a thing off however, Hakai watched it, taking in that its skin was incredibly hard, and powerful enough to take such a task. He had clenched his fists tightly, making no movements, only growing angrier. "I swear, I'll defeat you!"


"Yeah, sure, you know if you didn't whine so much, it would of been a hell of a lot easier to get this damn object..." Riza said, holding in her hands to spheres of light and darkness, taking forth them as she grinned, Kyo had only frowned, his lips puckered and his cheeks puffed with his eyes closed. "What a jackass, you thought you could sneak up on our enemies like that, such a loser..." Riza laughed and as she did, Hakai only looked forth with a straight face, staring at the two of them talking, his hands behind his head.

"Doesn't really matter, we got it didn't we, now we move on to phase two, go to the meeting spot and kick some ass there!" Kyo began to happily push in all his might, taking up one fist as he laughed. "We will beat the asses of all the other genin there, they won't no what hit them!" He nodded twice, as he would then say "mhm".

"It won't be that easy, we have some pretty stiff competition after all, it won't be as simple a show you think, dumbass." Hakai would come behind him and walk forward, as he stopped and looked towards them both, he would whisper. "Did you guys hear..." He talked softly, as they both turned around, and watched him for a moment, he stood as he would begin to twist his head. "Never mind, it's n-" Suddenly a large body would come out of the bushes and move towards Hakai, the eyes of Riza jumped, Kyo had his mouth wide open, leaping towards the two, he would be bitten, between his body and shoulder. Hakai, and Riza stood speechless.


The battle with the snake was ferocious, as every inch and mile came into wanting to kill it, however, it had escaped, and to no avail, Hakai ran towards it trying to follow, but did not capture the creature. His tear filled eyes, he stopped and placed his head to the ground, screaming loudly as he beat his fist against the ground, repeatedly in agonizing screams. He would come back, watching Kyo's body, he was still alive, fatally wounded however... Riza tried everything she could, however Kyo knew it was his time.

"You guys, someone carry me, to the meeting place... I-I don't want us disqualified... so you gotta..." Kyo began talking as Hakai watched him, Riza crying in the corner. "Oi, Princess, stop with all the crying, t-take m-me to the... meeting spot, I want you guys to continue... without me..." Hakai gritted his teeth, picking up Kyo, his hands on his thighs as, he looked to Riza, slowly he nudged her.

"Lets go Riza... he wants us to fight even if hes dying... its his wish..." Hakai said sadly, Riza held her mouth with the palm of her hand, crying large tears, Hakai hadn't said a word, he had just did as he was told. They both cried along the way, as Kyo said his last expressions... he died after they had been fully approved to compete in the second round. They fought, with Kyo in their spirits, and thus went onward to succeed, though only Hakai turned Chunin, Riza quit and became a normal person once again.


"AHHH!" His fist impacted with the snakes tail as he growled, his body spun a she went away, flying into a tree, he stuck his landing, making a large grasp of his fist. "You killed him, you fucked up snake, I will never forgive you!" It went for his body he would punch it with a powerful right fist, and then kick it away. He began to run towards it gasping his anger had grown to new levels as he punched the creature away, into a tree, its large body had collapsed as the tree was actually bigger than itself. He made sure not to give it time to react however, punching it rapidly in the face as he growled loudly, hatred and rage fueled his fists. "DIE!!!!"

He stopped, thinking it was dead, as he gasped, the blood pouring from his fist the amount of times his fist came through its head, he looked to his hands, his flesh raw from beating it so badly. "He took his time lingering in the moment. However, the fight was not yet over, it would begin to move once more, coming towards his body with its incredible speed, Hakai would look backwards, he glared, it stopped suddenly, but with this would come Hakai's own move, a move he had used against the snake before, 'Leg Lariat'. As it hit the ground, Hakai had place so much strength in his fist, that he punched through its skull, gripping its brain he would begin to crush it tightly, the snake releasing a shrill, before falling to the ground, motionless.

He stared at it, his eyes hard, as he panted, taking the blood of his fists, making no movement to remove it, he would only turn and begin to walk away. "I've avenged my friend..." He said, slowly closing his eyes, he would disappear into the shrubbery, going forth to his final destination. He would not speak, or say a word the entire way there, he would only move quietly, making nothing but his own footsteps, it would begin to rain...

Hakai arrived at his destination, taking with him, the experiences and values of what he learned, along with the vengeance of a friend so long ago... that would be another story for another day, Hakai however, would be nothing more than what he was, someone who  must get stronger, to protect the few people he had left. To protect  Riza, to protect Hana, to protect the spirit of his beloved friends. Friends he would lose a handful of years later.

Looking at the young rouge Lava Ninja, that boy would go on to be come Anbu Captain of your village. He would shed his joking name of  "Bug." After he lost his dearest friend, he no longer represented that name. After this, that boy was obsessed with power and was willing to do whatever it took to get it. Eventually adopting the name Bug Sage, his pursuit would only hasten and with in half a decade he'd be called the Parasite Sage. The same boy from the first story, who spent an afternoon fighting a bird. This boy would eventually become a Anbu of your village boy, gesturing to the young mans head band. Let me tell you about how he first started his Sage training........

Hakai was scouring the data books for methods of which he could become more powerful, however all of the techniques listed seemed to be a bit abstract as well as something of legend rather than reality. However, there were a few techniques that included proof within the past hundred years or so. On technique that the Kage had an extreme interest in was the Art of Earth Grudge Fear. There was a man named Kakuzu who apparently had the technique at one time but was ultimately killed by the Likes of Kakashi Hatake and Naruto Uzumaki. It seemed as if the technique allowed for one to use small black threads to absorb body parts of other humans. Kakuzu used it to absorb the hearts of others and could only be killed once all of his hearts were destroyed. This was indeed a powerful skill, though Hakai decided to keep looking and eventually found something more his style.

This technique was called Sage Mode and gave the user the ability to access natural chakra and perform advanced techs known as Senjutsu. That sounded amazing to the Anbu. The only thing in his way was the fact that he needed some one or some thing teach it to him. So now he was forced to study and seek out his solution. He flipped through a an ancient book of mighty summons that were available to him. The famous general routes of achieving Sage Mode seemed to be using either Snakes or Toads, however Hakai wanted something a bit more suited to who he was. He was chasing a legend, of the first Earth Shadow, the founder of the ancient Village Hidden in the Stone.

The man who was a Bug Sage a master of insect techniques, a legend to the young Aburame. Upon the a specific section of the summons book, he found a very vaguely written page on summons known as "Descrution." It claimed this summon was the key to the Sage arts taught in the Hidden forest. There was little information, only a location and a warning on the page. A hand written message dried in dark red ink. Hakai giggled to himself as he realized that this summon was indeed the one he must learn form. The warning stated, to not seek out this Sage, unless you are willing to pay any price. But Hakai was and his ambition took flight.

The article stated that the Sage Bugs resided in one of the three legendary Sage regions, Shikkotsu Forest. The Shikkotsu or Damp Bone Forest, houses only mysteries. Unlike Mount Myōboku and Ryūchi who has written record of great ninjas who learned those sage arts, Shikkotsu Forest was still a mystery. In the scrolls Hakai Aburame could find there were no successful attempts to locate the sages of the Shikkotsu Forest. Only a list of names who left and never returned; along with a much short list of those who did return. Each leaving their record stories and experiences with the Shikkotsu Forest. Each person found the forest through different means, in different parts of the world. But one thing was clear, they all had the unwaviering desire to find the secret forest and had to pay a terrible price prior to finding it. Hakai, wasn't really sure of anything that had to do with these Sage Bugs. Were they actual Sage Bugs or did they just have the form of one? Either way, it seemed he would have to venture to the Shikkotsu Forest, most of the account stated it was near a large body of water. At least the entrance. He informed the Anbu he would be leaving for his journey and was joined by ten members of the Aburame Clan. The man the power that the Village Hidden in the Volcanoes normally would have.

With his bags packed, he made his way out of the village and ventured to the off the coast. It wasn't a long trip, though it was a quite memorable trek through the the bamboo thickets that acted as the obstacle between him and the power that he craved with every drop of saliva he had been attempting to contain within his mouth. His brow furrowed as he made his way closer and closer to the coast line until he had finally met with the orifice that existed as if a blemish on the surface of the world. He crossed the ocean, leaping from a rock formation that protruded from the earth, allowing a massive entrance into the massive ocean. Three months later, he found the forest. The details of this journey are not the point of this story. The sheer size of the Forest alarmed Hakai primarily due to the fact that that the would be housing creatures of a size alike, massive and fearful. He worried about what might rest within the dark, however his legs drove him further throughout the night-like entrance that acted as a portal to an entirely different world to a world coated in insects, green and avalanches with the moss.

Thin rocks crunched under his feet as he pushed it feet forward, slowly losing his ability to see with time. He activated his destruction bugs sending out kikachu to allow him to see throughout the darkness. For a year he searched through the forest until one day. He found a cave, A massive pair of red eyes illuminated the area as he made his way forward. Hakai moved forward the eyes darkened, Hakai stretched one hand out, placing it on the wet, mossy walls of the rnous abyss, he made his way forward as the light behind him faded form existence entirely, allowing the dark to engulf him completely, allowing no return to the outer world without having to find his way through the maze of rocky walls. He was sure not to make a sound too loud as to prevent his detection of further cave housing life forms. He had heard of many people who have been destroyed by large masses of earth falling from the roof of s, crushing them completely or damaging them beyond repair.

Hakai refused to be yet another Aburame to be squished by a rock, however a his squad would not be here to save him should he be utterly destroyed. No one would be here to preserve his legacy and goals. No one would be here to save him from his mortal doom.After taking one rock step, he slipped on the slick rocks, forcing himself to clasp the rock the nearby, but the massive force needed to grab the rock made a sound that echoed throughout the , causing it to tremble. Stalagmites from the ceiling began falling down, their sharp tips aimed directly at the skull of the Village Hidden in the Volcanoes Anbu. He looked up just in time to punch the stalagmite that was soon to pierce his eye. It shattered, though the barrage was not finished, each falling less that a second apart from each other as the itself rumbled with the force of the impacts on the ground.

He ran forward with all of his speed, swatting at the rocks as they fell to end his life. After running about a tenth of a mile, he saw a light in the distance. "The opening!" He yelled as he ran at top speed. However upon entering the orifice in the itself, it was abundantly clear that the light that lit up the way was not that of the sun, In reality, it was a massive campfire that two giant beings were standing about. They sat and rested in what seemed to be a sleeping fashion. However Hakai could not take his eyes off of the massive creatures standing before him. They were just as the book had said, colossal dark creatures, capable of massive destruction. Something told him to run for his life, however he realized that these were the monsters that the book was talking about.

Oh, could feel his heart pounding every half second. The both giants snapped their eyes open at the same time and looked directly at Hakai. His heart stopped and skipped at least eight beats before the smaller of the two arose from his slumber. He walked over towards Hakai, though his sounds were as if he was light as a feather; eight legs scurrying across the floor. It was amazing that something that size could move so silently. As he got closer, it was clear that his skin wasn't red because of the fire, it was that his skin was actually red. He had a scary looking smile across his face as his lips each ended in a curl. "Should we kill him dad? I haven't tasted a human in quite some time now. What's it been? A hundred years since we ate one?"

The larger of the Sage Bugs stood as well, red and black in skin with a lack of bodily features. It was as if he was just a silhouette, but he managed to speak. "No... this one has a red aura around him. Commonly told as the will of evil, though I see it more as the will of power; the thirst for strength. This one is strong." Before he finished speaking, he picked up a rock the size of Hakai's body and hurled it at him at full speed. It was all he could to break the rock with stream of bugs rushing towards him at speeds he could not dodge, and it was weak from trekking through the cave in the dark after all this time. He rushed up to Hakai at speeds that he was once again unable to follow and grabbed the head of the Village Hidden in the Volcanoes Anbu as if it was a pea that he had found on the ground. While the man was held between his talons. "So, you're pretty strong huh? Starting today, we will be training. Enjoy your time here, because before we're done with you, you will be the most powerful shinobi in your world. Do you accept us as your summoning contract? I suggest you choose yes..."

His voice trailed away on the last sentence. He knew to form his contract he had to give a blood sacrifice of his his own so he removed a kunai from his pocket and sliced a horizontal line along his hand. Allowing the blood to trickle on the floor as a sign of his confirmation. "Very well then." The black creature spoke. The monster began to glow with a black energy surrounding his body as it looked like the energy was slowly pouring into the body of Hakai himself. The blood within his flesh pump against the back of his skin as it wanted to explode. His skin felt as if it was about to tare at the seams and the pain just did not stop. It pulse within his body and would not cease. He could vaguely hear due to the throbbing of his eardrums, however he was able to make out. "It will only take three more days." Was this what it felt like to have energy pour through you? As if your entire being was going to fully combust? Was this their form of conditioning of the body? It wasn't long before he lost consciousness due to pure shock, though the pain did not cease in his sleep.

In his dreams he once again saw the original Aburame Sage, his the first Tushikage, Ishikawa of the Kamizuru. "Hakai-zuki, we begin our training here." He said as the Aburame 's face was that of a bewildered child. "We're in a dream state, but my mentality still rests within you. With this overflow of chakra, I am going to teach you the art of focusing that chakra into your body. Right now your body is being pumped full of the chakra of Cronus, the first bug. I too went under the same training, though not from him but a Sage Bug alike. From the Blood Beetle, the mightest Bug Sage. If you pass this training you shall be tested by him and your training will truly begin." He will continue to flow his massive amounts of chakra into you until you are strong enough to meet his flow. At that time, your chakra will be so refined, you will have access to senjutsu. So for now, you must endure." There was so much that Hakai wanted to ask the first Tushikage and the legend that he was, though he was unable due to the fact that he was snapped back into reality. His eyes shot open as Cronus was still squeezing his skull. "H-how long has it been...?"

He asked as his voice trembled a bit as he attempted to speak. The massive black and red beetle smiled and released the man. The Sage Bug spoke with his deep bellowing voice. "It seems it only took you a day. You're a special one aren't you? It seems we can begin creating further use of the energy to allow you to make your own Senjutsu techniques." He let go of the skull of Hakai as a last bit of energy filled every cell within his body. His eyes began to glow as his Destruction Bug activated from the sheer amount of power within his body, Kikachu pour out and swarmed protectively around his body.

It felt as if he could have been able to fly should he wanted to. The entire existence within him was quivering with energy as he stood on his own. He was able to sense every last thing around him, concentrating on every single feature in the area. Every single crack and protrusion in the , through the deepest recesses of the cave was illuminated for him even though his eyes were currently closed. The large black and red beetle spoke once more before allowing the man his own free will once more. "Just so you know, you can summon the lot of us at any time you need now, though myself and my son will be the best suited for combat. I personally use Doton and my youngling is the only one of our family to use Katon." Hakai was a bit distracted by his own power to notice what the beetle was saying, though he got the gist of what the being was telling him. Should he need to summon the bug, he could do so whenever he needed.

"Though," the Sage Bug continued,"You better not waste my time you small mortal." Hakai laughed to himself as he waved at the giant bug who stood more than ten times the size of himself with his back turned and headed for the exit of the . "By the way!" The Black and red beetle bellowed, "To fully master your Senjutsu you will need to actually train with us to fully awaken your art of Senjutsu. What you have now is just a basic form with no control or usage!" Hakai grinned with this natural chakra flowing through his every being. He couldn't contain himself as he sprinted every second of the way back to his camp, but he never made it. He could not wait to let the entire world know of the adventure that had befallen him in the last forty eight hours of his life.

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Hakai was stopped and never told anyone. *BACK AT BAR*

The now much older Hakai Aburame killed the boy he was talking to and left the bar. OCC: XD

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Training for SC needs reviewing. BUMP

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I read through it, but you need your SC approved/modded, link it to me so that it can be done and then I'll post on the training~

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