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Like a Gust of Wind (P, Ane)

Kazuki Mizushima

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Like a Gust of Wind (P, Ane)

Post by Kazuki Mizushima on Thu Dec 24, 2015 12:23 am

Snow fell harshly throughout the sky village, it seemed as if being this high up gave the residents here quite the winter wonderland! Children played outside making snowmen and causing general
mischief with snowball fights and giggles.
It was nice seeing the village this way - yet the sound of playing children and the smell of traditional winter foods like dangos brought a thick nostalgic fog through his mind. This was very similar to the scenes he had been through his early childhood when his clan's settlement was razed.

Standing atop one of the highest platforms in Sukai. Kazuki Mizushima looked down upon the many citizens going about their evenings. Everybody seemed so happy this Christmas time - bright teeth from happy smiles glittered in the distance as they celebrated with family and friends. Restaurants serving a warm fireplace and hot food were full of lovey-dovey couples full of cheer.

This was nice to see, but hurtful. He didn't know anyone in this village yet here he was protecting it. He had spent the past 2 years working in reconnaisance - so he hadn't returned here in a while. Even during his time being trained as an ANBU he was forced mostly to stay in the barracks. This was the first year where he'd be staying within the walls of the village.

A powerful fist held up the chin of our bored, raven-haired protagonist whos admiration shined - despite his thankless occupation.

Equipped with a blue coat with furry hood and some ninja slacks he dressed shinobi-like but not ANBU, he couldn't have people asking questions.

He figured it'd be wrong for him to just sit here and meditate - he should head to a café or something. Just to immerse himself even slighty into a normal lifestyle and not that of a controversial Black Ops member.

But being in public was always a risk, he knew what other people didn't - but nobody had seen him before really - so what was there to worry about!?

His legs unravelled from their original crossed position to take a running stance towards the floating platform's edge and with a leap of faith he plummeted towards the ground, the body flicker technique keeping him out of sight as he landed in an empty park to make his way towards the dango shop.

The young man looked estranged - as if he was lost. It had been almost four years since he managed to explore this city even slightly and as such seemed a bit of a fish out of water.

A chime echoed as he pushed the door to the snack bar open. As usual there were a few people there but it wasn't too busy. "Hey kid. You new here?" The snack bar owner - a large married man with short greying hair and matching five o clock shadow enquired about the new customer. "Yeah...I guess you could say that." He spoke quietly, obviously not giving much of an enthralled reaction to carrying a conversation. "Not the talkative type huh? Not many guys like you these days - I can tell you're new because you look like you've never seen a snack bar before!" he joked. "I haven't been to one of these places in a while. I was just hoping to find some nostalgia. Could I just get your Sukai Special please? I'm not really in the mood for talk." He spoke, the shop owner letting out a deep sigh and got to work.

Elbows creaked against the wood of the bar as he rubbed his face with both of his hands. It was always tough in these festive times when you no longer had family or friends, what were you supposed to do?

His lone yellow eye fixed to the wooden bar so intensely, an expression of loneliness - not cripplingly so but it could be sensed that it was the expression of a man who missed something.

The only person he could really remember from this village was a very, very old friend...
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Re: Like a Gust of Wind (P, Ane)

Post by Kino M. Kyodo on Thu Dec 24, 2015 12:53 am

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