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EG and Chill {P, Training}

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EG and Chill {P, Training}

Post by Kino M. Kyodo on Wed Dec 23, 2015 11:07 pm

Kino was sitting there in his room, deciding for as to what he was going to do today. He began to think on what would allow for him to beat Akira, to end the continuous back and forth draws, to which he had one technique. It seemed to have major drawbacks, so, it's not like he would go using it willie nillie. Actually, now that he thought about it, that's exactly how he would use it. Sucks there's no medic on the team, though. Akira, from what Kino recalled, mainly fought with swords, meanwhile god knows what Silveria did for combat, he knew that she preferred things more tactical. Regardless, however, Kino fought mainly with taijutsu, with some Ninjutsu on the side if he deem the situation impossible to deal with using Taijutsu alone. He had one technique, the draw-backs being fairly large, the Eight Gates. The research he'd done tells him that the more 'gates' he releases, the more strain his body receives. Judging by how great the previous gates have been, he assumes that by the time he reaches the eighth gate he would receive some serious injuries from his technique alone, if not death. However the reward for said risk didn't seem too great, while he got an edge in battle it appeared to only be a small one, though, he only has the capability to open up to the third gate, there could be more power in the fourth than the first three combined. He didn't know for as to whether or not this was true, but, it was worth finding out. Not just for fighting against Akira, but for being able to use this technique in a real life or death situation. He found himself focusing on the specific spot on the body where the fourth gate would be unlocked, as well as doing some physical exercise to add onto them, splitting his focus between the two. Kino would proceed outside of his home, and begin heading for the training grounds. He was dressed in his usual attire, nothing more than a hoodie, t-shirt, and khaki shorts were visible to the eye, besides the Kazangakure headband of which he wore around his forehead, the standard style for it.

Once he arrived at the training grounds, Kino would begin to focus. He would open the first gate, a small feat at this point, it took little effort as all he had to do was focus on the spot and command it to open. He felt a minor surge in power, his speed and strength being increased, though only slightly. "second gate, open." He would command, as he focused on the second point on the body where the gates were allocated. "Third, open." He said. This was, the last time he checked the farthest gate he could forest open. His body was being strained right now, however, he could handle it. "Fourth Gate, Open." He said, strain would slowly begin to envelope over his body once again, he began to pant. This pain could easily drive someone weaker than Kino to stop with the eight gates as soon as entering, most likely, anyways. Though, Kino needed this power, not just for sparring and winning against Akira, but because, should the day come he actually not have enough power to stop something from harming him, the village, or god forbid his friends, he would need this power. Of course, besides the dedication for this technique, over the years as a Shinobi his body has learned to take quite a beating, this almost seemed like nothing to him.

After entering the fourth gate, he switched his focus to the fifth point on his body, which should allow for him to enter the gate. Unfortunately, that wouldn't be the only thing that he would need to enter the next gate. He knew this for a fact, he'd been in possession of the eight gates for quite sometime now, after all. Having only amassed the third gate before returning to Kazangakure wasn't sheer laziness, but the difficulties of not having someone train it to you, which clearly didn't stop him. The only reason he found this technique was because he was going on a rampage and challenging everyone he could find. One respectable man had this technique, unfortunately, it was a kill or be killed battle, he couldn't afford to leave him alive. However, Kino had been, over his absence from the village, training the Eight Gates, focusing on all points at a time during meditation, while, when physically working out, focusing on the fourth gate, which at the time he was trying to unlock.

Kino would bend his legs, beginning to walk forward with a heavy rock placed upon his back. It was nothing for his strength, easily lifted, especially with the boost the gates had actually given him this time. He ran along with the heavy rock, continuing all across the training grounds, then reversing the order. He kept on working his body, trying not to over work himself, as the strain on his entire body was present. Comparing the gains to the earlier gates, however, they seemed to be more worth it to endure the pain. The pain was a drawback that was present, and seemingly the only one, besides, what could possibly be death in the end.

Over the course of days Kino continued to train in the fourth gate, receiving treatments for his sore body, he noticed that his strength was a little lacking after the fourth gate. It would appear as if another drawback had revealed itself to Kino, luckily enough he found this while training. It would've been a pain to deal with in a real, life or death battle. He decided to take it easy with the eight gates, only training it every other day. For a week or two this went on, Kino eventually unlocked the fifth gate. It was almost as simple as unlocking the fourth, though he noticed himself attempting to perform more exercises while performing the fourth gate, while simultaneously focusing on the fifth.

Kino was walking home from training, one day. His body was sore, and he decided he would take a break from it for a bit. He wasn't so sore that he couldn't walk, thankfully. Eventually, he found himself sitting on his bed, he would release a concerned sigh. He had no idea for as to whether or not he was training this correctly. He found this completely at random, and can only train it based on his vague idea on what the Eight Inner Gates were. He must have been doing it right, though, 'lest this would take a lot longer than this had been. Though, it took a few years to get to this point, it looked like progression was quickening. He grinned, proceeding to lay back and think, just how much further would he have to climb? He wasn't ready yet. He wasn't ready to spar Akira full on. He wanted this jutsu to be trained and over with, he would only go up to how far he could without dying, of course, but he found this so he could fight him. He wanted to win, and he wasn't going to go in a fight with him ill-prepared. This he was determined on. For now, however, he was going to take a break, if Akira would ever ask for a spar in the near future, he would have to decline. Because, he was afraid of losing to him, he didn't want to be the first loss after all those consecutive draws, that would be shameful, he thought.

{1274 words, trained the fourth gate, a C ranked, and the fifth gate, a B ranked. If you need it.}

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Re: EG and Chill {P, Training}

Post by Karumo on Fri Dec 25, 2015 8:21 pm

Training for fourth and fifth gates approved~

1500 EXP awarded

Another suggestion, in your update, mark how many gates you can open, just to keep tabs of it until you get all 8 Smile

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