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Yazuro Miyado



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Yazuro Miyado

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• Name: Yazuro Miyado
• Nickname / Alias: -
• Title: -
• Age: 20
• Gender: Male
• Sexuality: Heterosexual

• Height: 6 feet
• Weight: 150 lbs
• Body type: Lean
• Eye colour: Brown
• Hair colour & style: Black and varies from spiked in front or nothing done with it
• General Appearance:
• Markings: -

• Persona: Yazuro is a fairly calm and collected ninja, who isn’t affected by a lot of things. He takes time to think about his future actions and what they may lead him to. He also knows not to do any idiotic things like attempt to ditch his village, or provoke people to attack him as he prefers to stay out of that kind of trouble. He also knows not to leave a trace of his presence behind in most cases as well as it may lead the wrong kind of people to him.

Yazuro may seem quiet but he is indeed not, he will talk a lot in most situations quite excessively. Although, he is not loud since of course he hates people who are loud since they give him headaches etc. He also doesn’t like large crowds despite being quite social as he feels that they too can also be too loud and Yazuro has a bit of a shy side to him.

• Motto: “Never leave a trace behind."

• Likes:
His village
His allies
Medical Ninjutsu

• Dislikes:
Loud people
Arrogant people
Large Crowds

• Special Characteristics:

    Name: Slightly Faster Than The Average Ninja
    Rank: D-C
    Type: Physical
    Description: The user is slightly faster than an average ninja of their rank. When it comes to speed within this rank this user will usually win. Anyone of higher rank can still out run them. 20 Speed stat increase.

    Name: Improved Endurance
    Rank: D
    Type: Physical
    Description: Through intensive training and being hit many times, the possessor of this talent has an increased durability stat of 15 which makes them slightly tougher. They can withstand greater damage that could otherwise stun them in pain, and continue fighting. [this reduces the effects of stuns (excluding poisons) by one post] ( Needs taijutsu or weaponry as a specialty)

• Rank: ANBU
• Elements: Water, Lightning
• Specialty: Medical Ninjutsu, Kenjutsu
• Clan: -
• Bijuu: -

• Strength: 22
• Speed: 70
• Durability: 32 (+20) = 52
• Chakra: 100

• Village: Kazangakure
• Parents: Deceased
• Siblings: -
• Mentor & Idols: Kazangakure Sannin [Idols]
• History: Yazuro was born to a small family of 2 Medical ninja located within the village of Kazangakure, to a small family of medical ninja. His family would often help around at the Hospital, which influenced where Yazuro would now stand today as a medical ninja. Although, he would take his life much further than his parents had and would actually become a ninja that took part of battle learning Kenjutsu.

Yazuro would be enrolled into the Academy at the age of 5 and was fairly smart for his age. He had always listened and class and would score highly on almost every test that he had taken part in. He had been one of the top students in the class and successfully completed the Genin exam at the age of 6. Soon after his graduation he would join a squad of Genin. He’d also start to attempt learning Medical Ninjutsu at this age, it being easier as his parents were also able to help him.

At the age of 11 Yazuro was excelling quite well in Medical Ninjutsu and would have begun his training in Kenjutsu. His Genin sensei would enter his squad into the Chuunin exams because of Yazuro’s improvement and his team mates. The first two parts of the exams since one part was about knowledge, which he has and the second part being about teamwork something he needed or he would likely have failed getting through the Forest of Death and have died. Although, the last test would be hard on Yazuro. He had never really fought alone before and was scared that maybe he wouldn’t win, but he needed to have faith in his Kenjutsu and Medical Ninjutsu.

He would end up winning the tournament and would also end up becoming a Chuunin, his squad not following behind him. As time passed by his squad would soon catch up but they’d all be in the range of 16 - 17. Yazuro having been a Chuunin for so long and performing so well on missions would soon become Jounin
for performing so well. Yazuro would still remain in his squad, but only for one more year or so as his squad seemed not to improve enough to come of the Jounin rank and Yazuro would decide to become ANBU.

When Yazuro came of the age 19 he was tested for ANBU by the ANBU captain and successfully passed the test, becoming ANBU. He has carried many missions out since then and still remains ANBU today, seeking further training under someone who is stronger than him. He's hoping that it will be one of the three Sannin who he idolizes a lot, he wants to become just as strong as them and maybe even join them on their adventure if they allow him to.

• Roleplay Sample:

Shinichi would move around a little before performing the handseals to turn into a fox. The fox he would be turning into would look like any other average Konoha fox. Shinichi would then run off into the direction that he had let the fox run away in. He'd then begin looking for a fairly healthy fox that he'd be able to take back to Stein that would last him a considerable amount of time. It'd also be for the fact that he didn't want to have to go back out and get another fox for Stein if the one he had gathered suddenly died.

Shinichi would start to act as if he was eating grass and would wait for some time for a fox to possibly come by. Although suddenly he'd be confronted by a bear which was quite fearful while he looked like a fox, just prey for the average bear. Shinichi would then transform into his normal self and try to expel poison gas for the Bear to inhale so that it may die but instead nothing came out at all. Shinichi would then remember what Stein said. Once he did Shinichi started to gather all of the poisonous thoughts in his head and expel them all through his mouth into the poison. When he did, a big purple cloud of poison came out and he stood in it so that the bear may not see him and when he did try to attack he'd be breathing in the toxic air from the gas.

Although, the bear was not an easy opponent. He would start to swipe his claws at Shinichi, cutting his arm open. Shinichi would then jump out of the poison and wait for it to dissipate before he went to go check if the bear was dead. He couldn't risk allowing himself to get killed, not before he accomplished his goal. When the poison finally dissipated he would see the bear lying there dead on the ground lifeless. He would then approach it and poke its body curiously. He would then grab the bear's paws and slowly drag it into the shade that a tree provided. He felt bad for killing the animal but he guess he had to for the sake of his own life.

Shinichi would then remember the wound that he had received from the bear and he would feel the warm crimson blood slowly stream down his arm. Shinichi would then perform the handseals for the basic medial technique and he would heal his arm, closing the wound and making it feel as if it wasn't even there.

Once all that was complete Shinichi would continue his search for the fox by turning into a fox again and would wander off further into the forest and act like he was eating grass. He would then see a fox in the corner of his eye and approach it slowly. When he reached the fox, he would turn into his normal self and restrain it. He would then activate his Shining Medical Eye and look at it to make sure it was healthy. Although it seemed it was unhealthy and there was nothing that Shinichi could really do to help the poor fella'. He would then release it and let it run off into the wild disappointed that he still wasn't able to find a fox.

He would then turn back into a fox and continue to wander around pretending to eat grass. It seemed that he couldn't find a fox, so what was he to do? Would he continue the search or would he go back to Stein and tell him that he couldn't find one or would he continue to look? Shinichi then realized that the fox he had just let go could probably lead him to a whole den of foxes, healthy foxes. It wouldn't be too far now so Shinichi would run in pursuit of the fox by following the trail he had left.

He would then approach the end of the tracks to confront another bear, this time feasting on the carcass of the fox he had been following. He would then run off going around the clearing into the direction the fox was about to go in and he would continue to look for foxes. He would then stumble upon a den of a group of baby foxes that wouldn't be of much use to him. The mother was probably the one trying to get back here anyways and the father was probably already dead. He would wander off making sure that he kept record of what directions he went in so that if he needed to he could just take the baby foxes to Stein which would probably last way longer than just one adult fox that he would need to experiment on and such.

Once Shinichi had been running looking around for a good 30 minutes or so he'd lay down on the ground and rest for 10 minutes observing his surroundings. Listening to the birds sing and feeling the breeze blowing against the fur he now has. Such a relaxing place to be.. Then he realized he didn't have forever to get back to Stein, he'd end up getting caught lounging around and probably be forced to beat Stein in a spar to escape. Shinichi would get back up and continue to wader around the forest looking for a fox that Stein could experiment on. He would continue to pretend to eat grass while walking further into the forest, hopefully running across a fox.

Suddenly Shinichi saw another fox, it seemed like his wish had come true. Shinichi would slowly approach it in the form of a fox and when he got close enough he'd jump on it and restrain it. He'd then activate his shining medical eye and look at the fox's health revealing that he was completely healthy. Shinichi would start to absorb some of the fox's chakra so that it would calm down a little so that he could take it to Stein peacefully. Then he realized he should probably grab the baby foxes as well, maybe Stein would be even happier with him and maybe Shinichi could make a new friend.

Shinichi started to walk back in the direction of the baby foxes while holding the adult fox in his arm. Once he reached the den of the foxes he saw the baby foxes were still alone, abandoned. He would then pick them all up and hold them and make his way back to Stein to give him all of the foxes he had just gathered. Once he reached Stein he would first restrain the bigger fox and find a smaller cage that was laying around and would put all of the baby foxes inside of it.

He would then make his way back over to Stein and say, "I found an adult fox and I hope you don't mind me picking up the baby foxes, it seemed that they were either abandoned or their mother was killed by a bear." Hoping that Stein wouldn't mind Shinichi stood there quietly and waited for a response from Stein. Waiting to see whether his work would be praised or would be taken as a waste of time.

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Re: Yazuro Miyado

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