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Futushi Senju | Hyouzangakure Sannin


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Futushi Senju | Hyouzangakure Sannin

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• Name:  


• Nickname / Alias:

| FUTU |

• Title:







• Age:


• Gender:

| MALE |

• Sexuality:


• Height:

| 188 CM | 6'2" |

• Weight:

| 86 kgs | 190 lbs |

• Body type:


• Eye colour:


• Hair colour & style:


• General Appearance:
Standing at 188cm (6 feet 2 inches) whilst weighing at 86kg (190lbs) Futushi has the typical body type of a man his "age" (early twenties, or so he likes to tell people). His appearance can be summarized as a tall dignified young man, his arms and legs are perfectly proportionate to his size. His body as a whole is thin yet incredibly masculine as what he lacks in size he gains in muscular tone as his body is viciously ripped widespread across his body. Across his torso lies scar tissue from healed lacerations from combat whether it be in battle or in general training sessions. The scar's start from his chest and end at is hips and have faded over time gaining a light beige color to them. Futushi's skin is sun-kissed from the time he has spent in the natural heat portrayed from the weather at sea, from contact with direct sunlight his skin has gained a light mahogany tone.

Covering the top of his crown is an unkempt bed of mid-back length indigo-black hair which sits atop his long thin eyebrows and covers his ears completely. Below his eyebrows sit his two big golden hued eyes which display his 'charming and flirtatious' attitude. His nose is thin and short with a small ball shape around the tip whilst his lips are a light beige with his bottom lip slightly larger than his top. When his lips are in movement his straight white teeth are displayed showing a full view of perfect teeth. Futushi never has facial hair due to his daily shaving routine and literally does not grow body hair (whether it be chest, legs or arms) except around his manhood which is trimmed.

On his back is embedded ink in different designs portraying unique symbols/images that relate to his life. These tattoos all cherish unique traits and symbolic meanings which supply Futushi with mental support both in battle and in everyday controversy.

• Persona:

Futushi Senju; a name in which the shinobi himself takes pride in, a man who is incapable of blending into a crowd, a man capable of demanding the attention and admiration of those around him simply by being in their presence. Futushi presents himself as if he were a nobleman of the highest title possessing a certain flare for dramatics. Futushi when serious is an exceptionally well-spoken individual even if he does possess fastidious manners in certain situations. The gentlemen believes presentation is of the utmost importance which he displays in his regards to hygiene, attire and formalities. Futushi possesses the air of a man who's lived in riches from birth, a facade that comes naturally to the man due to his strange upbringing.  

Futushi is a laid back and fun-loving person. He is somewhat infamous among his peers for getting drunk and doing outrageous things, to the point that even his closest friends don't believe him when he says that he doesn't take advantage of others that are under the influence. He can be quite a flirt and is not above using his charm to get what he wants. His main dogma is that life is about getting other people to do his work for him. He tends to remove his clothes when asleep. Though Futushi has a strong reputation for narcissistic self-interest, he uses it as a screen for his true nature. In reality, he is a compassionate and loyal man.

Despite all this, he can be serious when the need arises and is a great and honorable Sannin who is respected and admired by everyone, especially his peers (whom he seems to consider a sort of extended family). He realizes that he's became a sly person after accomplishing too many things and is now the person he never wanted to be, his Father.
• Motto:

Those sweet lips. My, oh my, I could kiss those lips all night long. Good things come to those who wait.

Each of us is born with a box of matches inside us but we can't strike them all by ourselves

• Likes:

There is no greater feeling than the winds of the ocean breeze brushing against ones face and through their hair, the freedom of going wherever the wind takes you like a drugs never ending pull, an addiction. Futushi feels a sense of freedom when hes on the seas and a sense of restriction placed upon him when hes on land. Sailing the seas is in Futushis blood, his Father was a man of small renounce with a reputation for being a sailor in Hyouzangakure's Navy Military. Futushi grew up surrounded by the boats thus following in his Father's footsteps in his own way.
Futushi is a materialistic person and as such has a great love for the finer things in life. The peacock of a man considers himself a high king and perpetually lives like one, amassing a fortune large enough to live like a nobleman. While earning Ryo is a hobbie of his, he has been known to do so in means that aren't exactly legal but at-least others aren't harmed in the processes right? Futushi is a man known to splurge Ryo and has been said to possess an expensive taste, commonly shown his attire; the Jewelry and clothing her wears.
A man of fine taste in all things, including men and woman. Futushi doesn't see the difference between gender, all he see's is the beauty of a man or woman and as such the man enjoys his share of flesh. Sin and Lust aren't words considered in the mans vocabulary and instead he likes to call those he lays with his ''Lovers''. Nicknamed the Pervert and Heart breaker of the Seven Sea's Futushi has been known to chase tail as he deems fit, possessing numerous lovers across the world and never being one to fall in love. While Futushi is a man made of Ryo he isn't one to pay for the love of another, instead he uses his charm to gain the things he wants and more likely then not his charm will always win out.
Anything to do with water Futa is a fan of, the ocean though is in a leagues of its own. Futa find's the ocean and it's children a place of beauty and art. From the creatures that dwell deep within it's waters to the hidden secrets. Despite his Senju name and bloodline Futa feels more accustomed, more comfortable to the ocean, a trait passed onto him by his Father.

Freedom isn't something the Sannin takes for granted, if anything the man takes his freedom under heavy thought. When one gains as much power and fame as a Sannin of Hyouzan, spare time becomes a rarity. When people say with power comes responsibilities, they weren't lying, this Futa knows first hand. Since his rise to power and fame the village, no, the world believes that he owes a considerable amount of his time, a patience the Sannin sometimes lacks. It is for this reason Futa enjoys when the Kage grants him leave, then and only then can he travel the seas on the Ryujin freely, going where he pleases.
• Dislikes:

The life of a Shinobi is a hard one to live so is it any suprized that the young man enjoyd to drink his fill? Nothing annoys the Sannin more than for his stock of alcohol to run out and even more so if he is made to wait for the succulent taste of his wines. At times Futa has be known to use his charm to get others to refill his cup for due to sheer laziness and the only one who seems capable of scolding him for is Taika, his peer of a Sannin.
More of a challenge than a dislike, Futa isnt the type of man to be rejected, so when this does eventually happen the Sannin takes it upon himself to change the minds of those who aren't fool enough for his charms or good looks. A massive example of this is Taika, his Sannin comrade who is one of the few to put up with his as he calls it "bullshit". Does that stop Futa from trying? No quite the opposite actually.. if anything the man will put in more effort to dissuade an individual.
| WAR |
Sheer laziness is the main benefactor to his dislike for war, his time already seems to belong to others and a war would just be another workload on his shoulders. Considering is self centered attitude Futa is actually sorrowful about the aftermath that war causes, laziness is just his way of using an excuse not to participate as he doesn't like to appear as a giving person.
A hypocrite through and through, Futa has a massive dislike of those who steal what right fully belongs to him, even if he has stolen most of what he owns. Futa has been known to rage at people who steel from him, even going so far as to chasing the culprits to the ends of the earth and back. Steal from him and be prepared to face the consequences.
The most terrifying problem with men and women? Many of the people Futa uses to fulfill his needs turn out to be clingy love struck individuals. Futa has learned to tell the difference between infatuation and admiration, the latter being the scariest of all. Since the death of his Wife Futa doesn't want to give his heart to another, he believes Hōseki was the only one worthy of possessing his undivided love. The fuel to his title of Heart-breaker of the Seven Seas, Futa has been known to fail in his talent of avoiding those who are clingers and as a result the reputation of breaking the hearts of men and women around the world has escalated more so than the Sannin would have liked.

• Special Characteristics:

  • Name: Jack of All Trades
    Rank: S Ranked
    Requirements: Must Be Senju Clan (can Start with this SC)
    Type: All
    Description: The Senju Clan are known as the Jack of all trades which means they tend to be talented in most of anything they do. The Senju, like everyone, can train for all Specialties, but everyone else can only use the bonuses of the Specs if it is their top three. Senju can uses the bonuses from all specs they have trained.

  • Name: Inheritance of Tobirama
    Rank: D-Rank to S-Rank
    Requirements: Senju Blood | Water Release
    Type: Chakra | Elemental Affinity
    Description: Some members of the renown Senju Clan are more proficient in certain elements that others, these select few gain what is better known as The Inheritance of Tobirama, a Special Characteristic that grants the user a range of passives dependent on rank that purely affect their proficiency with Water.

    D-Rank to S-Rank:

    | Water Release Technique training Costs |
    At each rank the user gains a training discount on all Water Release Techniques base Wordcount total, these are as follows. These do not stack but are able to alongside Elemental Excellence and Almighty Elementalist.

    1. D-Rank: No Wordcount discount
    2. B-Rank: -160 Wordcount
    3. A-Rank: -240 Wordcount
    4. S-Rank -320 Wordcount

    | Water Release Technique Rank Increase |
    Rank Increases:
    At each rank the users Suiton or Water Release Techniques rate of damage is up'd by one rank. Additionally at higher ranks jutsu are granted a broad range allowing for large AoE or Area of Effect possibilities. Does not stack with other Special Characteristic's. Only enhances Water Release and not KKG based Techniques that use Water.

    • D-Rank: B-Rank Damage
    • B-Rank: A-Rank Damage
    • A-Rank: S-Rank Damage
    • S-Rank: SS-Rank Damage | AoE Effect | 10 Meter Range

    | Water Release Mastery ~ S-Rank |
    Mastery Passives:

    • At S-Rank the user has entirely mastered the use of Water Release that they are now capable of using their techniques without the use of a water source or body of water. Instead the user is capable of harnessing and utilizing sources of moisture in the air as a source for their water techniques which grants them a -1 in Post Count to use their jutsu / discount on Chakra.
    Open to the public: Yes

• Rank:


• Elements:


• Specialty:


• Clan:

|  SENJU |

• Bijuu:

|  NO |


|  S Ranked/ Sanin: 272 points |

• Strength:

| 40. |

• Speed:

| 61. |

• Durability:

| 61. |

• Chakra:

| 110. {+10 from Xmas Gift} = 120. |

• Village:


• Parents:


• Siblings:


• Mentor & Idols:

| NO |

• History:


The Senju Clan has always been a dominating part of Shinobi World History, enough so that their legends and feats were forever etched in stone for generations past. Certain members of this well renounced Clan strive to follow in the footsteps of their forefathers, Hashirama and Tobirama Senju. Men who, over their lifespan lead to the creation of world wide renown for the Senju name. As time passed the two men ensured a future for their descendents, leaving behind a trail for them to follow. Our story however involves a different Senju of a different Nature, one who went from rags to riches, who in self interest created his own legends, his own feats for the world to etch into history. This man is known as Futushi Senju, Highking of the Seven Sea's.

Futushi Senju was a man born into a large Family. Like most citizen's of the Land of Ice, he and his family were heavily involved in Hyouzangakure's Shinobi System. Futa's family was considered unconventional due to the decisions his Father had made surrounding the conception of his four siblings. Hanho, the man they called Father possessed the tacky ability to seduce woman into bed and as a result the man was blessed with five children to five different woman. Hanho had a reputation for using his abilities and Kekkei Genkai, Mokuton or Wood Release to seduce the woman he wanted to bed. Every week Futa and his siblings expected a new woman to come knocking on their front door in search of their Father who conveniently was always away on a mission at the time. The man was deviously cunning and more often than not the children were left to deal with the repercussions of their Fathers actions. Once in a blue moon a woman would come baring a child, claiming the child to be Hanho's. As time went on the size of the Family grew, yet every single time the family welcomed the next addition with open arms. For the longest time the Family believed that Futa was the last child conceived by Hanho but a few years after Futa was brought to the home Tressa made her appearance, the youngest of the family, at-least that they knew of. After Tressa Hanho came to the realization that he was content with what he had, the man had finally matured, even if it took well over forty five years. Due to his Fathers love-life Futa bore many siblings, though no child bore the same two parents. A fact considered a minor issue within the household, a regard that never really phased the loving family of six. Even more unconventional was the fact that none of the children were raised by their birth Mothers, instead raised and guided by the hand of their Playboy Father and their Sister Hanah, the eldest of the siblings. Hanah took responsibility as the eldest and without a second thought she assumed the role of the family's Motherly figure.

While Futa never really knew his Mother he had heard stories that she was once a famous concubine of high regard and finesse. His Mother Neria had decided the life of a concubine wasn't one she wished upon a child, her child so she sent Futa to live with his Father in an attempt to give him a better life. Futa rarely thought of his Mother as he was content with the Family members he was lucky enough to already have. To provide for Futa Neria sent a monthly check and often sent invitations for Futa to visit her. Politely Futa declined both offers as he would't allow himself to get his hopes up in case his Mother wasn't what he expected.

Futa's childhood was full of pleasant memories, memories he looks back on with fondness. He was lucky he was able to grow up in a family setting alongside a mass of siblings and a Father who's faults displayed very little of his true character. In a way Futa was thankful for the way Hanho had lived his life with such sin, without it he wouldn't have been blessed with so many siblings. Perhaps his fondest memories of his childhood are of the times he spent with his Father and younger Sister Tressa at their Fathers boat compound. The time they spent there consisted of the two siblings helping their Father with his Family project. Over the years it had become tradition for Hanho to bring each of his children to the compound, one child per year where they would work their blood, sweat and tears into the boat. The man held a hidden agenda. By spending an entire year with each of his children on the boat he was able to teach them lessons about life and even virtues like humility (Which obviously skipped Futa), patience, honesty, kindness, responsibility, determination, integrity and even courtesy. As they grew older the siblings eventually figured out Hanho's true intentions. Why else would he not just simply use his wood release to instantly build a boat rather than waste time. It was an intention meant to create decent Shinobi, decent human beings. Eventually the Family Project was finished but wasn't revealed until many years later and named The Ryūjin.


Like all who begin their journey within the ranks of Shinobi, Futa was enrolled into Hyouzangakure's Academy where he began his education in the fundamentals of being a Ninja. An education that fell upon deaf ears. Futa was considered the class clown of his class and more often than not came to grief with his Sensei for his lack of attention and his need to be the center of attention. Possessing a charm like his Father Hanho Futa was considerably well liked by his peers, his charismatic personality allowing him to gain his first fan base within Hyouzangakure. Due to his Senju heritage and perhaps his own ambitions Futa excelled in his studies but only when he truly applied himself. Due to her role as his self appointed Mother Hanah often scolded Futa for his lack of focus in the Academy and whenever the boy failed his tests Hanah would punish him by forcing him to study for long hours at home. Eventually Futa sat his Genin Exam which he passed without an issue thanks to Hanah's interventions. Perhaps on the verge of maturing Futa applied himself further in preparation for his ascension into the rank of Genin where he knew he'd fall behind his Team mates, something the boy refused to do.

On his successful rank up from Academy Student to Genin Futa was placed on a small squad of three Genin and a Jounin Sensei. Like most squads which are formed to focus on a specialty or attribute Futa's squad, Team Eight was specifically created to harness and train a team of young Kekkei Genkai users who had yet to manifest the use of their Family bloodline. Hōseki Yuki and Kozai Nara, members of Team Eight who specialized in Ninjutsu of some degree. Hōseki Yuki, the daughter of the infamous Ice Clan capable of harnessing and control Wind and Water to create Ice based Jutsu for both offensive and defensive capabilities. Kozai Nara, son of the shadow manipulating clan who's abilities allow them to control the flow of battle with their use of restrictive shadows and a knack for intellect allowing them them to predict outcome of situations. With the of Futa himself being a Senju, Squad Eight consisted of children born with bloodlines.

Surprising to outsiders Futa and his teammates grew quite close within a small time frame allowing them to work better during missions and training sessions. Kozai and Futa's relationship flourished into a bromance, the two considering each other like Unrelated Brothers. The bond they shared was about more than just rivalry, while the two liked to egg each other on by taunting one another they too emotionally and physically pushed each other to work harder, train harder to be better Shinobi and men. Like most boy Futa and Kozai enjoyed the chasing of girls, often competing against one another to see who could gain the admiration of a girl first. Two playboys in one squad, one would think nothing but trouble would ensue but luckily in the presence of Hōseki kept the two fool-hardy boys in line. Hōseki was considered the boss of the group, her strong and proud personality the only barrier keeping Futa and Kozai out of trouble and from harm. Futa knew never to make Hōseki angry or risk a death sentence. The relationship Hōseki and Futa bared as children was.. tense. Most times the two got along well enough yet other times it looked as if they hated each-other. Outsiders often teased the two about how much they argued like a husband and wife often causing the two Genin to go red with embarrassment.

It wasn't long before Squad Eight were sent on higher missions alongside their Sensei and the skills of the Genin team began to improve. After a year the squad was capable of taking on missions Ranked B but were still unable to go any higher due to one person lagging the team behind. Hōseki and Kozan had both successfully acquired their Kekkei Genkai and had become so proficient in it's use that it was like second nature for them. While Futa wasn't exactly weak compared to his peers, due to him being a jack of all trades he had acquired no major skill in any one specific specialty, instead his skills were spread thinly among-st many. This caused a massive gap in prowess between him and his peers, while they began to master their KKG, Futa fell behind his teammates. Futa being a Senju was expected to gain Mokuton or Wood Release in order for him to catch up with his team, his Sensei spent numerous hours trying to train Futa into unlocking his clans potential with the release. It wasn't long until the two came to the decision that perhaps his fathers bloodline had skipped a generation and instead his mother's blood was the dominate, a woman with no Shinobi heritage whatsoever.

In time Squad Eight was placed into the Chuunin Exams. unfortunately he suffered another blow to his pride and ambitions. Unlike his peers he failed in the second round of the event where he was removed from the exam unable to rety until the next chuunin exams. Hoseki and Kozai on the other hand had ranked up to Chuunin while Futa remained a Genin, a sad fact for Futa to believe. Though the difference in rank his peers remained as motivational support for Futa, helping him when they could in order for him to Excel. It wasn't pity nor was it selfish gain, it was simply that they cared for Futa. Futa refused to fall behind his comrades so he trained harder than ever in order to remain a significant part of the team. As If by chance Futa discovered his prowess with Suiton, Water release and it wasn't long before he was able to harness a far greater hold on it compared to even those of higher rank. Focusing on this one specialty though wouldn't be enough for the Genin and so he decided to improve the skills he already possessed. In time Futa was recommended and recruited by the Military and sent to train in the ice cave alongside other Genin. His knowledge and use of Suiton suited a particular purpose for Hyouzan and so they recruited him to join their Navy Force.

During his time in the Military Futa was trained long and hard by a variety of instructors, contact with the outside was prohibited so Futa was able to focus on his skills and mature. While he missed his Genin Team and Family Futa knew that his time spent away from them would be worth it. Futas time in the Military wasnt just training, the once were Genin gained practical skills he could use outside of the Shinobi System. Due to his skills Futa was taught the necessities behind being a good Captain and how to lead a crew. The functions of a ship and even how to direct a ship to its location. Map reading was challenging as was reading coordinates via the sun and stars but eventually Futa was capable of doing even this. After Five years away from the Village Futa was granted leave from the Military to pursue his own agenda where he traveled back to Hyouzangakure with the Rank of Chuunin on his shoulders.


The transition from Chuunin to Jonin was one full of hardships and challenges for Futa yet he never lost ambition for who wanted to become. The time he spent away from the village had helped to mature him physically and mentally as a person and he began to reap all the rewards for his perseverance. Unexpectedly Futa's ability to use the Senju Clans Mokuton, Wood Release made its appearance one day during a mission. From that day Futa trained his KKG in order to get stronger.

Three years later Hōseki and Futa married becoming Husband and Wife. During his absence from the Village Hōseki came to the realization just how she felt for Futa. Feeling the same Futa proposed to Hōseki on the anniversary of their Sensei's Death in front of his Grave.

Futa built two ships of note, The Ryujin and The Fuijin. As the names would suggest one would take to the sea while the other would take to the sky. It was the use of these ships that brought great fame to Futa as he traveled the world. In time Futa was considered a pirate due to his raiding of enemy ships that he came upon. Helping this cause his crew and he himself fit the appearance's for being regarded as Pirates. Futa spent a few years sailing the sea's. Never stopping too long in any particular location, this was how Futa gained his title of the High King of the Seven Seas.

In time Futa was called back to the village by the Kage as his particular field of expertise was needed. Futa was given an S Ranked mission to capture and contain the Krakken Bijuu in order for the Village to gain a new weapon. Accepting Futa organized a team of fifteen men and woman to accompany him on his mission, with the addition of three ships and three boat crews Futa set sail with his old Genin squad Hōseki and Kozai to hunt the tailed beast. After two months at sea searching for the Krakken Futa was prepared to cancel the mission and return back to the village a failure but fate had others plan. During their trip home a massive storm set the Ryujin off its course into uncharted waters. Futa had trouble finding his bearings leaving his squad and crew stranded in unknown waters. To make matters worse supplies were running low and members of the crew had fallen sick. As if sensing their weakened state the Ryujin was attacked by the beast they were set out to hunt, the Krakken. The massive beast attacked without thought slaughtering and devastating the entirety of The Ryujin. Hōseki and Kozai both on board lost their lives during the battle against the beast.

The sole survivor Futa eventually returned to Hyouzangakure bearing bad news for the Hyouzankage. While he had survived the attack from the beast had left Futa scarred from his left hand shoulder all the way down to his waist. A gift the Krakken left for Futa due it's use of Acid Release. Due to the circumstances the Hyouzankage granted Futa leave after giving him the rank and title of Sannin. From there Futa left the Village in search o himself once again...

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Re: Futushi Senju | Hyouzangakure Sannin

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Seriously broken the coding and cbf fixing it but anyways! ALL POSTS DONE BY MIRA as teh RP sample.
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Code for village is broken. And you do know you have to train the rest of your tobirama sc right

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Fixed and yes fully aware!
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Re: Futushi Senju | Hyouzangakure Sannin

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