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Meiton : Shade Release

Kazuki Mizushima

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Meiton : Shade Release

Post by Kazuki Mizushima on Tue Dec 22, 2015 3:29 pm

    • name ;; Meiton (Dark / Shade Release)

    • elements required ;; None

    • how is it made ;; Via a set of indentations on both palms, one absorbs chakra while the other transforms and releases it, this procedure can be done with the user's own chakra too.

    • what can it do ;; Dark release similar to the Akumu clan is the manipulation of death and the undead. The bright blue chakra emitted from Meiton jutsus can take a variety of shapes and forms such as flames and lightning, but the effects it has takes no particular element - but for the most part does pure kinetic damage which can rip apart or disintegrate a foe with the Dark Release chakra being able to "eat" away at the enemy's chakra flow. It can be used either defensively, offensively or perhaps to make a field of chakra-sapping energy and even manipulate ethereal and demonic energies.

    In addition it can amplify elemental techniques by boosting them or adding certain characteristics, at the exchange of being more vulnerable to its' weakness than the standard.

    • strengths ;; According to Canon its' strengths lie in the ability to absorb almost any jutsu provided the user's chakra flow was high enough to transform the chakra natures. It could be used for example to absorb a powerful jutsu and reject it back with similar effects or damage, along with the versatility of the nature itself.

    • weakness ;; According to the film the element seemed to be weak against high-powered Wind jutsu. And if the user does not have enough chakra to absorb the jutsu - they will just be hit by it.

    And elemental variants of these techniques are far more vulnerable to their weaknesses.

    • other requirements ;; Uyeno Clan

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Re: Meiton : Shade Release

Post by Stein on Wed Dec 23, 2015 5:00 pm

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