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[canon] Earth Style Wall


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[canon] Earth Style Wall

Post by Saya on Tue Dec 22, 2015 4:12 am

Name ;; Doton: Doryūheki – Earth Style Wall
Rank ;; B
Type ;; Ninjutsu
Element ;; Doton - Earth
Range ;; N/A
Power ;; 3(4)
Speed ;; 3(4)
Cool Down;; 2 posts
Description ;; The user seals Tiger – Hair – Boar – Dog.  Then creates a solid wall of earth as a form of defense. Chakra is either converted to earth within the body and then spat out to form the wall or the user can manipulate pre-existing earth to form the wall. The earth then instantly rises up and takes form. The barrier itself is also coated with chakra, making its strength incomparable to that of a normal mud wall. Because of the earth's special characteristics, the wall is highly resistant against, for instance, fire and water. Also, for a A Ranked shinobi it is possible to create a vast volume of earth.

The standard size of this wall is up to 30 cubic meters total, meaning a wall 15 meters long, 2 meters tall, and 1 meter thick, or any other arrangment of the same amount of matter.

The A Rank version of this wall allows for up to 300 cubic meters of earth for use in the wall, and is both stronger and faster to form.  This jutsu will be ranked up to A rank after training, which may only be trained once the B ranked version has been learned.
Requirements ;; Earth Element - Nin spec
Wordcount ;; 1,000for B, rank2,000 for A rank

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Re: [canon] Earth Style Wall

Post by .Shinigai Kaguya on Tue Dec 22, 2015 4:34 am

Canon jutsu must be registered separatly
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Re: [canon] Earth Style Wall

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Re: [canon] Earth Style Wall

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