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Being for the Benefit of Mister Bird(Training, Private)


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Being for the Benefit of Mister Bird(Training, Private)

Post by Saya on Mon Dec 21, 2015 10:37 pm

Training for second and third tail

Just breathe, came the voice through her mind, echoing through the center of her heart to fill her being.  She was at peace, resting, her mind nearly vacant save the lone voice speaking to her.  Breathe in the spirit of the earth.  Breathe deep the primal energies of the storm.”

The storm raged around her, though in lotus position she paid it no mind.  She was soaked through to the bone, her clothing clinging, her hair sticking to her neck and face, the puddle of water around her growing small amounts with each tiny drop of rain that pounded down into it.  The storm brought her peace, which was a strange juxtapose in emotion for many others who feared the wrath.  As lightning flashed and thunder shook the world, it was no wonder others feared the vulgar display of nature's untrammeled power.

We have not even begun to release the full potential of my power.  You've discovered but one of my tails, the smallest fragment of the great power I can lend you, once you have mastered the understanding between us.  Breathe.  Breathe deep, and feel me.  Feel my power, feel the overwhelming force of my chakra.  Breathe in my storm, and exhale your weakness.  You must relent, surrender, give yourself unto me, for only when we are one will you understand.  Only when we are one, will you begin to grasp what it means to be Bijuu.  When you do, you will know power.  You will know the savage might of the storm, and lay down destruction upon this world the likes of which only I can bring.

Externally Saya was still.  This was not a physical challenge for her, this was a mental and spiritual barrier that had to be broken through.  She could sense, almost taste the power contained within the seal over her heart, but she knew she could not force it to her will.  She had to accept its influence into her mind and into her body, but it was difficult work.  Thinking back on her past, Saya had always been an isolated child.  She never had friends, she had no memory of family, and rarely was she surrounded with the positive influence others grew up with.

The first tail was easy, she'd already done it before.  Around her, amid the storm, a cloak of bubbling blue chakra begins to form around her, seeping out of her tenketsu like sweat drips from pores.  The drops grew and merged, soon covering her full body.  No sooner had they all merged to cover her than a tail began to grow, extending slowly outwards as a boiling, misshapen tendril of storm chakra.  After a few moments it solidifies into the tail, a long and slender tail nearly as long as Saya is tall, and baring soft feathered edges around it.  She could feel her own power increase as the tail formed, surging through her body with the bijuu's immense chakra.

It's too much, Saya whispers, her voice soft and weak.  It was a rare side of her that only the Bijuu ever heard, and was swift to discipline her for.

I do not abide weakness, girl.  You will be strong, or you will be dead.  Now BREATHE.  Clear your mind of your own barriers, and let my chakra pour through you.  Breathe in my fury, and my power, and release your insecurity.  Let me in.  Release my power from this seal, let me be free, and let us be one.

She goes quiet once more, she rarely had the nerve to speak back to the Thunderbird.  In her heart she could feel it, and in her mind's eye she could see the massive bird looming ever over her, dwarfing her small frame with its immense power.  The lightning cracking around it's body was terrifying, the power of death cloaking the great Bijuu in a coating of sparking, flashing, searing blue-white power.  That power, she feared, would consume her if she was not careful.  It was intense, electric, coursing with power like the sky during a thunderstorm.

She was not sure she could contain it all, she never considered herself greatly powerful.  Perhaps it was her upbringing, her solitude and lack of field experience.  Perhaps it was simply from being a child with such a powerful spirit at rest inside the center of her being.  With her eyes closed she could more freely explore the interior of her mind.  Lost in meditation she barely felt the raindrops pouring down from above, or note the flash and rumble of the storm clouds.  All of it was far and away from her, except the incredible power of the Thunderbird's voice, and the overwhelming sensation of his chakra behind the seal.  In her mind it was not but paper sealed over a cast iron cooking pot.  The wooden lid atop it contained it's power, though cracks in the lid allowed for the white hot blue chakra inside of it seep through with motes of light and cracks of power.

She allowed it, she had no real choice.  The bird could never escape on it's own, but she couldn't simply leave it contained within.  For years he had been her only real companion, her only solace in a very lonely world.

Saya.  Long have we been together.  Long have we fought as one, even if you have never noticed.  Your element is one of my own.  Your lightning sparks as mine does, but you are incomplete without me.  Peel back the seal further.  Peel back this seal, and let me out.  Rise, as you always do, and meet my challenge.

The two had a strange understanding of each other.  The Thunderbird had been the only think in Saya's life she'd ever feared.  It's voice, it's impressive power had always seemed far greater a threat than anything she'd ever faced, and it was asking her to free it from it's bindings.  In her mind she could see herself, see her own pale hand reaching out.  It was trembling, fingertips nervous with trepidation and quivering with fear for the unknown.  She had one tail already thrashing with nerves behind her, and she could never seal that energy away again.  Releasing more would give the bird only more free reign to roam her mind, and influence her actions, so she thought.

Carefully her fingertips press beneath the seal, it's corner already curled up from her previous effort, and she gives it the smallest of tugs.  Her own fear keeps in from moving, and no sooner had she tried, than she quickly draws her hand away from it again.  So much fear, it was uncommon for Saya, and the Thunderbird knew it.  As her hand drew away from the paper seal, the thunderstorm outside of her intensifies, lightning coming down to crash among the dirt and trees, sheering a large branch from a high position and letting it crash down to the ground some 20 meters from her position.

Calm, Saya.  I am with you.  You have it within yourself to unlock your own potiential.  You must understand that like nothing else, I am your potential.  I am a new blade, I am your new armor.  Together, we are one.

“But I do not want to lose myself..” she whispers back.

“Why?  What are you, besides a weak human?  I've been with you all of your life.  I have seen you grow, yet ever remain in the shadows.  None trust you, but me, none care for you, but me.  None have ever been so close as you and I.”

But you will rule me.  Your power is too great.

No, foolish girl, that can not happen.  Though I may fly again, soar through the clouds and bring destruction in my wake, I can do none of this while confined within your body.  You have the potential to bring my power to the world once more..  but Saya, hear me well.  So long as you remain proud, and powerful.  So long as you maintain your noblity and your honor, I, your Thunderbird, will always be there to support you.  You are a team..  We will always be equals.  Only if you show fear.  Only if you cease being so skillful, only if you lose your honor, your pride, your nobility.. will I cease ever being your equal.  You have my word, child.  I want nothing but to be free, within you, and teach you to soar through the clouds as I did.  You must trust me.. the bird spoke, it's voice lowering like the crash of thunder beyond the horizon.

Her fingertips once more inch their way towards the paper seal keeping the lid on Thunderbird's pot.

Pull open the seal.  Let me in.  Let me show you the path to true power.  Together, we will meet all your dreams.  Together, we will keep all of Joki no Sato safe, and bring waste and turmoil to its enemies.  Pull.  Pull on the seal, and release me.

Her fingers close on the seal and thunder once more peels, loud and close, lightning flashing in the same moment as the Thunderbird's excitement grew.  He did not speak again, he did not need too.  Perhaps it was a lapse in sense, perhaps a moment of clarity; it was hard to say for sure, but she pulled.  She grasped the corner of the seal and tore it, drawing it back almost to the point of ripping.  Before she knew what she'd done power pumped through her well beyond her expectations.  

The chakra cloak enveloping her flares with power, flashing a brilliant white like lightning, and erupting with dozes of crackling sparks.  The seal was almost half gone now, and small fissures begin to crack and break the wooden lid.  Light, more and more, poured forth from the weakening barrier, though it's effect on her body was far greater.  She could feel it welling inside her.  She could feel the chakra growing in her belly, pouring out like searing hot vines through her chakra network, swelling behind her tenketsu, pouring forth to fill the chakra cloak with even stronger power.  Two tails form at once.

Twin tendrils of blue-white chakra begin to bubble out, misshapen as they grow like a thick liquid swelling to overflow the bottle containing them.  One on either side of her present tail stretches and stretches until it matches in length the first.  Both fill out, flattening into the narrow triangle of a bird's tail at rest.  The edges feather to match the bird they were born from, before finally settling into a seemingly solid shape.

The power increase was intense, the boost to her physical form surprisingly for something so simple as accepting more of the bird into her body.  From her hair to her toes, from her bottom to her top, everything seemed to suddenly come alive with power.  When her eyes open there is light behind them, an almost blank white orb with blue lightning cracking inside of them.  Her cloak had grown thicker still, filling her with power to the point where it manifested fully, externally.

Yeeees, Saya, yes.  Good, I am so proud of you. comes the voice inside her heart, but for perhaps the first time in her life she ignored it.  Slowly Saya pushes herself to her feet, her hands lifting as her eyes falls to study them.  She could see her skin beneath, but the inch thick coating of chakra was more obvious.  It was solid, and yet it was fluid, as fluid as the storm release she'd felt inside her.  Liquid lightning, an intense, powerful coating that augmented her own abilities, but also gave birth to new powers she had never imagined.  As she stares at her hand the chakra coating bubbles near her stomach, reaching out like another tendril, another tail.

Her eyes shift to it as she watches it grow, the thunder around her finally breaking the soft trance she'd fallen into.  Quickly it solidifies, forming not into the hand of a human, but four elongated fingers.  Each one ends in a long, curved talon, marking it as the obvious limb of the Thunderbird inside her.

You have done well, Saya.  Together we are more than the sum of our parts.  Toge..

Yes.  I feel it. she says, interrupting the bird.  The bijuu falls quiet within her, both surprised by the sudden boldness, and her acceptance of the power within it.  She holds her own hand out, and the white-blue bird talons come to meet it.  For the first time the Bijuu and the Host make a strange sort of contact outside of the girl's psyche.   I will trust you now, great Thunderbird.  We will become one.  You and I will be famous, and one day..  one day in the future, we shall be a shinobi that legends are written about...  Saya trails off, letting a moment of silence linger between them.

The storm itself seems to sense the drama of the moment and falls quiet, thunder and lightning both ceasing as her Bijuu once more speaks up.  Very good, Saya.  From now one, all of this will be easier.  Soon, you will hold our full power..  and all you said, will be made truth.

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Re: Being for the Benefit of Mister Bird(Training, Private)

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