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Rules of Pets/Companions

  • All pets are to be of at least two ranks lower than there owners own rank.

  • No pets may utilize chakra unless they are clan based.

  • All pet based abilities are ones that they naturally have so no ninja-like ability's such as making them a sensor[Unless they have the ability naturally due to there type of animal] Examples of natural abilities is how a Kangaroo has a natural ability to jump higher and powerful leg strength. Also how a bird can fly.

  • Animals that are clan based may only have jutsu that are of C-rank or below that they can use solo but are able to perform A-rank combinations with there partner. Unless stated otherwise [meaning it can go lower but can not exceed these limits]

  • Any character with a pet loses the ability to have an NPC

  • A ninja pet may not utilize elemental jutsu's

  • No mutated, mythical animals may be considered pets.

  • All pets that start out with a genin must be of a baby or cub form and will gradually grow as the nin ranks up into teen and even adult hood.

      Genin = CubChunin = Teen/Adult (depends on animal for adult)Jounin = Adult

  • One pet max unless clan states it otherwise

  • If you have an Npc you may not have a pet and vice versa.

  • Clan based pets are the same rank as the user as long as they are linked via clan.

  • Clan based pets however stop ranking at A-rank.


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