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Catch that damn cat (Mission/Private)


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Catch that damn cat (Mission/Private)

Post by Kay on Mon Dec 21, 2015 6:06 am

Name: Catch the Kitty cat
Rank: E
Location: Core of the Village
Requirements: No rank requirement
Reward: 100 ryo, 300 Experience.
Elder Lady Kitty of the Village's Tribe has lost her favorite cat. Which was all of them. Catch all 10 Kitty cats before the end of the day so that she can sleep soundly for the night. And please bring them back unharmed.
Redoable?: Yes

Kashen grinned as he remembered the note on the reward board, there was a cat on the run from his owner.Kashen couldn't help but laugh as a cat managed to out run a ninja and get away from him with little to no problem, Kashen knew he'd have to save the cat and knew that in the end after he saved the cat he'd have to return it to his baka of a owner.

Kashen grinned as he began walking down alleys it didn't take much time as before Kashen finished his first alley way the cat appeared out of the trash cans meowing and purring Kashen grinned as he pet the cat as nine others came out Kashen with wide eyes remembered the silent s at the end of the note

Kashen gulped "alright kittys lets get all of you home..." Kashen said now over whelmed by cats he left with all 10 cats in his arms how he did it would never been known but he did with a grin on his face as he got his pay check in ryo.

100 ryo + Chuunin pay 1500, 300 exp.
Kino M. Kyodo

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Re: Catch that damn cat (Mission/Private)

Post by Kino M. Kyodo on Mon Dec 21, 2015 4:25 pm

You only get 100 Ryo, there is no Chuunin pay as I mentioned in the Chatbox, you were just confused for Chuunin Exam advisers. You are approved for +100 Ryo and +300 EXP as mentioned in the rewards, but denying the +1500 from you.

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