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Why can't I breath(Private/Training)


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Why can't I breath(Private/Training)

Post by Kay on Sat Dec 19, 2015 12:44 pm

Kashen awoke, groggy as he was now sat up on his bed...his room was dark, ninja weekly posters were fluttering in the wind, Kashen wasn't very financially supported by his village, it was odd, Kashen being one of the only, what was it two Jinchuuriki, Kashen expected to at least have a pay for holding in a beast that could potentially blow up the entire village without even trying, rather curious Kashenstood up walking to his bathroom, there was a mirror in there that was a full body mirror, it was kinda weird with bamboo outer casing Kashen never payed it much attention, it had always been in the back of his mind somewhere, he just couldn't place it until this morning.

Kashen got to his bathroom and began coughing violently as he pressed against the door frame of his bathroom, coughing so violently he began to cough up blood into his toilet, Kashen stood up looking at his bloody vomit, Kashens eyes showed fear to the fullest extent "You're dying, after you die I'll be free" the bijuu inside of Kashen said crudely Kashen's eyes twitched "Shut up you over grown time you say that I'll come in there and give you the worst ass kicking you will ever receive in your mistake of a life..." Kashen muttered just quiet enough so the neighbors couldn't hear, it wouldn't be in Kashen's best interest to anger his neighbors he had no ryo to even pay off a fine let alone get another apartment Kashen scoffed as he returned his attention to the mirror.

Kashen stood in the mirror shirtless, his black skin clad pants on his as he inspected his seal on his body.It was black swirling up from Kashen's belly button, it was odd Kashen remembered the sealing perfectly how they had torn the bird from the sky and rudely sealed him into Kashen's body, the anger let alone shame of being captured and forced into a Chuunin's body must have drove him made, the bijuu may have lived inside him but had no control nor even the ability to read the Jinchuuriki's mind, it was a up side for Kashen due to the fact the bijuu couldn't hear how bad Kashen felt for it, the bijuu being angry Kashen didn't want to patronize the bijuu, it was clear internal problems were the cause of this nijuu, perhaps due to the fact the bijuu controlled wind aka the lungs of it's user, that was probably the worst part of it as Kashen smirked.

Kashen turned running to his kitchen table, pulling out a drawer pulling out green buds from a plant said to grown in sukai, it was called Weed, it's property's were meant to make the user's body feel better, Kashen just like how he felt after, Kashen would normally use it before any training due to the fact it dulls down his nervous system to the point of not feeling as much burn when he is high.Kashen packed his red bong, it was about a foot talls with a diameter of 4 inches on the tube, it had water at the bottom of the bong, the elders had given Kashen it first to keep the bijuu calmed due to the fact the bijuu didn't very much like Kashen. Kashen didn't care as he filled the bowl head with about two grams, the bowl was modified so Kashen could get bigger hits, Kashen grinned as he pulled a match and placed his mouth on the top of the bong lighting the bud with the match sucking hard the entire bong was filled in seconds kashen removed the bowl head and sucked the smoke out of the bong putting the bong on the table, his eyes were glazed red as he stumbled back.

before Kashen knew what happened he fell back against his fridge as his seal began to burn Kashen dropped to his knees as overwhelming pain ran threw his entire body as Kashen grabbed his head the bijuu spoke.

"AHAHAHAHAHAHAH YOU CAN'T EVEN BEGIN TO UNDERSTAND HOW POWERFUL I AM MORTAL!I WILL BREAK FREE AND I WILL KILL YOU AND EVERYONE CLOSE TO YOU I WILL MAKE SURE TO LEAVE YOU ALIVE JUST LONG ENOUGH SO I CAN KI-" The bijuu was cut off as Kashen punched his stomach as hard as he could causing him to vomit more blood onto his floor standing up slowly.

"I... I.. Uh... I ... Wont let that happen..." Kashen said standing up using the fridge as support his corner of his lips dripping blood onto the floor "I wont... Let you...I wont... Let you kill them, you wont kill anyone... I'M THE CAPTAIN NOW" Kashen said standing fully standing, his legs wiggled, they weren't strong as his violent vomiting was obviously draining needed energy from his body as Kashen walked to his room he felt his bijuu's cloak coming over him.Kashen had experienced it before, but this time it wasn't cold it was warm as Kashen held to his couch from the power pushing his body beyond it's limits Kashen wasn't sure he was ready considering he was still simply trying to stand the cloak had it's menacing red tails as Kashen remembered what the lord Jokikage had told him Kashen ran out the back to the God of Geysers, which in itself was still just a geyser a very powerful geyser that was rumored to have killed a few ninja, the reports had never been fully reviewed because only a idiot would look down a geyser as it was erupting.

Kashen smashed the ground with his fist, oddly enough the geyser's outter layer was dented Kashen had not planned this however he knew the gains of this power "My lord Jokikage...he would be proud if I were stronger...Yes I must continue even if my body gives out" Kashen said standing his one tail flickering in the wind as his bijuu spoke "You have a lot of gay emotions towards your kage don't you?" the bijuu said with a chuckle Kashen's eyes twitched "Listen you freeloader I will come in there right now and whoop your bijuu ass with a god damn punch to your jaw" Kashen said with a angry tone he didn't much like being made fun of he was straight not gay however him and the bijuu had never had a joking argument, Kashen smiled as he heard the bijuu chuckle, but the bijuu began to speak back "If I'm a freeloader let me out I'd happy steal your kage from you" The bijuu said with a laughable tone Kashen just laughed as he took a seat on the geyser overlooking the village "I love it here..." Kashen whispered as he viewed the village.

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Re: Why can't I breath(Private/Training)

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