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Bug stuff

Post by Bug Sage on Sat Dec 19, 2015 8:11 am

Name ;; Home of Destruction
Rank ;; S rank
Price ;; Free - Starting Item
Durability ;; 100
This gourd was one of Hakai's first inventions. History: It is common for members of the Aburame Clan to store additional Kikachu in gourds. This way they are able to utilize, high level clan techniques in quick succession, while their body produces more Kikachu. Hakai wanted to take it a step further, studying the secrets of his clans "Destruction Bug Technique." He attempted to bind a destruction bug to container, time and time again he was unsuccessful. Following some guidance, he took his methods of constructions a little darker. Carefully Hakai removed the destruction bug from fellow Aburame clansmen, keeping both subjects alive. Followed by killing them and using their bodies to create a pseudo-human containers.(mainly utilizing, bone and skin) These containers are capable of permanently hosting the Destruction Bugs, sources Aburame clan's power. These powerful bugs, live of the chakra of their hosts, the jar's seal that freezes them in a stasis. The seal acts as a one way portal for chakra. The owner can flow chakra into the container, this chakra flow awakens the Destruction bugs; they rapidly birth Kikachu beetles. Once the flow is discontinued, the destruction bug is sealed back to stasis. A useful item for any Aburame, doubling their production of ninja bugs.
Hakai's personal version of this item utilizes chakra enforced titanium alloy, lined with Aburame organic material. His container is much larger and has three compartments. Utilizing nearly ten Aburame clansmens bodies, his container is capable of housing three active destruction bugs. The container holds two standard Destruction bugs and one Nano Release Destruction bug; producing Kikaichu and Rinkaichū for Hakai's use. Each compartment contains a swarm of stasis beetles that each destruction bug produces. The Destruction bugs continually produce more, as the other beetles store exit to be used by Hakai. Feeding directly from his chakra, the produced bugs are bond to follow his will. The container's lid, has a seal that holds 2 thousand kikaichu. This is a safe release, anyone who attempts to open the container will trigger this the lids seal, releasing the kikaichu stored. This is supplementary item, that in Hakai's hand is tremendously powerful tool. It allows him to mass produce bugs for his clan techniques.

Appearance ;; Four feet tall, one foot diameter
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Name ;; Bug Jar
Rank ;; D rank
Price ;; 100 each.
Durability ;; 5
Description/Abilities;; A set of wooden puzzle boxes, each with a unique seal carved into them. The seal allows for a single insect, of any species or size to be seal within. The sealing of an insect, the user holds a one handed seal and the box; utilizing chakra at the cost from E - B rank, entirely based on size of insect. Releasing them requires no chakra, except knowledge of the puzzle boxes.
Appearance ;;
3in X 3in X 3in - Wooden Puzzle Box

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Re: Bug stuff

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Re: Bug stuff

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Hi Bugs, you're gonna need to add the price of the S-Rank item even if it is you free starter

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