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It's Hard To Wake Up From A Nightmare If You Aren't Even Sleeping | .:Open:.

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It's Hard To Wake Up From A Nightmare If You Aren't Even Sleeping | .:Open:.

Post by Caelum Sakamoto on Fri Dec 18, 2015 8:11 am

It's Hard To Wake Up From A Nightmare If You Aren't Even Sleeping
Like the winter wonderland that had been left behind to burn in the depths of darkness, the lit up streets of Hyogangakure no Sato were blanketed by heavy sheets of snow, only the luminous glows of twinkling, yellow lights buried under the whiteness of trees visible to the silent world before the two. The towering buildings that swallowed the flanks of both creatures were darkened by the captivating pull of slumber, very few windows having been lit by those who fell under the hours of a nocturnal one casting such little light. The delicious breath of frozen firn smothered the air; each time this incubus inhaled, his lungs were overthrown by the reign of winter air, the inhalation of the frost whistling down his warm throat and causing the dust motes to swirl in a vortex. The clouds that swam above in the eternal gloom of black weeped in tragic sorrow of such chilling nights. The ground curled in mush of wet snow with each step. It was a white world. A harsh world to live in... Things were stolen on a daily basis in this world that posed as such an innocent, kind-hearted fool: food, money, property, hearts. It was all in the mind—such a village was a mere illusion to the trifling ones. The tall, husky figure trudged along, tranquil eyes of a daunting one crestfallen among the tiny particles that waltzed around freely. They were given such freedom in their graceful flight. The snow didn't bother him. It didn't disturb his fixation among the cold, silent world that fell out of place before him. The notorious demon lowered his head slightly and shook it in a gentle fashion, soft flecks of water being flicked from his locks of pure white. He was just like the snow: silent and cruel to any living creature that fell in its way. A natural, unpredictable, and unintentional predator. His silent steps made no disturbance in the crushing snow below, almost as if the pulchritudinous demon was invisible to the world around him, moving in the embodied case of a taciturn one as he made his way to his unknown destination. Sitting upon his right forearm was a small child, her silver hair swirling in the midnight air as the man trudged along. Those suffocating eyes of sapphire that she owned began to faulter, the heavy veil of slumber draping itself upon the small child as her guardian walked her through the quiet city. The child could not sleep due to the haunting depths of a nightmare that had awakened her innocent heart, and kept her desperately awake. The petite child had her small head nuzzled between the crook of the demon's neck and jaw, her teeny hands of alabaster softly gripping onto his clothing. The white-headed disgrace quietly stepped along, and with the child upon his arm finally falling into a state of unconsciousness, he took a moment to appreciate the silence that this village's night allowed him. They were crowded by daylight, mobbed by the sea of beings like a rotting heap of meat. During the day, in such a circumstance of being surrounding, many of the citizens who saw him immediately stepped out of his way, his intimidating figure threatening those who dared to place their sight upon him. Glancing up now, his free hand shifted lightly in the warmth that his pant pockets had provided him, his skin becoming the translucence of porcelain under the luminous glows of pale lights, eyes of ruby glowing deeply through the overcasting skies of the cold. "Feeling sleepy, Colette?” he murmured cooly, keeping his eyes straight ahead as the question fluttered out of his mouth.

"," hummed the little girl, the weight of her body increasing as she slowly slipped away. Hearing her tiring response—a delayed hum of exhaustion—the very edge of the man's lips curved, though barely did it make out a smirk. This travel of theirs was a very common quest; the child experienced night terrors quite often, and as her brother, it was his duty to rid such fears from the little one. It became a routine, really. Every night just before midnight, he would get a call from the frantic sibling. He would then depart his home and head towards his parents, and take the child for a soothing stroll. It was the composing nature that this village offered that allowed the child to feel secure and calm within her brother's arms, managing to distract her from such nightmares and allow her to rest. Albeit, such a tragedy occurred too often that now Miss Colette Sakamoto no longer needed to call her quiet guardian. Instead, once she wakes up from the horror, she gets dressed and finds her guardian waiting for her upon the front porch, always willing to help calm her. Tilting his head, he pressed his cheek gently against her head, and in response Colette nuzzled her face further into him. One may tolerate a world of demons for the sake of an angel, and that's exactly what Caelum Sakamoto did for this child. He was not a man of love, no. Caelum was a man of combat, built for wounds and pain. But for this child, he was willing to love. Although he was not the most affectionate, he did try his very best for the little ball of innocence that sat upon his forearm. "Are you warm enough?" the man whispered, and when he only heard the shallow breaths that came from the sleeping beauty, he took that as he signal to twist around and start his journey back.

For what seemed like an eternity, the demon trudged through the soaking fingers of frozen water, the cool water gnawing away at the drenched mid-calf ninja boots he owned. A distant look now shifted his distorted face of newly found poison as a shadow of curiosity lingered within the depths of his glassy eyes. His head of wavy, milk hair swooshed gently side to side just before his crushed eyebrows, silence trudging along this incubus. Though, his welcoming peace of silence was ruined. Very, very faintly, he heard a jagged breath rummaging though a rising and falling chest, the intruding source of body heat having been hidden behind the edge of the building that was not far ahead from the two Sakamotos. Locating this unknown being—one that seemed right in his calculations—he quietly kept his leisure stroll but his eyes fell hard, a predator having spotted its prey.

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