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Jashinism [Limited]

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Jashinism [Limited]

Post by NC. Webmaster on Sun Dec 13, 2015 3:10 pm

Name: Jashinism
Rank: S Ranked
Type: Body
Clan: Jashinist [1/2]
Description: Jashin is the god worshiped in Jashinism. Jashin expects that all his followers — so named "Jashinists" — bring nothing less than utter destruction and death. Hidan always used to pray to Jashin before a fight, asking for a "good kill." If he is unsuccessful, or is not allowed to kill, he prays for forgiveness. When undergoing a sacrifice, the user changes appearance after ingesting his opponent's blood. His skin then turns black with white markings representing a skeleton, a symbol of absolute death. He draws Jashin's symbol on the ground in his own blood and stands in the centre. This symbol is an equilateral circumscribed triangle (an upside down triangle with a circle around it). Once his sacrificial ritual takes place, any kind of pain or injury that the user takes is also inflicted upon his sacrifice, be it a mere scratch or a pierce in the heart. However, this ritual can be broken if the user either steps or is forced out of the circle.

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Re: Jashinism [Limited]

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