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[Solo/SC Training] Determination to Continue

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[Solo/SC Training] Determination to Continue

Post by Silveria Night on Sun Dec 13, 2015 3:03 pm


I NEVER ASKED FOR THIS she thought as she sat atop the Kazangakure Kage building, looking at what was a pamphlet in her right hand that announced the upcoming battles inside of the Arena. Silveria had shook her head at this point and raised up to stand on her feet again. She had been asked by the Kage to participate into the battles and give a good show to the people something that while she wasn't particularly interested in doing, felt obligated to. "I've got to do something with my evening I suppose, it might as well be this." She'd sigh and move off from the top of the building, vanishing from sight in a blur of black. Curiosity got the better of her and she had stopped to sit at the top of the Arena's opening, looking down into the middle of the ring so she could watch one of the practice matches. The way they flung their fists and their jutsu together was quite the sight to behold and no doubt after this battle, the stage would require some TLC with Earth Styled Jutsu. Silv even found herself smiling slightly over how the announcer seemed to keep tripping over his words and she wasn't the only one that was entertained by this as the gathering crowd were all laughing at his slip-ups. "I wonder if he's paid to annouce the battle or to keep the crowd happy, either way he's doing a spectacular job of the latter option." Silveria nodded to herself and then jumped off from the top of the arena, soaring downwards onto the arena's center. "I'll take you both on then." She'd say to the duo upon landing, smiling towards them once they had stepped back a few paces at realizing just who they were up against.

The duo looked between each other before they nodded and readied themselves for the onslaught of the Sannin. The woman herself crossed her arms and waited there and when the two felt enraged at being looked down upon, they both began their assault. The first weaved handsigns at an impressive speed, concentrating before using the water set in the arena to make a water dragon and launch it directly towards the woman. The other brought his hands down to the ground and released a pulsing shockwave of an Earth Style technique, causing the ground to shake for a few moments before pillars of the ground rose up and attempted to knock Silveria into the air. She should have been fast enough to evade both of these techniques but instead she took them head on and was shot into the air by the earth and crashed back down by the water dragon.

The crowd began to speak among themselves, wondering if their Sannin had grown weaker but yet, even after taking those blows directly, Silveria rose back up onto her feet, a little shaken but she had dealt with worse than this. She simply continued to let them unleash barrage after barrage of their attacks onto her, the arena becoming covered with their sweat, her blood and the destruction their attacks brought about from it all.

After a few minutes of this Silveria stood one last time and breathed out slowly into the air, blood pouring down from her face onto the ground below her and the crowd was in an uproar of disappointment. Was this who they had called their Sannin? Someone so weak that they could be beaten around this simply? No -- And that's why Silveria was about to prove them all wrong. She had lowered down onto all fours in a crouched position and her eyes seemed to shine within the crimson of her face. The duo stumbled but it was too late now for them to recover, her speed was immense, having kicked off from the ground and rushed in a blur that left a trail of black mist behind her.

The two looked around frantically but when she had appeared beside one of the two again it was no use, her hands had already been pulled back and were now slamming into the face of the man she was next to, sending him tumbling across the ground until he'd slam his back onto the wall and crack it slightly. The mere fact it was a blow to the face had rendered the man unconscious and the second man turned to look at her after watching the damage to his former opponent. He tried to say something but Silveria would heed nothing now, she'd weave the respective handsigns and slam her hands down onto the ground where from the center of her body unleashed a net of electricity, capturing the man at it's edge and sending a powerful force of lightning through him. Steam rolled off his body after he'd collapse, leaving Silveria to stand and wipe her face off, the blood staining the fabric of her clothing.

She was the victor within this match and the announcer was quick on the uptake of that, telling the crowd that the Sannin had taken what looked to be landslide against her and turned the battle on it's head! The crowd rose their hands and cheered for her but Silveria simply spat blood onto the ground in disgust, to think that people could sway their views of a person so quickly based on just a battle. They were the very same people that just moments ago had been cursing at her, saying that she wasn't fit to be a Sannin but now that they had seen her first-hand in the Arena, they had changed their minds? So fickle.. but it was enough that they had gotten their little show for the day. Silveria took her leave as swiftly as she came, but this time she had left in a strut through the front door, a show of confidence that she had done enough and that no one could stop her. She felt indestructible.

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Re: [Solo/SC Training] Determination to Continue

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