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Tails of the Tempest (Training,Private)


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Tails of the Tempest (Training,Private)

Post by Saya on Sun Dec 13, 2015 3:19 am

Training Topic for V1 of Tail 1 for bijuu mastery.

It was hard for her to hear over the relentless torrent of rain pouring down upon her from above, even if the voice she heard was speaking only in her head.  Was it speaking in her head?  The voice was one she had grown up with, not only a disembodied sound floating through the haze of her subconscious.  It was as real as her own flesh, but it had no flesh of its own.  Instead it wore her body as its skin, and her imagination as its voice.  It was the voice of the eight tails, the great thunderbird that crashed louder than even the great storm around her.  Its voice cut through her mind like a strike of lightning, thrumming with the deep resonance of thunder as it trailed off.

As a child the voice was a constant source of fear for her.  She had grown up with the bijuu, and it was none to happy to be bound within the fleshy confines of a toddling little girl.  In her younger years it had been a constant source of fear, and all to often screeched of its anger and insulted her obvious weakness.  Only as she grew, however, had the bird come to gain the smallest amount of respect for Saya, as Saya gained an understanding of the bird.  Even now she sat very calmly amidst the fury of the Thunderbird's natural element, and showed more aggravation over the sound than any fear of the elements.

In her mind she shouted to better be heard, though the Bijuu had no difficulty in hearing her.  It was the storm made manifest, and in times like this it was pleased that Saya would let herself be drenched by the downpour.  Others may have fled for the hills when the storm rolled in, but Saya found an odd peace amid the tempest and it's noise and power soothed the fire in her soul.  Restraint was something that came slowly to her, for as a child Saya was vibrant, alive, and often far more than a handful for guardians placed ahead of her.  The Eight Tails had helped change that.  It had helped cow her wild side through both fear and temperance.  Now she was a picture of stoic calm, suitable for the noble bird which lived in her heart.

You must loosen my cage now.  Let my energy seep into yours, feel it mixing as it spreads out inside of you.  We must merge and become one before you will be able to harness my unending power.

The eight tails was not a creature built purely of pride, though his opinion of himself was high.  He was, after all, one of the more powerful bijuu, and second in tail count only to the great Wolf.  His chakra was overwhelming the first few times she had tried to feel it, however bit by bit Saya was able to overcome her weakness, and provide a channel the Thunderbird could speak through.

Saya strained to hear a voice of thunder amid the din of the downpour around her, but the audible sound was only a distraction, an illusion in her mind.  The Bijuu spoke directly from her heart, no external forces really diminished its sound.  Instead it was distraction, the helpless reeling of an unfocused mind that distorted the space between herself and her spiritual companion.  Concentrating harder wasn't the key, and she knew that, but she still could not help herself.  Saya was still young, untrained and insecure.  Her eyes close tightly, not to shield from the rain but to focus, to force, to try to push her way through to the other side of this knowledge.  It was for naught, however, as the more she tried to force it, the further it escaped her grasp.

Inside of her, the Bijuu watched on with disdain and disappointment for the shell he was trapped in.  Foolish girl. he mutters, a distant rumbling of thunder echoing in her mind behind his voice.  For the Bijuu this was simple enough, but for a human it was next to impossible to willingly accept an invader into the soul.  Her seal kept the great tailed beast confined and trapped, isolated for the most part from her body, mind, and soul.  It was learning to gently ease the chakra out of the bijuu that was the trick for Saya.

I am trying.says the girl though grit teeth and physical strain.

Yes, you are.  Trying, as you have been for months.  Trying, as you do each day.  Trying..  but never succeeding.  Trying is not doing, foolish girl.  Trying, is believing you will fail.  Do not try to let me in.  Just do it. came back a voice of rumbles and irritation.

“I can not just do.  I have to try, I have to understand, it doesn't make sense.  You say that I mu-”

Foolish girl, listen well. The demon interrupts, the thunder in his voice growing louder, challenging the storm that raged outside around them.  You do.  Always.  You do not try, to draw your sword.  You grip it with your hand, and you do.  You do not try to thrust your spear.  You simply do.  Your body has learned well from practice, and now you simply do.

There is a moment of silence, a forking bolt of lightning flashing down from the heavens, striking off in the distance with enough light to turn night into day for a trio of flashes.  All is dark once more as the thunder catches up with the light show and brings tremors of air pressure and sound with it.  In Saya's mind, however, there is calm.  Her katana comes into mind, and as it does bubbles of white chakra begin to congeal randomly across her body, each little orb slowly growing as motes and cracks of lightning coarse through them.

Do not fight it.  Do not help it, do not control it.  This is my chakra.  Only let it fill you.  Good, good, child. the bird rumbles, quieter and optimistic.  She had begun to manifest her cloak in the past, but it never came on with such stability.

In her mind she could see her sword, and even though it was at home she could feet the grip in her right hand, and the smooth wood of her scabbard against the fingers of her left.  Without even drawing it she knew every inch of the sword, and without opening her eyes she knew every inch of her self.  She knew her soul well, long hours of meditation giving her a strong sense of self, and self awareness.  All at once she could suddenly feel it.

Thunderbird's chakra was already spreading out in a chilled, energetic wave outwards from the center of her being, from near her stomach, and the power was mixing with her own.  As it spread more and more the white globules of growing chakra continued to amass about her, slowly spreading and growing, merging with each other until they covered her from the tips of her toes to the top of her head.
Good!  Good!  Now release me.  Peel back this barrier in your heart, and let my power flow through you.  Open it a crack, and we will begin to become one!  The bijuu was growing in excitement, stimulating the chakra being released and causing it to surge with power.  Saya does as she was instructed, and doesn't try to prevent it, or help it.  She simply lets the chakra pour out of her and into her, flooding her small frame and maxing out the capacity of her young chakra network.  The pain was surprising, but Saya could adjust.  More and more chakra began to flood into her as the bijuu cloak begin to take shape.  Only when it finally seemed most solid, as though the chakra were physical substance, did the first alteration take place.

Quite suddenly, and without warning, a single long, broad tail sprouts.  Without no hesitation is stretches out behind her and grows into a long, straight, and narrow tail.

The skies alight with brilliance and uproar as the storm seems to intensify in the presence of the tail, and a trio of lightning bolts all crash down towards her.  They do not strike her, no; instead they crackle, flash, and seem to dance around her.  Saya's spirit simply soars as she finally achieves that which she had worked for.  Even this minor victory was a victory.
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Re: Tails of the Tempest (Training,Private)

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