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[Solo/SC Training] Within yourself

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[Solo/SC Training] Within yourself

Post by Silveria Night on Sat Dec 12, 2015 5:00 pm


A TRAINED MIND IS A TRAINED BODY, the words of her Sensei clung to the back of her mind now as she sat alone against a building. Silveria had distanced herself from others again like she was known to do very often, refusing to talk with anyone save for few individuals. They were elsewhere at this time though and that left her alone to nothing but the sight of the moon and the brisk air as it went along her cheek. "When will those two every just stop fighting? That's all they do when they are around each other now, making a competition of this and that? It's stupid.. ugh.. why can't they just be happy with what power they do have and acknowledge each other as equals? Why does one have to beat the other one way or another?" She'd speak out her plethora of questions, having moved herself from off against the wall and turning her head along the speech. It hurt knowing that her two greatest companions were always at each others throats and she felt powerless to stop it most the time. Soon though she turned her eyes up onto the moon and nodded her head, now was not the time to sit here and feel sorry for herself. Everyday those two were training, striving to get better and if she couldn't quell that rivalry between them then she just had to surpass them. "I won't be left behind.. I'm not weak and I don't need to be coddled just because they refuse to stop." Silveria fully had risen, brushed off her rear and had begun to walk towards the location of Kazangakure's gates. "I'll stop them myself."

Silveria strode with a new confidence burrowed just behind her heart, warming to the pulse that she was alive now and had to become even greater than what she was currently if she was ever going to bring those two knuckleheads to their senses. She stopped for a moment when she thought she had spotted Kino but it must have just been a trick of the shadows, it was getting rather dark out. The travel to the forest area would be a long one, after-all it didn't pay well to get there in a rush when you had no need to press yourself -- she'd have to save all her energy for her training anyway. "This will be the night that I'll take the first step towards getting to them. Remember, don't get left behind.." The last part seemed to be some reassurance towards herself more than anything else. Darkness shrouded the forest floor when she stepped past the first few trees, the shade of the leaves above covered the soft blades of grass she walked over. Whenever she thought of backing out or that she couldn't do this, the memory of Akira and Kino standing with her when she was younger flooded to her mind and caused her to remain firm of her belief.

Some would call it a beautiful dance of elegant death, a whirlwind of disaster but for her it was as simple as drawing breath. Her sword swung swiftly through the air while she maneuvered herself with grace, each swing of the belt calculated and every inch of her body's turning not a waste. Their screams filled the air in a macabre of pain and regret but.. they had signed up for this when they refused to back down. Silveria landed onto her feet with her weapon being tugged to her hand's grasp once again. A moment of silence pursued through the air before any that were left standing had collapsed with damaged or removed limbs and splattered blood on the soft blades of grass - now stained crimson.

After some time, Silveria would have made it to the center of the forest where an open grassy field with several large rocks were located. This was usually a good training ground for those that wished to spar or otherwise test out non-terrain damaging techniques as there was a river running along the east of the clearing. It was tranquil in it's entirety and that's exactly what she needed to clear her mind of all these rampant emotions involving those two. "Good.. now I just have to remember what Sensei told me, gosh.. it's been so long since I've even talked to those two, I wonder if they still come here too?" She shook her head and moved on from that question, hopping from off the ground and onto one of the large stone boulders that rested firmly on the ground. "Now then.. time to put the money where my mouth is." A chuckle emerged at her poorly crafted reference and lowered herself down to sit crisscrossed on the stone and began to meditate in attempts at freeing her mind and bettering her self understanding of her body. She began to remove herself from her surroundings, entirely erasing the sound of the running water of the river or the shifting blades of the grass below. She could only hear her own thoughts and even then she didn't focus on any one thing.

Inside of her mind she felt like she was standing within an empty abyss of darkness, it seemed like floating in mid air and there was no where to reach out to. She felt so alone and scared like this, she couldn't understand why thinking this way made her afraid or why it caused her to choke up so easily. It was only when she felt the darkness around her body extend outward and begin to wrap around her legs that she truly began to panic, swatting at the void and the bindings of her legs. It was no use, there would be no avail to her actions but she slowly began to just accept what was happening, to close her mental eyes and allow the darkness to consume her. It did not swallow her, to her confusion and when she opened her real eyes once more she found that the darkness she had thought of inside of her mind was wrapped around her arms and legs like a pair of arm-length gloves and thigh-high stockings.

She was insane right? There was no way this was real! It was however, when she lowered down onto the ground the darkness did not vanish away, it was still perfectly on her body and when she moved she felt like her reactions seemed faster. "Is this.. a part of me?" She began to wonder, questioning and hesitating a few moments longer before she just took off running, sprinting at such speeds she couldn't believe herself to possess but she definitely did and that made her smile a little. "This is.. me, this is a part of.. me." Yes, that was right, Silveria had accepted the shadows that clung to her body and they felt only natural to her possession. She found inner peace with herself, confidence and renewal like being reborn by this new experience. She'd have plenty of time to figure out how to work with this and as she took a final gaze at the moon, she spoke. "Akira, Kino.. I'm catching up to you."

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