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[Solo/SC Training] Speaking to the shadows

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[Solo/SC Training] Speaking to the shadows

Post by Asuna Nora on Sat Dec 12, 2015 2:47 pm

Akira's fingers carefully moved along the outer material and gem of his Catalyst as a frown formed upon his lips as a familiar chill ran through his body caused by the dark power from within the special gem-laden necklace. He did not speak at first, taking a moment to let the feeling of the aura envelope him before he finally did so, although due to the fact that his catalyst currently had no way to manifest itself into a physical form it only appeared as an illusion before his own eyes, making it seem to anyone that may have passed him by as if he were talking to thin-air: "Absolutely not. - I may be your Wielder and I may have agreed to follow you, but I will not just throw myself onto a blade at your command!" He exclaimed, agitated due to the fact that just moments ago the being within the Catalyst which he was conversing with had ordered him to take his blade and plunge it into his own arm - which rightfully so - seemed like the insane thing to do.

Although, his refusal of the command seemed to anger the aura that surrounded him and the chill became a constant, filling him with dread as his mind slowly began to fill with terrible images of death and destruction, of terrible things that no person should have to ever see. Shouting into the air, Akira rose his hands in a surrendering posture: "Alright! -- Alright . . . I'll, I'll just cut it instead, will you at least grant me that much mercy?" He asked, pleading with the air and illusionary figure for some sort of compromise to which it seemed to eventually grant with a subtle nod.

There was a long pause before Akira finally drew a kunai that was upon his person and brought it to the upper-half of his arm and quickly make a cut which he winced at, the pain coursing through him before suddenly . . . It was gone. The pain dissipated and the wound became covered in a thin veil of black energy that slowly began to repair the injury he had inflicted upon himself: "W-What..?" Was all that the man could manage as he looked to the vision standing before him, wide-eyed and in shock.

The figure responded, giving a wide grin that seemed rather proud of itself before speaking out in a cheerful, sing-song voice: "You are beginning to unlock your true potential, Akira~" It spoke, to which he blinked and added in disbelief. "Do you mean...?" The figure knowing exactly what the man was about to say and quickly responded. "You are that much closer to defeating your little rival - Follow my lead and I shall ensure that you are powerful enough that he will never be able to challenge you again.." The vision reassured him, causing the sanin to give a wide grin and exclaim happily. "Finally! I will prove that I am the best between us!" He said, jumping up and down a little bit in a gleeful gesture that was a bit abnormal for the typically serious-in-public shinobi but, given the situation and what it meant, it was not much of a surprise.

He tried to hug the air where he saw the vision but of course seeing as the being he was speaking to was not a physical form, he merely fazed through and found himself falling face-first into a nearby wall of his apartment, rubbing his head afterwards being a bit embarrassed that he did something so silly given his age and rank. To make matters worse, he could hear the Catalyst giggling at him as well, adding insult to his mild injury.

Sighing deeply, he shook his head and stood up straight, moving to the door of the apartment as he spoke quietly to both himself and his vision: "I'll train even more . . . I'll get even stronger and soon enough I'll defeat you - Kino.." He said, slowly leaving the residence and sliding his hands into the pockets of his coat, walking down the streets with a small smile on his lips as he did so - The time for their showdown was approaching, be it days or months, they would finally have their answer and Akira was confident that he would finally be proven to be the stronger of the two rivals. He would prove it to Kino, to Silveria, to anyone and everyone if he had to - All that mattered is that this little feud came to an end.

At this point, he hardly even remembered how it all started. After-all it felt like so long ago that it was ancient history at this point, they had been and still were to a sense good friends that would do anything to protect one another it seemed, they both had been on the same genin squad alongside one another and had been through so much before and after that yet it seemed that one day that all changed, they wanted to know which of them was stronger and no matter how hard they fought and how hard they trained it was always the same, a draw. It came to the point where Akira could stand it no longer and simply up and left in order to train himself in private far away from Kino and Silveria, to find some way, some how to defeat his old friend no matter how tedious or dangerous that method was.

That was, of course, how he came upon the Catalyst - That which had taught him the ways of this strange new power and given him the ability to become a new person in a sense, his eyes which were purely blue at birth became one red and one blue to signify this change although it meant nothing more than a appearance-altering change in terms of this, to Akira it felt as if his entire self had changed at that point in some small way. Little things had become different, he no longer laughed or smiled as much as he once did, nor did he find pleasure in the smaller beauties that he once had. Instead, he was consumed by the desire to be stronger and defeat Kino at any cost that he had scarcely recognize himself.

Only after realizing this change had Akira managed to alter it, if only to a degree, he tried to draw his attention away from petty desires and instead to the larger goal of helping create a semblance of peace in the world - That was how he came to become a follower, rather than a student, of the Catalyst. His thoughts of course still moved to his quest to defeat his rival now and then, but he had learned slowly to again enjoy the little things that made life wonderful and be less sheltered than he had made himself. He started speaking more and smiling now and then, he tried to regain the person that he once was.

And to a degree, he was successful. But he knew it would take time, the Catalyst was influencing him more and more and it took ever more energy to resist the urge to just train and think about vengeance, although Akira knew once this was all over he could rest - or at least, that was what he hoped. That was why he trained, why he listened to the sometimes insane demands of the thing that spoke to him internally. That was even why he returned to the village.

Sighing deeply, Akira shook his head to clear all of this melancholy thoughts from his mind and decided to get a drink at a restaurant within the village: Even he needed to relax and take his mind off of things every now and then - The Catalyst could wait, now was the time for some Relaxation and Recuperation.

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Re: [Solo/SC Training] Speaking to the shadows

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