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Shiro [Finished]


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Shiro [Finished]

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• Name: Shiro Uchiha
• Nickname / Alias: Shi
• Title: --
• Age: 12
• Gender: Male
• Sexuality: Heterosexual

• Height: 5' 0"
• Weight: 95 lbs.
• Body type: Lean, taller than average, very slender
• Eye colour: Honey Golden
• Hair colour & style: Long dark hair, spiky and usually unkempt
• General Appearance:

• Markings: None

• Persona: Shiro is incredibly rambunctious and chaotic in his dealings. Naturally, he acts as a magnet towards creating and causing trouble, either finding his way into it or creating it in his own grandeur fashion, grandeur here meaning simple and feasible for an academy student to perform. As far as his thoughts go, Shiro is incredibly inquisitive at heart, always observing and learning at his most relaxed. During his few rare moments of calm and tranquility, he won't say hardly anything to anyone and may even seem to drift off and stare into space. On the outside, it may look because he has a lot on his mind (and it is a possibility) or it may just be that he is focused in on a topic. Outside these moments, Shiro is very angsty, and will almost consistently talk or make noise to fill the air. Just because the awkward silences or even quiet bothers him, he would rather be enjoying himself than be lonely, and his fear of being alone is what drives him to be so outlandish.

In his actions, Shiro is chaotic and a bit predictable. He is consistently sarcastic in a demeaning manner but only with those whom he feels deserve it, ie. condescending to him or others, outright rude, or any other criteria he may find. Also, he is sarcastic and sometimes can appear rude towards those he cares for, either his friends or family, and it may even appear that he doesn't care because of his words but that could not be further from the truth. Shiro also carries about a general apathy of himself, not for not caring or anything, but sometimes his lack of motivation and drive can be detrimental to himself that it comes off far worse than it should. Shiro is aware of his physical talent and his ability to be clever (in both speech and skill) but because of his apathy, he damages his own reputation and his ability to progress.

Shiro is a connoisseur of simple things, he enjoys small puzzles and games, but also enjoys relaxing and sports as well. Not to say that he doesn't enjoy complexity either, his imagination is known for running wild in the most ridiculous of ways, and when it comes to playing around with friends or to dream up worlds and stories in his head. Shiro can really run with some of the most creative minds and authors, but he holds an extreme joy for the simple in design and appearance.

In public Shiro is as mischievous as he can be anywhere else, however he tends not to mess with strangers too often unless they fit his requirements or are very deserving of it. He's not an outright prankster, because there is some level of restraint he is capable of, however if his heart desires to create chaos he wouldn't often turn it down. So essentially, Shiro is talkative, apathetic, and sarcastic, but he also holds a very deep love for those he cares about and he has the potential to be a great ninja. He would never turn down a fight even at the cost of his life, and when his apathy is subsided, he has one of the strongest wills and can impress anyone who watches him grow.

• Motto: It could always be worse...

• Likes: Imagining/Dreaming, Tender meat/any food really, Relaxing, Missions, Pranks, Jokes

• Dislikes: Being talked down to, Reading non fiction, dull minded people, Loneliness (more of a fear), obnoxious noises

• Special Characteristics:

  • Name: Slightly Faster Than The Average Ninja
    Rank: D-C
    Type: Physical
    Description: The user is slightly faster than an average ninja of their rank. When it comes to speed within this rank this user will usually win. Anyone of higher rank can still out run them. 20 Speed stat increase.

• Rank: D-rank (Academy Student)
• Elements: -none-
• Specialty: -none-
• Clan: Uchiha Clan
• Bijuu: No

E Ranked/ Academy Student: 12 points
• Strength: 2
• Speed: 3 (+20) = 23
• Durability: 3
• Chakra: 4

• Village: Sukaigakure
• Parents: Izumi Uchiha (mother) and Itsuki Uchiha (father) both alive
• Siblings: Shiro has three other siblings (making him the youngest). One older brother Sai Uchiha (20, deceased), two older sisters Amaya Uchiha (23, alive) and Kamiko Uchiha (15, alive)
• Mentor & Idols: Anemone Mamoru (Academy Teacher) and Amaya Uchiha (sister)
• History: Shiro was born in the Sky village, to two parents, one who was a jounin sensei and his mother who was a nurse in one of the hospitals. They gave birth to four children in total, Shiro as the last of the group, and his mother would retire from the hospital to care for them. The oldest child is Amaya, a headstrong and smart kunoichi and one of Shiro's idols, her teaching and convincing him to become a ninja. The next was Sai Uchiha who Shiro never really got to know, his dying at a young age on a mission. Then third was Kamiko Uchiha, only 3 years older than Shiro, they grew up very close to each other and have both very similar personalities.

Sai was killed right before Shiro was born and just after Kamiko so he never met him and had no attachments to him, in some ways, Shiro was born to replace his lost brother. At an early age he was rambunctious and loud and would get on everyone's nerves, his sister became a junoichi and graduated the academy and would constantly entice Shiro into playing ninja and other games along. As he grew up along his two sisters they taught him a lot about the world, but ultimately it would be his older sister who convinced him to become a ninja while his other sister, Kamiko, would go onto work in the hospital like her mother.

His early life was quite tranquil, nothing affected him majorly, his dad was a very skilled ninja and his mother stayed at home to raise him. He loved to play ninja and use his imagination, Amaya convinced him to enroll in the academy after some time, so when Shiro turned 10, he enrolled and began training to be a ninja. Now one year into the academy, he plans to continue his training but has no earthly idea on what he wants to do with it, or if he will try to do anything special at all.

• Roleplay Sample: Karu's alt, also Academy Student exemption?

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