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Silveria Night [DONE]

Silveria Night

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Silveria Night [DONE]

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• Name:
Silveria Night
• Nickname / Alias:
“Shadow” or “Night”
• Title:
The Shadow’s Embrace
• Age:
• Gender:

• Sexuality:

• Height:
5 feet 11 inches
• Weight:
146 lbs
• Body type:
Slender with a slight amount of toned muscle.
• Eye colour:
Golden Yellow
• Hair colour & style:
Raven black, long and kept in a curvy flow.
• General Appearance:

• Markings:
Tattoo on Chest:
Seal of Shadows on back of right hand:

• Persona:
Silveria’s initially cold attitude towards her two best friends long ago and anyone she doesn't consider a close friend may be a sign that she's very unused to the concept of a true friend due to her difficult childhood. When she does befriend somebody though as she has now, she can warm up to a surprising degree, placing a great deal of trust in her friends and opening up to them when she feels the need, though remaining her usual strict self most of the time. However, Silveria also talks little of her family, nor does she ever bring up the subject, keeping such part of her life hidden. She also brushes off any mention of her family, opting out of a conversation if the topic is brought up carelessly by others.

Silveria tends to remain calm and collected during an encounter and mentally coaches herself. She is thoughtful and fights with precision and coordination. She is analytical and tactical when in battle, waiting for the right moment to strike and retreating when circumstances are not favorable. In spite of her mature appearance and calm demeanor, Silveria seems to have a childish side to her and an expansive imagination. Although she is often (when left alone or relaxing) imagining strange or cute things, she will rarely give voice to these thoughts, maintaining the straightest of "poker faces".

She displays a sense of honor which some ninja seem to lack. She recognizes and respects her own personal swordsman's code and she has even permitted some the luxury of training at her hand if they produce a fine example of their dedication and selflessness. She is also unafraid to reference her title of "Sannin of Kazangakure" in relation to herself, indicating a high level of confidence in her own abilities. She takes pride in her swordsmanship, believing that a nick on her sword is a blemish to her pride.

Despite her confidence within battle and prideful nature, Silveria has a tendency to shut herself away from contact with others for small amounts of time, distancing any that she would not like to converse with during this time. She is elusive and hard to locate when she wants to disappear and will hardly ever resurface in less than a week. This indicates a very lonely personality unlying her outward appearance and demeanor. She has only ever allowed one person to come see her during these times.
• Motto:
”You can never go back on your actions, but you can make the future ones better.”

• Likes:
- Moonlight
- Roses
- Swords
- Strong Men
- Vanilla Ice Cream

• Dislikes:
- Overconfidence
- Fall/Autumn
- Hyozangakure
- Bats
- War

• Special Characteristics:


  • - Name: Spiritual Enlightenment
    Rank:  C (550 Words to train)
    Type: Chakra
    Description: The user has in one form or another found their own inner spirit and have come to terms with their place in this world. They have accepted themselves and unlocked the secrets to their own body and the latent potential stored within. (Gains 25 chakra stats.)

  • - Name: Shadow Sprinter’s Gale
    Rank: C (550 Words to train)
    Type: Physical
    Description: The user utilizes a secret art that binds darkness to their legs and allows their bodies to hold little resistance to the air as they sprint through it. During movement their bodies leave a black misty trail, similar to an after image of their blurred movement that dissipates after just a moment. (+20 Speed stat increase.)

• Rank: Sannin
• Elements: Lightning, Water, Wind
• Specialty: Ninjutsu, Kenjutsu, Fuuinjutsu
• Clan: None
• Bijuu: None

S Ranked/ Sanin: 272 points + 10 clanless stat boost.
• Strength:
• Speed:
81 (+20 SC when trained) = 101
• Durability:
50 (+10 Clanless Bonus) = 60
• Chakra:
41 (+25 SC when trained) = 66

• Village: Kazangakure
• Parents: Sophia Night (Mother/Alive), Rex Night (Father/Deceased)
• Siblings: Lamina Night (Sister/Alive/Missing), Blade Night (Brother/Alive), Amy Night (Sister/Deceased), Antoinette Night (Sister/Alive), Amelie Night (Sister/Alive), Lionel Night (Brother/Deceased)
• Mentor & Idols: Rex Night (Mentor & Father), Sensei (During Genin/Chuunin)
• History: Silveria was born as the first daughter out of a large family within the Lava village, having been born and raised there for her early years by her parents she seemed to be an adventurous child that wandered around both the village and the Academy when she attended. She graduated the school with passing grades that were expected of her at home and did not need to retake any lessons that were presented through the classes. After graduated came the assignment of her squad and the meeting of who she was bound to be with for a long time. That was when she had come to meet her two partners and now longtime companions named Akira and Kino, of which were placed with her into a proper Genin group. They would come to be Silveria’s most trusted allies and the only ones whom she would speak openly and kindly to. She had a dislike for her family due to unlying pressure in the household and the eventual disappearance and death of her father, Rex -- the only one told of this being Akira..

They had eventually been assigned as Chuunin after meeting the qualifications which made for a good show of the hardships that they had to endure to even achieve this feat. At one time they had come to an agreement and decided to get tattoos personalized for themselves which to their amusement and confusion would end up as matching, they had each visited a singular person who stated to each of them to have a design that would be one-of-a-kind and a limited offer - soon discovering, upon showing one another that they had been fooled into each getting the same tattoo. They were furious and wanted a little payback for their troubles so they all set out to track down the individual who managed to swindle them all and provided him with a less than pleasant experience as to make sure he would never try to do such an act to them or anyone for that matter again. This didn’t stop them from continuing on their journey though and going off to accomplish even greater feats with each other.

Although, one day during their time as Jounin, the two boys of her squad had decided that it was time to test their metal and went head-to-head in a battle within the Arena. Silveria thought this was utterly barbaric and a stupid idea but, she didn’t complain to either of the two and didn’t bother with trying to stop them -- they wouldn’t have listened to her advice anyway. So from the higher balcony she watched them duke it out and use everything they could against each other to prove once and for all who the better of them were. However, each time that they participated in the arena battles it would always end with a draw, an even match that signified no winner or loser. With this in mind, the two boys had parted their ways and most notably Akira had left from the village in search of power and bettering himself so that the next he’d fight Kino, there would be no contest - a battle not yet taken. Silveria took a note from their books metaphorically speaking and just as each of them had left, so did she.

Silveria spent most of her time traveling from Village to Village, meeting with various individuals and testing her abilities with them, gaining some renown for herself for her feats, one being the suppression of a beast that was wreaking havoc on one of the towns near Hyozangakure - of which seemed more to see her as a threat than as a hero. She welcomed this ideology that they seemed to have of her, she had no need to convince them otherwise. She had spent longer than the other two had by a few days as she had been practicing the mystic Sage Arts upon discovering information about them. She is said to be one of the few to have successfully acquired the talent.

When she eventually returned back to Kazangakure, her renown had met up with the villages heads and they assessed her new physical and mental prowess to be worthy of earning the rank of one of the villages three "Sannin" the other two of which seemed to be noteworthy - as they were her own teammates. The shadows that clung to her body when she moved swiftly had earned her the title of “The Shadow’s Embrace”, something that she at first had found odd but came to admire as it fit well with her attributes and personality. Though, Silveria was not the only one who gained a new nickname by which people addressed her formally, Akira and Kino gained their own reputations and with it, their own nicknames. She couldn’t help but find each of them though to be rather overwhelming but who was she to judge?

She spends her time now wandering from place to place, helping those that she believes needs it and holding her duties to the Village with the utmost care. She still longs for the reunitement of her companions and often can be found at the Kage’s Office, searching for any clues or news to their current whereabouts. After-all a meeting between the three of them would be something big and most likely a dangerous clash of verbal fights between Kino and Akira.. not that it would be new to Silveria.

• Roleplay Sample:
Click to Unlock RP Sample:

A SMALL FLICK OF THE WRIST, a beginning of an end to the struggle presented before her now. Silveria had dealt with many things in her lifetime and the constant assault from enemy ninjas eager to take the life of a Sannin was just one of those issues. "I refuse to hold back against those that are going to come at me like this you know." She'd alert those that had begun to surround her now, but they didn't seem to really care one way or another. One of the more arrogant ones figured that attacking her whilst she was about to say something else was a good idea, a big mistake. A wrap of her weapons belt around the man's arm after she'd move alongside it's thrust was enough to bind him for just the amount of time she needed. Her other hand, not the one holding the belt firmly around that arm, was holding the handle of the bladed sword and had then angled it to the man's throat. "I wasn't done." She'd comment right before slitting the other's throat and unraveling the belt to let the stranger collapse.

The many others around her, a group of 10 or so men that looked to be more like bandits than anything else were surprised at the relative ease the woman killed one of them with. Did she even bat an eye to death? No would be the correct answer in this scenario. There was a level of class in the way that she moved around inside the circle of them, keeping her eyes focused and body at the ready. "This will be your last warning to leave me be. I've much work to do and you're impeding what must be done." They paid her words once more, no mind. They all adjusted their footing, many grabbing their weapons while some others readied bomb tags or readied their hands for quick seals. For Silveria, she only needed to grab hold of her weapon's belt and make a spinning jump.

Some would call it a beautiful dance of elegant death, a whirlwind of disaster but for her it was as simple as drawing breath. Her sword swung swiftly through the air while she maneuvered herself with grace, each swing of the belt calculated and every inch of her body's turning not a waste. Their screams filled the air in a macabre of pain and regret but.. they had signed up for this when they refused to back down. Silveria landed onto her feet with her weapon being tugged to her hand's grasp once again. A moment of silence pursued through the air before any that were left standing had collapsed with damaged or removed limbs and splattered blood on the soft blades of grass - now stained crimson.

Silveria let a sigh escape her lips and began to stride through the mess, cracking a piece of skull beneath her heel. "Gross.." She reacted by lifting the foot that had stepped onto it and wiggling it a little. "Now then.. off to go meet with them, it's been a long time after all." A chuckle range past her lips at the idea of meeting her two closest companions that she had not seen since they split their different ways to get stronger. It would be a meeting of the ages, the three Sannin reunited at the same location when two of them had clashing personalities. It'd be hard to say that Silveria was not at the very least entertained by this occurence as for once, she had a smile. Death is common to this world as simple as breathing, if you cannot get stronger you will fall behind.

#Post Example
A pleasantly deadly introduction to the beautiful Kazagakure Sannin.
made by ayu of btn

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