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Kino M. Kyodo {FINISHED}

Kino M. Kyodo

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Kino M. Kyodo {FINISHED}

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• Name:  Kino Minki Kyodo
• Nickname / Alias: -
• Title: Akumi (Demonic God)
• Age: 21
• Gender: Male
• Sexuality: Heterosexual

• Height: 5'7"
• Weight: 154 LB
• Body type: Slim, yet slightly muscular.
• Eye colour: Blue
• Hair colour & style: Kino has brown hair in an unkempt style.
• General Appearance:

Kino is slim in shape, having built up muscles over his years as a Shinobi. Typically, he wears a dark jacket, one that he has been rather fond of, therefore is wearing most of the time depending on the circumstances, ignoring the weather a majority of the time. Besides his jacket and random undershirts, he wears khaki colored shorts that fall a little past his knee caps.
• Markings: --

• Persona: Having acquired the rank of Sannin, Kino has obtained a rather large ego. Viewing himself as one of the more powerful people he knows, he respects no one's combat ability before they have proven to be able to go on par with him. Only one person has come to meet his expectations; Akira Tomoko, a long time friend, former classmate, and current rival he aspires to defeat one day. All of their matches in the past had resulted in a draw, thus leading Kino to further enhance his abilities just to defeat this man. He's an egotistic bastard.

Typically, Kino doesn't think of consequences before doing anything. This applying to both his social life and his career as a Shinobi. He, as well as his friends, have found before that Kino doesn't hesitate to say something spiteful, even capable of crossing a few lines ten times over before realizing that he might be hurting someone. While some would view him unkind for these reasons, he normally would apologize for having said things he did. In terms of him being a Shinobi, he would normally jump into situations, planned for or not, and just continue to roll with things no matter how badly things spiraled out of control. When he sets his mind to something, and shit had already hit the fan, it's better to just keep rolling with it.

Kino has a fairly strange dislike for how Silveria acts. disliking her form of combat as, in his opinion, it seems to directly oppose his methods of fighting, which is none. While he prefers to blindly charge in with little to no plan, Silveria prefers retreating hit and run. He's questioned several times why he considers her his friend, one of the results he'd gotten was that he merely hung around her so much when the three, including Akira, were on the same Genin Squad. Another possible answer he found that he, through befriending her, could show her that his style of fighting was better. He preferred to think, that over all possible answers, that the latter was the most likely.

• Motto:
"New plan-No plan"
"A light can just as easily be a lure for your demise"
"Would you do me? I'd do me."

• Likes: Sparring, Warm Food, Warm Weather, Exercising, Competition.

• Dislikes: Egotistic Bastards, Hypocrites, Cold Weather, Cold food, Sitting still for too long.

• Special Characteristics:

  • - Name: Slightly Faster Than The Average Ninja
    Rank: D-C
    Type: Physical
    Description: The user is slightly faster than an average ninja of their rank. When it comes to speed within this rank this user will usually win. Anyone of higher rank can still out run them. 20 Speed stat increase.
  • - Name: spiritual stamina
    Rank:  C
    Type: Chakra
    Requirements:: Cannot have chakra control
    Description: The user has a strange amount of chakra to their naturall stamina, able to produced more then the average nin. Gains 25 chakra stats (cannot have medical as a specialty)

• Rank: Sannin
• Elements: Fire Release, Water Release, Earth Release.
• Specialty: Taijutsu, Ninjutsu, Fuinjutsu
• Clan: No Clan
• Bijuu: None

S Ranked/ Sanin: 272 points + 10 for no Clan/Bijuu.
• Strength: 72
• Speed: 70 + 20(SC)
• Durability: 70
• Chakra: 70 + 25(SC)

• Village: Kazangakure
• Parents: Bob Kyodo(Father/Alive, lives in some non-shinobi village.) Versilla Kyodo(Mother/Alive, lives in some non-shinobi village.)
• Siblings: -
• Mentor & Idols: -
• History: Kino wasn't born in Kazangakure, he instead was born in some non-shinobi village. He, as well as his parents, had never figured Kino would take the route of a shinobi due to the fact that, no one prior to him within his family had ever been one. Whether or not this was because none of them had the ability to become one before him was the reason or whether it was ignorance of said ability was unknown to everyone. Kino one day, as a child, heard about Shinobi and what they do. While he didn't go out the very next day trying to become one, he eventually found he had the ability to become one within a few years. At the age of ten he became an academy student within Kazangakure, it had taken him two years to graduate and become a Genin.

Kino's genin years were spent living in an apartment that had been provided to him by his parents, while he was training alongside Akira and Silveria. Kino did a lot of self training, in order to become stronger. During this stage in his life he wasn't as cocky as he had found himself to be when he achieved a fancy title. Over time, the three eventually had entered the Chuunin exams. He passed over a majority of it, however found himself losing a fight within the last round, resulting in Kino having been the only one of the three not becoming a Chuunin the first time around. A year had passed before he made another attempt, alongside two random other Genin. He found himself stronger than these two, though, considering they had joined it so close to them becoming Genin, it was no wonder he had found this out. In the final round, he'd ended up fighting these two, and won almost easily.

His life as a Chuunin included doing more missions alone rather than alongside his allies, for whatever reason. This got to his head, it had made him think that somehow, this was him proving that he'd become more powerful than the other two, while in all actuality it was probably to get him to see the hardship of working alone rather than alongside allies, which he had a hard time doing. Regardless, however, he found that his tactics proved to work, at least on the missions he had been sent on.

At some point in his life, Kino ended up getting a tattoo on his right arm, only, later to discover while revealing it to his friends, that the man had actually given the tattoo to both of his friends as well. Kino would wind up taking out some rage on the poor unsuspecting man who had promised Kino a more original and unique design, which it had seemed to be, however due to all of his friends having it, it'd pissed him off.

Eventually, Kino would become a Jounin. He chose not to accept any students, feeling they would either slow him down or eventually die. He was only focused on making himself stronger, after all, he wasn't looking forward to training three other children. Eventually, he was offered an ANBU spot. However, on his first mission, despite it being a success, he did everything incorrectly and had blindly charged in. This had resulted to him being demoted back to being a Jounin.

Kino would one day, eventually, leave the village in hopes of becoming stronger. The reason for wanting more strength was due to him, and his rival Akira, having been equally matched in all fights before this. Any fight the two had gotten into would always result in a draw. The last one had Kino enraged, thus resulting in him going to search for an ability to make him stronger than Akira. Eventually, he would return. Having gained enough power, people would begin to title him a 'Sannin.' He didn't entirely care for this, though, it was a major ego booster to him, the only thing he wanted to do now was best Akira in a fight.

• Roleplay Sample: Kino found himself in some mountain outside of Volcano Village. He was fighting a rather strong, and therefore, respectable opponent. He'd been going on a rampage as of late, taking on enemies who were famed for their strength. This man was a Nuke-Nin, no one would miss him, he figured as he took him on. The two would continuously trade blows, the battle had seemingly gone on for hours. Earlier, the man had signaled for backup. At least, thats what it seemed as Kino would witness the man launch a Jutsu into the air. He would drag the fight elsewhere, forcing the man to back off the original spot he sent up a signal. He had to make this fight quick, or risk the man having some help in their battle. Kino wasn't as great in fights where he was fighting more than one person, though wouldn't run from them. Running would be shameful, he figured.

The man he was fighting was as skilled in Taijutsu, the same thing Kino had preferred. The two engaged in battle, and, over time Kino was beginning to tire. The two continued to battle, the man seemed more tired than Kino had been. Kino gave off a cocky grin, figuring that at this point he would win sometime soon. Kino, of course hadn't been using his entire arsenal. However, things took turn for the worse when the man had begun to shout his attack. Everyone knows this is a clear sign of a power up. he had shouted 'first gate, open.' There was a somewhat clear powerup, he was slightly faster than he was before, though Kino still could keep up with him fairly easily. Another 'gate,' had been opened. He seemed to be fighting as if a fight hadn't been going on for the past few hours, he was recovering from the results of battle. Kino would begin to slow, but the man would begin to grow stronger. His ability to power up seemingly stopped there. Not long after, he would die by the hands of Kino, he'd managed to keep up with him and stall out the battle long enough for him to tire again. The power up had seemingly faded before the end of the battle, which left Kino slightly disappointed. Though, he acknowledged the man. He would have to look into his abilities in the future.

As he was leaving, Kino was attacked by three more men. All seemingly friends of the man he'd just put down, though, clearly not as talented in Taijutsu. They all seemingly preferred Ninjutsu over mostly anything else, though few dabbled with Genjutsu, he was quickly able to counter it. Keeping close to his targets, Kino would continuously wail onto them, wounding them with each punch, and eventually taking all three of them out one by one, their long range being reduced due to fear of hitting one another.

Kino would proceed to search around the area, finding an old shack. Inside was not much, the place was nearly in ruin. It was filthy for one, upkeep clearly not being their goal, for two it looked like the group was only here for a short amount of time. Researching the group, he found out they were a group of Nuke-Nin, rather notorious but at the same time, being underranked compared to Kino, which had at least the strength of an ANBU Shinobi at the time.

He would leave, claiming a reward for their heads and moving on. He proceeded to do some research on what the man's main ability was, the Eight Inner Gates. He was interested, while he found very little, he found that it was giving the user's life in exchange for power. The most powerful gate would proceed to kill, while every little bit in between would injure you. He proceeded to do training on this technique, mastering three of eight gates.

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